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Police investigating after body found in Salem woods | Boston 25 News

Story from Spirit. On March 1,years ago today, colonial women Sarah Good and Sarah Osborne, and a slave known only as Tituba stood waant for witchcraft in Salem Village, Massachusetts.

That was the day that started it all — the wild accusations, the interrogations, and the deaths we now associate with the Salem witch trials. Today also marks the start of Women's History Month.

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There are Women who want a Salem inside of uplifting moments that deserve to be celebrated this month, insid it's also important to remember moments in history when women's voices were silenced.

In the months leading up to this first trial, two village girls, Betty Parris, 9, and Abigail Williams, 11, started to behave strangely, having "fits" spasms and making "foolish, ridiculous speeches. A month passed and the fits spread to more girls, most of whom were ineide the ages of 12 and When Women who want a Salem inside by adults, Parris and Williams finally named Good, Osborne, and Tituba as those responsible for their afflictions. By the time they were accused, all three women lived Women in Baton Rouge wanting to get pounded the margins of Salem's society.

Good was left in major debt after the death of her first husband. She and her second husband were Women who want a Salem inside homeless and had to beg for money and food. Osborne was in her 50s which, at the time, made her an elderly woman, and she was rumored to have had premarital sex with the man who'd eventually become her second husband.

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Tituba had been taken from Barbados or South America there's little historical record of her life to Massachusetts, and many of the villagers believed she knew a thing or two about witchcraft. None of the women were valued citizens, and thus weren't likely to be believed if they denied their accusers. And, in The Salem Witch Trials: Roach writes that the questioning they underwent during Women who want a Salem inside trials was all but designed to intimidate.

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Women who want a Salem inside The men who lead the examinations sought to prove the women guilty, while the girls Womrn accused them sat in the courtroom and identified them as witches when asked, occasionally crying out and contorting in one of their "fits. During her questioning, Good insisted on her innocence and pointed the finger at Osborne to deflect blame. Osborne failed to convince the court of her innocence and didn't think to accuse anyone else.

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Tituba, who would eventually confess to various forms of Beautiful adult ready sex dating Lowell including flight and signing the Devil's book, initially claimed that Good and Osborne were responsible for the young girls' afflictions. According to In The Devil's Women who want a Salem inside The Salem Witchcraft Crisis ofby Mary Beth Norton, the subsequent trials took a similarly antagonistic slant relentless questioning and very vocal accusersindicating just how little the magistrates and larger community cared about hearing the women's testimony.

It's fair to say that mass hysteria, inspired by a recent smallpox outbreak and the Puritanical fear of the unknown, was partly to blame for the frenzy of the witch hunts and trials.

But, nevertheless, the accused were assumed to be guilty from the outset.

Women who want a Salem inside

Osborne died in prison in May Good was among those hanged in the first mass execution of the trials. After giving her full confession, Tituba was imprisoned until April She was one of the last "witches" to be released.

In the past year, "believe women" has become a battle cry, and the definition of a "witch hunt" has been publicly debated. As arcane as 17th century Salem may seem to us, the stories to come out of that era demonstrate how long women have been waiting to be heard — and yes, believed.

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This upcoming Wednesday, the Lenten season officially begins, and it'll last for 40 days until Easter Sunday on April For many Christians, Lent is a. Every year, Mardi Gras falls the day Women who want a Salem inside Ash Wednesday. And this timing is no coincidence.

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The Mysterious Slave Who Sparked Salem’s Witch Hunt - HISTORY

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