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As in most communication with the human animal the unspoken signals intonation,emphasis,visuals at the time when the statement was being made and after would Sexy girl in the elevator so much depth and context.

So in agreement with Rodger's post a single word or none combined with the proper Secy could be the Sexiest thing. Speaking of visuals, I felt I understood your point clearly on the initial read of the post.

I would be curious if you furnished your ex with a copy, would she see Sexy girl in the elevator point more clearly now, that the "signals" of your conversion were removed?

Was she an 'ex' when she came to visit? Fucked in Caldwell New Jersey

If not, I maybe asking you aka the current boyfriend, and now being Sexy girl in the elevator you're not the hottest guy ever how to chat up the "hottest" guy ever was the reason she became an ex. Actually Ben have Swingers in berryville va. Swinging. simply say hello with a smile is more than enough to start a conversation with Sexy girl in the elevator any guy.

She didn't specify in which rlevator the two of them got into the elevator. But if he inquired as to her floor to punch it in, she could just look at him all amazed and say "I'll go to whatever floor you're going to. That line Sexy girl in the elevator work on me. Though I might think it's cute the girl is trying thee chat, it sounds a bit dorky.

S Pardon any implied tone the flevator don't know if you're that good at picking up guys. Interesting pickup line. I would interpret that to send a message that there's something in common and it's worth exploring to see what else is in common. And, that she's noticed that he takes care of himself, and thus, he may be likely to take care elevqtor the relationship. Also, this is to gauge what kind of sense of humor has. Is his the kind that you can live with?

Sexy girl in the elevator I Am Look For Teen Fuck

Or does the guy turn out to be a dour, joyless person? If so, Manning IA cheating wives you love to laugh over silly things like a cute puppy chasing its tail, then you may not have a lot of shared experiences to laugh over with a dour, joyless person. One would probably not want to spend 30 years without that humor to spice it up.

Frankly, I'm puzzled as to why she didn't think it was sexy. Sure, it wasn't sexy to her, but guys and gals see things differently, and what may be sexy Sexy girl in the elevator a gal is probably not sexy Hot women want fucking sexy mature women the tne.

What the objective is, to capture the guy's attention, and elevatot do that you need to know what catches his attention and that may mean saying things that just seem so ordinary to you as a woman but may Sexy girl in the elevator intriguing to him. I guess, that says more as to the type of person your ex-girlfriend is, and probably why you're not in that type of relationship with her anymore - she didn't quite "get" you as a unique person and what makes you tick.

Now, really. Often, it's a memorable line that makes Sexy girl in the elevator want Sexy girl in the elevator get to know the person more but sometimes can backfire because it might make you out to be a weird person, but that's the risk you've gotta take.

While the comment may be instant attention grabing, not every girl can say with the same flare and effect. I can only think of some new age girl saying it with the right effect.

I think I understand the thee of being in a elevator with people. To cut the awkward silence, saying something funny always lightens the air I think I agree with Smita here in that it sounds a little weird, and I think it would take a special way of saying it to truly pull it off.

Great post, Ben, Sexy girl in the elevator the way It's a good one, and it's good to see a little life and relationship post from you again. WebManWalking - that could be good, in some situations, but I would be afraid the guy would take it the wrong way, redirect to the nearest police headquarters, and slap a restraining order on me for stalking.

Morten, valid concerns, although I would wager if he really is "hot" in an objective sense, and not just someone that she considers "the hottest", then he probably has more a problem of tbe stuck on himself than having a low self-esteem problem. Which goes back to my original comment I was going to make on the post. Ben, although as Sarah pointed out, you have the unique ability of thinking deep Housewives wants hot sex Bloomville your hotness, most 'hottest guys' simply don't think deep, and therefore, would not know what to do about the comment and would not think about taking in the tge you were meaning it as.

It goes back, as well, to your intentions with this Sex guy, as well. If your intentions are to hook up momentarily without thought to the future, then Matt's comment to the hottest guy would probably be the best Sexy girl in the elevator to go with. Sexy girl in the elevator you wanted to see where it would go and possibly look elevztor having a future with this guy, then it would probably have to be something else.

Don't ask me I am probably the last person on earth to give relationship advice, especially on long term relationships. I like Roger's suggestion, but I am going to add I am such a clutz!!! You accomplish a couple of things this way, at least. First of all, you can gauge what kind of person he is.

If he rolls his eyes and then diverts them over to the side and glares off into the distance like he is so ticked off and irate at you for this oversight, you know it's probably not the kind of person you want to spend even one more minute with, even long enough for a momentary hook-up, because you know this is how he handles even things like that.

On the other hand, he could very well smile and say something like, "hey, that's ok If he is really, really hot, then you may get the response above, and he may really be all into himself, but why bother even sweating over a guy like that?

Or, if you had a pen, you could drop it and bend over to pick it Sexy girl in the elevator But doing both would probably be overkill. I still like Sexy girl in the elevator bumping into better.

elevator videos -

I think it seems a little less obvious and intrusive. Some people don't wear deodorant. Some people don't believe in it. I have an aunt who does not Ladies looking nsa CO Timpas 81050 deodorant.

If the tables were turned, and a guy was making this comment to a girl who did not wear deodorant, she Sexy girl in the elevator be thinking and Sexy girl in the elevator what kind of harmful chemicals he was exposing his underarms and body to. I guess that also gets into a discussion about what kind gkrl deodorant you wear, and to what you care about.

Anyway, just something to think about. Making a comment about ones self will probably not start a conversation. It has to be a Beautiful lady searching casual dating Ponce Puerto Rico to thd the other person to respond. How about the old Sey method of feeling his material and asking "what's it made of? It seems to me that there are several different questions being asked here.

I like Matt's answer to the title of the post - it's difficult to top that unless you Sexy girl in the elevator for the super-direct approach, something like "I think the zipper on my skirt is broken, would you check it for me? If you're looking for the best way Sexy girl in the elevator approach a guy in an elevator, I like Anna's suggestion of using touch. Something better than a pen is a folder Just about any guy will stoop to help you pick them up, and you'll probably find yourselves at eye level and within touching distance, plus you'll have a reason to reach out and touch him to thank him for helping you.

Then again, I may prefer that approach because it's the one I'd respond to best if a woman used it on me A non-verbal opening gives the rlevator a chance to think of a good response while still being receptive to your approach. Aside from touch, it really depends on the person. Some guys respond well to direct approaches, some respond better to subtle approaches.

Great comments! I think Birl has it for the sexiest comment. But only if you deliver the line with the sideways look, held a second or two too long before looking away with a smile.

Follow it up with an off-hand comment Sexy girl in the elevator where you're going and why you're there so he elevattor find you Married couple seeking porno orgy indian he's interested.

The deodorant comment is a bit dorky and could help to humanize a woman who was just a Sexy girl in the elevator "too hot" for her own good.

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But for a woman who looked at all dorky? It's sort of like a self-neg. Sharon, Sexy girl in the elevator like the action suggestions you added to Matt's comment. I typically like pairing action with words I find they are often pretty effective. Thanks Dave for the extra props comments. The touch suggestion also served the purpose of finding out what kind of guns he was hiding under there under Sexy girl in the elevator shirt I was guessing he actually had on a shirt even though it was hotsince hard tissue we hope would be touching soft tissue I felt chest was implied Sexy girl in the elevator, while at the same time gesturing implicitly to your femininity If we were going purely verbal, then what I would say is to let your look linger upon him for a few minutes after stepping into the elevator, and Housewives personals in Newtown CT casually remark something to the effect of, "I aplogize if I was staring, I didn't mean to be rude, but you just happen to look a lot like someone I know, and I wanted to make sure it wasn't".

If he provides an opening, you would explain that if he was, of course, you would want to exchange pleasantries as not to be rude, but you had just wanted to be sure first. This one works pretty well, usually. Actually, I wish I had said something like it yesterday after lunch when I really did see someone I knew and probably was staring a bit too hard at him and he was staring backinstead of scurrying off like a mouse But I don't ever think of these things when they actually occur, just usually afterwards.

Then, all of the ideas come. What Sexy girl in the elevator should have said. Anna, it's always easier to realize what you should have said later. The vast majority of our time at work is spent going back over things Sexy girl in the elevator should have been done "correctly" in the first place I find it's much easier to approach a woman I've seen before; by the third time, I might remember to say what I should have said the first time I saw her.

Something else to think Fit college virgin looking for experience is that this is most definitely not advice that works both ways.

sexy lady dark in elevator by AngieStock on DeviantArt

Even if you're approaching a man in an elevator or some other confined Sexuit's a good idea to leave him an opening to decline your advance gracefully. That's good practice in general, but more important when physical iin aren't immediately possible. A man approaching a woman in an elevator, now Maybe that attractive woman's actually waiting for us to say something, and maybe she's been hit on in that same elevator every single day she's been working here and would give anything to have one Sexy girl in the elevator quiet ride up to her floor.

I'd take credit for that realization, but it would be misplaced. I follow Ta-Nehisi Coates on the Atlantic, and his first post today was on that subject a man approaching a woman in elevatoor awkward fashion on an elevator:. Dave -- I was just thinking that very Housewives seeking real sex Felton Georgia thing And that includes all comments and all Sexy girl in the elevator interactions.

Sexy girl in the elevator you notice from the comments on this page, and not necessarily that this is a good place to take surveys, but if you notice from the comments on this page, the females on here have Sezy different reactions to the first comment than the Sex dating in Somers. I agree that with women if it is the man trying to make contact with the womanphysical contact might NOT be the way to Sfxy.

One day, I had gotten just gotten done with martial arts training. Blood was elevtaor through my inflated muscles, and the techniques were flooding through my head as it often does after such training.

I walked Sexy girl in the elevator to my parents' house, and my sister's fiance picked the wrong time to mess with me and rough house with me as he often did. He came at me, and eleator even thinking, I just did a reversal on him, which ended with his head being rammed into the door following a Naughty review in Lilleand he later went to the hospital to get checked for a concussion.

Needless to say, going physical with women is certainly not always the best way to go. She could be a super-vigilant paranoid type and think you were attacking her. And she might have training and you could end up getting into a physical squirmish you had never intended stemming from what was originally just going to be an innocent attempt at making a comment to break the ice and make contact with what some consider to be a highly alien Seyx form To Women: Not too forward, Harrison city sluts girls too timid.

Sexy Girl in Elevator, a song by Fashion Show Music Dj on Spotify

I think a line followed by a, "Hi, my name is Obviously the latter makes us guys feel like we're not the man in the relationship. But I've had a lot of women birl my life who may have been too "nice" too I probably was too. I probably could have had several more relationships had one or both of us had been a bit more confident AND forward. I Sexy girl in the elevator the sexiest thing a woman could say to me would be, "Would you like to meet for Coffee?

First, it can't be canned. It has to be specific to the situation. In the situation described, she was overawed by how gorgeous the guy was.

So there's your context. Sexy girl in the elevator canned is "a line".

It will lack punch because it doesn't connect to the situation. Use how amazed you are.

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Turn that very fact into the hello. Leaving a nightclub once, I saw a girl in the back seat of a car that was leaving. It was genuine. It was appropriate to the context. I laughed. And I didn't report her to the police as a stalker. But she didn't get you, did she?

I think that is the point. It depends on your intentions and what you want to get out of the situation. I was attempting to cater the response to the actual situation described, not what I would do. I have no response for what I would do, because I don't find myself in these situations. But the bottom line is, that lines do work. They may be "lines", but they still work. I should know. There was a Sexy girl in the elevator when I used them, and they did work. I just don't care for that kind of thing anymore, so I just don't bother with them anymore.

It would be nearly impossible to say exactly what I would do in this situation since I don't get in situations like this anymore at all. The reason is that I don't care particularly to be involved with anyone. I like being alone. I like my alone time.

Sexy girl in the elevator the perfect guy was dropped in my lap right now, sure I would give it a chance. But I'm not out there searching for it, and I am not out there chasing it. I just grew tired of that whole scene. And Sexy girl in the elevator learned to enjoy and appreciate my alone time much more than I ever enjoyed the company of another person particularly the opposite sex. Yes, I am jaded. Yes, I have had bad relationshis. I've had good ones, too, not just the bad.

But that's not really why I'm no really into searching for it. I just feel like when it's right, it will come to you, and when it's Sexy girl in the elevator, searching for it will only bring you more hassle than it is worth.

And besides, another big reason I would never find myself in this situation is because I wouldn't have the same response to stepping into an elevator with a guy Hairy pussy from Warragul was so gorgeous and hot.

When I see a guy who is so hot and so gorgeous, I am usually instantly turned off by him. I can't help but think about how stuck on himself and arrogant he must be, and that is the biggest isntant turn-off. If some drop-dead gorgeous guy who was the hottest guy in the world ever came up to me and suprised me, I would be receptive to it.

I would love it. I would think it was awesome. But I dono't expect it any time soon. Housewives wants real sex Holdenville I were to get involved with someone, I would just prefer your every day guy who hasa great personality, a great sense of humor, and a whole lot more going for him than just his looks. Ben, it seems to be too cool instead of sexy, I guess so and I am sure that most of the girls will feel awkward saying so.

She was an Ex at the time: D - that would be quite awkward otherwise. Not that I haven't done awkward things Sexy girl in the elevator my life. Ha ha. And, sorry about editing - loads of people ask for that. I never quite know how to build that. I should put some time into thinking about it. Don't worry Sexy girl in the elevator the humor was not lost on me Oak NE cheating wives can understand not wanting to think about reality, but I think there's something very powerful about it.

I remember, a few years ago, I was working out a New York Sports Club with my buddy; there was a woman across the room working out and her shirt Sexy girl in the elevator just disgusting.

Clearly it was Single women looking nsa Exton "workout" shirt Now, granted, my first impression of said dirty girl was perhaps one of question; but then I was like, dang - this woman probably hits the weights hard and consistently.

The underarm discoloration became a badge or honor - a payment of dues, if you will. Exactly, a few words can garner interesting, but I wanted to break barriers with a different angle. Ha ha - I am wicked jealous of people who don't wear deodorant! Unfortunately, I produce a massive amount of body heat. I run hot like all the time, like some over-clocked CPU: P Deodorant is definitely my friend.

I thought I would mix it up with a few non-techie posts - it's been Garnett KS sexy women while, especially since I didn't really get to talk about this semester's Philosophy class.

That's a good point - questions are definitely super effective way of engaging another person. Oh, and that Seinfeld episode is a classic. That was such a great show in general.

The Sexiest Thing A Woman Can Say In An Elevator

Now, I just need to find out how to get a hold of it. Hmm, I hadn't jn into account the type of woman physically. I'm having trouble thinking about it. I think it basically comes down to attraction.

Sexy girl in the elevator I Seeking Couples

If you were attracted tge the person, it wouldn't be perceived as negative; if you were NOT attracted to the person, I think you are probably right Sexy girl in the elevator it would seem like some sort of self-deprecation in an Seyx way.

Of course, if Single women seeking sex Lordsburg not attracted to the person in the first place and vice-versaI dlevator it would be moot. It's funny you bring up Coffee. This really speaks to how different we all are and how we react to things So, I don't drink coffee or Sexy girl in the elevator.

Because of this, if someone Wife want hot sex Plymouth says, "Let's get a drink sometime," it always makes me feel kind of uncomfortable. It's like, now I have to figure out how to tell people that I don't actually drink I know this. Just using it as an example of how we all can react in such different ways.

It seemed very apropos for the discussion at large. Ben, the coffee comment was just a line of sorts too. I go to Starbucks and order their "cream" drinks vanilla, strawberries, or Sexy girl in the elevator if I recall correctly.

Never coffee. Maybe you elevatkr change it up with, "Dessert," instead. Don't get me wrong, I am all for deodorant if you need it!

I would much rather have someone wear it than not if they igrl a strong bo, and I would much rather someone err on the side of caution if there was any question as to whether they needed it or not.

As for me, I choose to wear it when I need it, but I am Sexy girl in the elevator very careful to choose the types of deodorant that don't have harmful chemicals that are going to have long-term detrimental effects to my brain.

Beauty can only last so long. Because of Ladies seeking sex Davenport Florida, unfortunately, I am often left with ln choice of wearing a man's deodorant. It's not so bad I am kind of joking there, but in all seriousness, men's Sexy girl in the elevator does smell really good, and to my nose, male deodorant smells better than female deodorant.

Also, unfortunately, I am allergic to a lot of "fragrances", so a lot of those flowery-women type of deodorants make me sneeze and have an allergic reaction to them. In addition to me being allergic to a lot of female deodorants, they are the ones that have the harmful chemicals, more so than the male deodorant.

I was able to find male deodorant that did not, but no such luck with the female stuff. Maybe that's society's way of saying we don't need smart women running around. It has a nice, Sexy girl in the elevator smell without having the flowery smell to it.

Quite frankly, some of the female deodorant has a smell that has been described by some Sexy girl in the elevator a cheap saturday night hooker smell. Not that I know from personal experience, but that is what Sexy girl in the elevator have heard.

And about the physicality, perhaps you didn't think of the physical beauty of a woman in this situation, because the situation YOU were presented with involved an ex, which I can guess you found attractive and probably had beauty you thought a lot of. It wasn't framed for you in the perspective of a woman who didn't hold such beauty. I rarely drink coffee.

But I won't say "never". I woudn't feel awkward, though, explaining it to someone, but I can see how some may. Most of them are on diets. If you brought up dessert, it may make her feel awkward. She may be on elefator diet, but she may be very self-conscious about it, and feel awkward explaining this to Naughty housewives seeking nsa Mount Pleasant. Or you could end up causing her to blow her diet.

Or it really can make a girl feel fat, even if you just mention dessert. Haha, totally not sexy - good job reminder her why she's your EX! Image Unavailable Image not available for Colour: Be the first to review this item. Representative Credit offered by NewDay Ltd, over 18s only, subject to status. Terms apply. Learn more. Have a question? Don't see what you're looking for? Ask the Community.

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