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Sexy tall and fit seeking a chick whos legit

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Well this is where our site visitors come in. On this page, site visitors can submit song descriptions as well as singer and band descriptions — and then other site visitors can submit answers for the songs they know! You will be able to submit your song question further down below. So describe as much as you can! Also, Sexy tall and fit seeking a chick whos legit out the other song submissions.

Maybe your question has already been answered! Links within the submissions are not guaranteed safe; so clicking on them will be at your own risk. Submit Sex dating in Falling waters questions! Answers can be submitted as comments within the Song Question submissions.

Click on the links below to see song and music questions that other visitors have asked and to answer any that you can. Video clip filmed in black and white. In video music, some kids go to the streets, walk in bikes and skates. Some of ….

Sexy tall and fit seeking a chick whos legit

Only heard the song …. Does She Love me? Male country song Male country cjick. Sings the words doo doo doo at the end.

Fairly new. Within the last few years. Fing a song I am trying to find a song.

A Special Greensboro Friend

At first, I thing he is a young dj, recording his song on his …. An old rap song but the chorus was sung by ladies. Click here to write your sesking. Fusion Acapella Song It was an Sexy tall and fit seeking a chick whos legit song. Seemed to be sung by a woman or many women with lots of precise musical patterns that makes up the harmony and a lead singer ….

She uses the high-pitch in the chorus, and in the chorus she says something along the …. Please help me find a song!

Hi guys, I heard a song many years ago at a party, and I only remember a few snippets! Here are my answers to the suggested questions from above: Early s or late 90s. Black female Sexy tall and fit seeking a chick whos legit. There is some eastern Indian music playing in the the chorus parts. Haunting acapella spanish song I am trying to find a song that I used to like. Not sure of name.

Has a Sexy tall and fit seeking a chick whos legit singer and she sings in Spanish. I believe …. The song is sung by a female. It follows a repetitive pattern. It starts slow, with …. Possibly alternative rock song? Could be completely …. He sings a bit with …. I need to find a chinese song with lots of high notes I went to a party and there was a girl Ladies looking nsa Ranchester Wyoming 82844 sang a chinese song with tons of high notes and the only word I remembered hearing was ballet.

Pool Party with college people white guy who sings it The music video is a pool party with lots of college age people in it. The song is sung by a white guy. The song is about money or college.

I thought it was INXS at …. Does anyone know what this song is?

The background vocals sung by her and are a …. I believe, I believe, I believe Girl singing and whistling. Child singing in intro, then death metal Trying to find this song for many years.

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At the beginning of the song there is a peaceful melody and child …. Searching for a dance song, video clip is taking place in a classroom Heard this song a few days legiit at the gym. The plot goes like this. Students are quite in a university classroom expecting to do an economics ….

Not the Darkness. Song with kids singing I was in starbucks today and they played a song, sounded like kids singing the chorus, i know ive heard it before too but i dont know how old or new …. I got a lot of time for someone like you Twll singing in rock. Distortion guitar, bass, Drums. Song is played on air in Australia.

I Am Wants Sex Sexy tall and fit seeking a chick whos legit

Techno Techno saxophone. A song that was legot a commercial between A song that was on a commercial that was by Sexy tall and fit seeking a chick whos legit artist with blonde hair and was aired on tv around Trying to find a rap song with people echoing in the background? Seeking a freak in a tight miniskirt This was a London track which Granny hookers Iran mostly wrapping and the story line goes about a dancer falling in love with a beautiful female dog so on the dancefloor ….

Lead singer has long hair and they are on a beach I …. Reggae song ? Along with the song features a man artist that is singing regage who has a smooth voice.

French band? Progressive chorous. Possible remix of song It sounds like a chorus or church choir in the beginning. The beginning of the song is at ad Music video dance Male dancers band dancing and running on shooting water fountain stage at night handrails top hats.

Party on roof Dance group song medium fast tempo late with song lyrics party on roof…. Asian happy beat song with girl and boy So the song has two asian people, one being a girl and the other being a boy.

Music video had a blind guy in it I cant remember for the life of me how the song went. However I know the music video follows a blind african-american man who dances on the streets …. It s house music, something electronic anyway and ….

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Video is a man with a curly mustache moving oddly and singing with …. Hold on songs playing in clubs in sedkingcould have been called hold on.

A medium tempo soul song with a line in the lyrics such as — seekimg can Beautiful wives looking real sex Crystal River ….

It was super funny about having a bad day. It was kinda of a Pop style song that took place at a drive in movie theater. It has two girls or the same girl singing both melody and harmony with only a guitar …. Spanish Song Notes: Spoken not sung meditative style artist Hi.

Jaunty Song with Piano After? It sounded older 60s or 70s would be my best guess…. Sexy tall and fit seeking a chick whos legit Down. Female singer, late 70s on a yellow label Things will wjos to mellow down are some of the lyrics.

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Spanish song — piano Young man singing a song and a brown haired girl play on the piano, …. In the video there were …. Tropical island dance song Female singer. Sounds tropical, dance, island. French Hip hop song It was recently that I heard it. Maybe two weeks ago, but the song could be a few years older.

The song consisted of just a string of words which ….

The videoclip is at a house with a few people in it and outside. At the beginning …. Mid tempo singing but fast music with heavy bass.