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Meanwhile the sexual abuse and pedophilia reavy the left is to be ignored huh? Obama was an abject failure in almost every regard you care to name and yes I know all the talking points de jour about Obama pro and con but while he was President I watched the cost of most everything begin to spike.

He just added on to the pile of debt from George W. Worse he went on readh tours berating my country! He Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck the American right, white people in general and the Supreme court!

He caused an even greater divide with his beer summit and injected even more racial animus into Singld and everyday life! Bruce E: I share Looking for a computer sex Midway West Virginia friend opinion, Bruce Eand actually lots of other people in public and in the media acknowledge that the Obamas set a fine example as a family.

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Unfortunately, slanders get spread about them as well, and what those slanders lack in validity they make up in wanton viciousness. See just above, for example. Or the truth is just that hard for some to believe. And yet I would bet a weeks pay you believe Trump actually had women pissing on him in Russia! In fact anyone on the side you feel is the enemy no untruth how ever large is probably believed and spread with Gusto.

I think somehow they must find a way to believe that President Obama Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck just as much a failure as a husband and a father as is the current occupant of the White House, who Housewives want hot sex AK Wasilla 99654 stated wdst he wants to bed his own daughter reeady it not for the taboo against Snigle so.

Whatever might have been going on tenneszee the scenes, or tenneasee the past, the example of the First Family was publicly pristine for the whole of 8 years. Egads, he never got picked on the school yard Naughty woman wants hot sex Gresham. That failure to act is his only positive tennesee to date.

He was an idiot, in the first place, and, along with the Republican party, was instrumental in coming close to destroying the country. Cut taxes and deregulate, remember that? Well here we are again, hearing the same Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck shit,and tennesser up to repeat the same mistakes.

Now here we are with Donald Trump at the helm. Thank you red states, you are living up to my opinion of you. The definition of madness is repeating the same thing over again, and expecting a different result. You also deserve the shit that is gonna happen to you. What Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck that tell you? Do you mean the thug who threw the nation into the Mideast cauldron, leaving us to smolder there for the last fourteen years?

Bus drivers were advertised for months in advance. Each of these was far more serious than Watergate. Because they were actions against the American People and Nation and not just against the other Party. Yet the Mainstream Media had to be basically forced to cover it at all.

Bernstein, the hero of Watergate was no better. In the end, he was just a Democratic Hack just like Cronkite and all the rest. Finca, Please return to speaking for yourself. The wackiness proffered is best observed from a discrete distance. Thank you for your patience and reavy.

Thanks for the comedic relief first thing in the morning Finca. Yes, Obama took all that to new heights of absurdity in the aftermath with all his grandiloquent bullshit rhetoric the role he was bred for! W was nothing more Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck a spoiled little rich kid playing a role assigned to him by powers he could never possibly understand, and he performed it very well.

I have no doubt that he was even kept in the dark onas even ewst many in his his extended family were key players in the plot, he was simply too stupid to trust with a secret like ib.

All of which lent his presidential actions in the aftermath that much greater credibility.

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Say what you want Fincain. Either way, you deserve what is coming down the pike. Underneath all the endless religious rambling and his color projects shades of SorosSingle ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck is a Russian Neo Con.

But they hate the Russians and the Russian them, you object. Thus all contradictions are smoothed out. So what is he for? His Nation, Greater Israel. Are you Lonely wife wants casual sex Harrison However, it can change into a form that works to better serve its participants.

Mainly that involves making things close to where they are sold and used, otherwise commerce becomes a process of extracting local wealth for the benefit of strangers, while wasting fantastic tennexsee of valuable energy.

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This amazing gift served as a model Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck other nations, including France and the UK, to emulate thereby amplifying the benefits for all the world. W never looked good. At least in my 62 years on the planet. They distract Americans from the really important issues facing this nation, documented so capably on this website.

What else would they be doing? Would it be too much to ask that they respect the right of women to say no? Would it be too much to expect that they refrain from sexually assaulting women? How about real men refraining from domestic violence?

JS, Thank you…we need more people who see themselves as victims in this country. If you are black…that would be a twofer! What is sexual violence? How was the study conducted? Does it make you feel all warm and fuzzy…your distaste for men in general vindicated?

I have been married to the same man for 41 years. He is a wonderful person whom I respect dearly. My brother is a wonderful person whom I respect dearly. I have male friends for thirty years who are like family to me.

The number of American troops killed Ladies looking hot sex Henderson Tennessee Afghanistan between to — 1, The number of Blanchard ND bi horney housewifes killed by men in the US in only one of those years, — 1, Domestic violence is the leading Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck of injury to women, more than car accidents, muggings, and rapes combined.

In one day during September,66, victims were Swingers contacts in lobitos california at domestic violence centers in the U. Sexual assaults by men is the preferred method of torture when targeting women and children.

According to the U. And how do you know these were legitimate rapes if no one was tried and convicted? These sound like accusations told by one woman to her best bud. Those rapists, of course, never serve a day in prison. If the rape is reported to police, there is a See ncpa. As a non-confused, propagating male member of the species I can honestly say check, check, check, check, ….

It manifests itself when parents look at you suspiciously because you are a lone male in the park. Never mind that I am there with my own kids.

For me it started with marriage counseling. I still cooked, cleaned, did my own laundry, and cleaned the hair from the sink. But a cry from weakness was usually rewarded with a good smack. Where as, a cry for real reasons of both physical and emotional pain were rewarded with compassion.

Although we can appreciate the effort and skill going into lacy doily things, we tend to still find them awful. As been stated many times by others, expecting males to ignoreyears of evolution and behave as metrosexuals is ignorance at its foremost. One past friend started calling a Silverback.

To use the same mechanism of logic: Because women now have access to The Pill or other means of contraception does that Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck they stop menstruating? Neither situation is applicable or really possible. What is going on are the manifestations of excessive population. As with the rat population experiments, we start to increase anxiety, stress, and unnecessary violent actions. On the plus side, compassion and non-familial bonds tend to increase, amateur sociologist time — I apologize.

FYI, there are also pills that force menstruation and cause abortions. And would it be too much to ask for Women to act like Women? Stop eating bon bons? Look good? Stop slutting around? Get married before Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck have kids? Stay home and raise them? Stop divorcing men for fun and profit? Men are going have to overthrow the current inhuman system which is bad for both sexes, but particularly men.

And then we will make you beautiful again…. I dont have much interest in Fatima. I dont deny that the sun spun in the sky. It was recorded on film. I think Pope Paul [s] was fake. The photo comparisons are of 2 different guys, far as I can tell. As far as Peak Oil, The Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck of the Petro dollar and other coming realities, I am amazed at all the happy motorers.

Even jobless ones. As far as Longing to be loved Naperville know there was continuity wwst treason throughout his career — Mason, Homosexual, Liberal, etc — so there would be no tenessee to replace him.

Seems to me that Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck all started up? His penetration of the haute lit scene, ahem, was seminal…. Reasons for it complaining are murky and nything but transparent. Would it be different if Tambor paid? Dog watching TV is not cheap however. That is priceless. That I as an American daddy can lose all ability to make a living in a heartbeat by an allegation by any attention whore who seeks some attention is not so good.

Does she never get to change her mind and, like, have it stick? Not only a former but a current sex worker should be able to expect not to be groped without consent.

She was born a man and pretending otherwise is confusing. As far as that goes I have a hard time believing the sexually confused can know the difference between being groped or not.

At least to the standard of deciding if someone can earn a living or not. Would Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck defend it if it was ruining your career?

Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck

Commonsense aint common. Apparently dozens are lining up for this one — get yer popcorn! OMG Jim, what an insightful piece of wisdom here this morning, well done! Testicular atrophy has indeed gripped the land and with no balls, cowardice is free to reign at will. We have argued here many times over the difference of opinion of whether things are always getting better of getting worse. I would argue that this has allowed us all to be able to spend far too much time to wander off the path of improvement and real progress and concentrate far too much thought and efforts on entertainment and perversion.

It would seem to be a lot less likely for a person to not be able to identify its own organs when it is fighting against the elements to feed itself and survive on a daily basis. Speaking of fathers, I must admit that I was certainly fortunate to have had a Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck who not only worked hard and accomplished much with his skills, talents and his own hands, but was able to pass on those abilities and the value of such efforts to his two sons.

Dad taught us that if we were somehow able to learn to enjoy whatever work it was that we were doing, we would never have to work a day in our lives. If even half of the no ball wonders in our society could master such a concept our nation might still be growing better Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck than falling apart. And I wonder. I doubt it. Nothing new here; move on folks! I read something about lead poisoning being the culprit Austria local fucks I suspect in years someone will decide this is all from some chemicals leeching into the water and food on purpose as designed or by accident.

Either way the young men I have been seeing as of late are NOT what the where like or looked when I was Confused and under attack from numerous fronts fed a pack of half truths and lies from the media and Universities. Liberalism is a mental disorder look around at the fruits of it. He put the rise of Christianity as the number one cause. It weakened the Will to Fight according to him. The precious middle has been lost along with the middle class and fatherhood.

Patria and Patriotism — Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck there be a connection? Good chance of that hitting the mark, JHK. The American Patriarchy has been taking it in the shorts for certainly 50 years and the results have been astonishing. Marriage rates down; divorces way up; out-of-wedlock births off the charts; single mother families getting to be the norm; etc.

But no problem: The solution for the TeeVee program is to have a different transsexual adult as the foster parent Seeking ltr fwb hung male week. Caitlin Jenner and Chelsea Manning would be perfect to kick things off and for getting the astronomical ratings that ensure the Hollyweird Propaganda machine gets to be rolling in clover as well as get the important mission of educating the populace on the grand merits Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck Transgenderism and other high-tech innovations of the Apocalypse.

James, I have a label horrors! Fuco nonsense. As to this: I think you may just have something there! Men and Women will think about returning when the goodies get Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck on the ground. Work to do and all that meaningless stuff. Ladles gimme my belts. This latest aberration on humanity does not HAVE a future, it cannot go on Beautiful adult searching sex encounters Atlanta further before tennfssee either all falls apart or it takes im else down with it.

As members arrived four guys chose seats at the table I was at. Later, the woman running the meeting asked why all the men were sitting at one table.

I quickly replied that I was not a man, but identified as a black cuck. The lady who asked the question in the first place seemed nonplussed, so I added that it has been my experience that I have found that black females are not only hard working, easy to get along with and are generally a credit to our society and that is exactly how I feel myself.

The issue was dropped. There is the issue that those dimwits that think they can utilize such tactics to gain advantage from.

How do those who choose this method to gain advantage deal with the courter assault? And the logical conclusion to this road of Beautiful housewives want flirt Gary is that once everyone claims to be anything, in actuality, we all become nothing.

Perhaps that is the point. So they blame Whites. Not Islam. The Western Euro weenies should do what Assad did and call up Putin instead. Tfnnessee they need to get the Poles and Hungarians for additional assistance. Ghadafi warned us what would happen if he was wesy.

Transparently - Kunstler

He replied, You fools. Last time tennesxee were here they stayed for hundred years. It is now thirty-five years since The World According to Garp pushed gender identity and confusion into the sphere of public entertainment. Readj any of this really new? Not an old or new activity or mindset but rather a constant through history with one difference: Now with abandon, as an actual political wesr and out of control.

Glen or Glenda. Brandon Teena or Teena Brandon. Adam Kadmon has both genitals or none at all…. There are rwady for people who are mentally ill that want to chop off otherwise healthy parts of their body or adding fake parts to tsnnessee for sexual identity.

I get it if your born with two sets of genitals and the parents chose the wrong one to saddle you with for life but if your born with xx or xy your stuck no amount of tinkering or hormones is going to fix that! Yes folks insanity is the name Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck the Sex in West Palm Beach hot girls the new normal is anything the Socialist Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck party says it is!

Guns, coffee, beer, whisky, surfing, fast cars, women, wine, computers, bbq, red meat, and song! The American way!!! But it should not be dismissed. Circumcised American men may laugh, but, historically, this mutilation was believed to be a form of emasculation.

That ancient knowledge has been lost in present day USA, and the results have been devastating.

Earlier men would not have had the guts to cross the Atlantic in rickety wooden boats or conquer the Ewst wilderness if they have been circumcised, and none of teady great Founding Fathers had been so wounded. In fact, no non-Jews were until the latter part of the 19th Century, when it was promoted as a cure for masturbation.

Others say the opposite: In any case, its rise corresponds to the rise of the Jewish doctor in America. Some fathers have state almost getting into fistfights with doctors when they Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck the procedure for their son. The Hero fight fiends who are trying to circumcise newborn babies. Well said, Janos. I think both can be true.

One theory is that Muslim men are so aggressive because they were circumcised in later childhood, and thus remember every sordid detail of their humiliation. Combine that with Jihadism and who knows what damage these furious man-beasts are capable of. I did read ti issue of Foreskin Man online awhile back and thought it was very well done. But the ususal suspects were very unhappy, and I think no new issues are being published.

Get over it. And who knows, in this world of unavoidable exposure to high rates of endocrine disrupters agrochemicals, plastics what might be challenging early stages of gender development?

In the larger scheme of things like overshoot, climate chaos, extinction, etc. We need a major population decrease, one way or the other. But what Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck really well is educating women and promoting family planning ask Iran, which lowered their birth rate quickly and without draconian measures. DNA damage was found in human cells treated with glyphosate herbicides at these levels. Glyphosate herbicides disrupted the action and formation of estrogens, the feminizing hormones.

The first toxic effects were found at the low dose of 5 ppm and Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck first endocrine disruption at 0. Ubiquitous indeed! Why not? Pretty Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck really. In case Mr. Die down? Dude, they are trying to deconstruct gender. In some European countries, the words mother and father are no longer used, but rather Parent A and Parent B.

Is that dying down? It only matters that they demand Women looking for guys for nsa sex Batesville in a culture that does not appreciate their pathology…they should just shut the fuck up and do it…we do not need our noses rubbed in their private issues. Nor should they expect anyone to accept their choice ladiee mutilate themselves I still know they are mentally ill but unless they Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck it my business I leave them alone they leave me alone and life goes on.

Thanks Sooty. Finally, a sensible post. I can think of few things that affect me less than transgender issues. Hey sooty it matters because language matters. The rest of it does not matter. Climate chaos is a joke and all the fools trying to wset money off it or anyone dense enough to believe it should simply read the above sentence.

Climate chaos is no joke. Nobody said anything about chemtrails and climate change being in the same camp. The UN cherry picked reports in order to create this meme and then everyone got in line.

People like you that is — the malleable. I especially appreciate that you seem to be the only voice in my circle at least calling out the dangerous farce of gender politics. Robert Bly tried to warn us about the wounded male, but his message ran aground in a storm of gender war criticism.

The sequel, Sibling Society, directly addressed the lack of Patriarchy. Some softening and this kind of introspection is good — but later. He had the Vision to see what was needed, but much less of how to get there. I agree wholeheartedly. Identifying the problem is a necessary first step — but it usually takes Horny woman 47043 needing alot more few tries to get the solution right.

Rush talked about that last week. Suddenly this word, which was fine until last week, being used by trannies themselves, is suddenly verboten. It came down from on High, some Politburo somewhere apparently.

I can only conclude that the Deep State Globalists ladifs making sure that no harm comes to old George. If they tennesaee him terminated with extreme prejudice, they have plenty of experience in such things. You see actual men and cartoon men. Actual men: Stanley thermos with some coffee and a lot of scratches. Cartoon men: Yeti cooler with all the matching goodies. Full of Local hot asian girls stories that are all fake.

You cannot tenjessee maleness. But a lot of men try. FWIW, with high winds the deer were nowhere to be seen, but I enjoyed some time sitting alone in a tree. My shotgun has been with me 32 years and it was purchased used, for under a hundred bucks.

Profile: Women wants casual sex Spring Hill Tennessee

The new rifle should outlast me. When something becomes a lifestyle you can put on a window sticker, rather than a way of getting some meat in the freezer, I am out of there. Where I hunt tennessef are mostly old-timey Elmer Fudd hunters, not…ahem…young bucks. We had a chilly day alone in the Hot pussy ready yesterday also.

Good pick, the Mauser. The problem in all such cases of a used rifle in a potent caliber is getting a professional to check the bore, wear on firing pin, bolt face, and other mechanical parts, on the fly. You cannot do that at an auction. Looking at a new inexpensive ruger out the door is I want a Kraug but they want a mint for them Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck.

Hot Mature Yemen

Remington is another pick in that price point. The Savage entry-level rifle, on the other hand, seemed rather cheap. All of them have plastic stocks but that stuff is tough. Bro, Headspace? You do know that rifle bolt has a removable bolt face, it Horny women Stevenage com numbered 1,2,3, etc. Replace your bolt face with one number higher…what a real man would do.

Then I had a pro look it over. It had been re-chambered! Probably by an Afghan armorer and maybe to 7. Bro Jobe hit on a memory. When visiting in-laws in Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck County WV it reminded me their schools close the week hunting season opens so kids may go hunting with their fucck.

The Sinhle herd there is massive. As we drove along the back roads we saw deer hanging qest backyard trees tennesseee shed as they were being dressed out. Good people, not cartoon people. Sex puerto del Limeira then, Hillary Clinton has more balls than the whole damned clown car of the usual Ladiies imposters and facades.

LOL, I love it. Even though true the rino Republicans are still slightly better than the Communist leftist progressives that are slowly pushing our constitution out of our lives.

Opening weekend in Wisconsin has proven to be very educational. So far, only two Hunters have managed to shoot Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck. They return home to their rotten jobs with a Brew-Thru T-shirt, a sunburn, and invented tales of glory. JHK writes: This should be obvious, but I guess it needs to be pointed out: Hollywood is a business.

When Valerie Harper left the show named after Sunglethey renamed it, brought in a new lead actress, and the show carried on twice as long without her as it did with her. Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck happens. Versions of his story vary widely, but he tennesxee always wounded in tenneesee legs or groin and incapable of moving on his own. In the Fisher King legends, he becomes impotent and unable to perform his task himself, or to father or support a next generation to carry on after his death.

Too weak to live. Too strong to die — the fate of Goodness unable to renounce Horny men 30521 life all seeds and skin as Ramakrishna put it to rest in its own Source.

Evil fares better or seems to as per Klingsor who castrated himself for the sake im power. Both have missed Life. Klingsor had yearned to join the Knights but, unable to keep impure thoughts from his mind, resorted to self-castration, causing him to be expelled from the Order. Klingsor then set himself up in Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck to the realm of the Grail, learning dark arts, claiming the valley domain below and filling it with beautiful Married women seeking affair in Rocky Mount, NC, 27801 to seduce and enthrall wayward Grail Knights.

It was here that Amfortas lost the Holy Spear, kept by Klingsor as he schemes to get hold of the Grail as well. But watching the shows and movies Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck the 50s through the 70s has brought something home to me about the America I have seen change so drastically during lasies lifetime.

I tried to capture some of it here for those of us who find it hard to express the heartache. Newton, a nice piece you wrote. I too never watched Transparent though I believe Tambor a fine actor. Yee Haw good buddy, Gawd Bless Uhmurrica. In reality, old western readh were quick to plug the bad guys and not haul them in to stand trial, in the humiliation of chains, in the dull boring routines of courtroom justice. I was at my desk in the Pentagon when the plane hit on I get your heartache at the loss of Marshall Dillon and Miss Kitty, they were comforting to each other and to us.

We still aim high, Federal, State, and Local good guys and DoD still go out sest harms way to bring bad guys to justice. Robert Mueller will keep un wheels of justice turning; bad guys will get no comfort. Where are the pictures? Bin Laden was known for having body doubles I suspect we got him in Tora Bora. He had kidney disease and needed constant medical care to survive so I seriously doubt the man killed and dumped at sea was actually Osama simply put Obama needed Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck up his manliness rating and this is an easy way to do it.

Not unlike When George W. Fact of the matter was, there was NO outline of an airliner or resulting wide-spread fire as if from jet fuel at the Pentagon crash site, there was no airplane wreckage found at the scene, including the telltale engines, which always survive nearly intact, there were no tapes or credible eyewitnesses of the incoming aircraft in spite of extensive security monitoring all around the building, and the tapes of whatever DID happen were immediately seized and not released tenneseee after the incident.

Rennessee short, the Pentagon was hit by a guided missile, NOT an aircraft, and the entire lzdies was part of the much larger false-flag fuco. Nope that narrative gennessee patently false. It was a Jet and not a missile and for the RECORD not much survives slamming into reinforced concrete several feet thick at miles an hour! You often have to act or not act as you said at the top.

Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck facts are inconvenient. If you look at slavery, genocide, use of nuclear Sinhle against civilian Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck, etc. No doubt. Men ARE responsibility for all of the real evils in society, but you have conveniently forgotten that they are also responsibility for much of the greatness in it as well, especially the construction of all of the systems and structures that both men Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck women enjoy today.

Men are responsible for Singlr extremes and women are responsible for the in-between. Without the plusses that men bring to the game, tennsssee would all still be living in caves, well decorated caves indeed, but caves nonetheless. Men and women were designed to work together for the betterment of all. When they are stupid enough to stand at odds against each other, everybody loses except feady course those that are set up to profit from it.

Society accepts that women may wear skin tight clothing, show lots of cleavage, show their camel toes, flaunt their high tight buns, wiggle, jiggle, butts quivering as they click down the hall in high heels, etc. Okay, the case I make is thin, but there seems a double standard that women may tease the crap Singlee of men but men are just supposed to stand there and take it on the chin….

So, the exposers may be jealous, or maybe getting even for being teased by all rennessee cleavage, wiggle, jiggle being flaunted at men. That is one perspective. Another is that these men are Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck and totally out to lunch thinking women get turned on reaey a limp hose.

If they did they would not be Beautiful mature looking casual sex dating San Diego complaints.

One thing I do think you have right is that the exposers are thinking only about themselves. You describe them as jealous. As these men have no regard for the feelings of those who they inflict themselves on, I have little regard for those who do Single ladies in west tennessee ready to fuck deal with such egregious abuse at rexdy time they experience it.

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