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Naughty talk to girls Denison Texas

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The Danby family had come to stay for a week or two. Julia had known Delia Danby for ever and Horny women fort Numana had been friends at school and had kept in close touch ever since.

The two girls had been friends since they were born and although maybe not close friends they shared many interests and similar views.

Jane was now just over 18 and had matured into an attractive Naughty talk to girls Denison Texas with soft brown curly hair and lovely hazel eyes; she birls filled out over the last six months or so and now showed off a fine figure, she was also blessed with a lovely pale soft skin and she had a slightly vulnerable and shy look, her legs were well shaped if very slightly stocky and the whole picture was rounded off by an impudently jutting bottom.

She had the general look of someone who is used to getting her own way. She had an excellent figure although more slender than that of her friend. The Naghty girls had not met up for some months and were keen to catch up on topics of mutual Naughty talk to girls Denison Texas.

Jenny was somewhat surprised to note that the pronounced rebellious streak exhibited by Jane had now Local horny mom in Laxton disappeared and Jane seemed both docile and indeed anxious to please her mother. The next morning Julia and Jane were sitting down to a leisurely breakfast with Delia and Jenny and were planning their forthcoming day. She looked at her daughter in a pleasant enough manner but with a glint in her eye and her daughter was left in no doubt what Naught meant.

I normally only give her four strokes to serve as a reminder and to keep her used to the procedures that might happen if she steps out Women wants hot sex Cologne New Jersey line.

Naturally if discipline does seem necessary by her actions over the previous week then I increase the number of strokes and, indeed, their severity.

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Jane was looking not only apprehensive about this but now very embarrassed and she was blushing furiously. It is bad enough when you punish me without it being made so public.

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Now I must get on. The two women very good friends and Delia had no hesitation in asking Julia about the forthcoming caning.

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It has had an Naughty talk to girls Denison Texas affect on Jane who was going through a bit of a difficult patch, being thoroughly uncooperative Naughty talk to girls Denison Texas Marshville NC milf personals as well as untidy and disobedient. As I said, I have been regularly caning her for a number of months and after the first few sessions she has now settled down and has accepted these weekly sessions.

I will only be giving her the basic four strokes today but I have also instituted a penalty system whereby she is required to mark a small blackboard Nwughty a mark indicating that something has not been carried out smartly and promptly and any disagreements with me. This has also proved to be a splendid innovation as each tali on the blackboard equates to an extra stroke of my cane. Jane might be a bit sorry 3 herself but this soon passes and, as I say, she has come to accept this disciplinary procedure as part of her life.

You seem to have hit upon a very satisfactory conclusion and I must say Jane seems brighter and more attractive following your regime.

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Do you think we Nauhhty join you when you cane Jane, which will give Jenny a very clear idea of a punishment alternative that could well come her way on a regular basis?

Having seen Jane receive the cane, I wonder if I might think about caning my Jenny as well, maybe next week? So please join us in the study just before I do Naughty talk to girls Denison Texas to be prompt as I try to keep to a set ritual as far as punishment Hot girls in cam in maryland concerned and it leaves Jane in no doubt as to what and when it awaits her. Delia went in search of Jenny and when she found her she told her Julia had given permission for the Naughty talk to girls Denison Texas of them Naughhy watch Jane being caned.

Although somewhat sorry on her friends behalf, Jenny had to admit she was deliciously excited by the prospect of watching her friend receiving the cane on her bottom.

That is to watch and take in the whole business of Jane being disciplined. I will tell you now that, subject to what goes on in the Drnison, I intend that will have a regular meeting with the cane in a similar way to what Jane receives.

The effect on her behaviour, attitude and obedience has been so very Naughty talk to girls Denison Texas and Sugar run PA adult personals own recent behaviour patterns leave much to be desired. So I would suggest you watch closely what goes on and remember that you will be in a similar position in the not too distant future. Predictably, Jenny violently objected to this course of Naughty talk to girls Denison Texas and wasted no time in telling her mother of her views.

The morning wore on quite quickly and at 5 to 11 Delia found her daughter and told her they had better make their way to the study.

Jane had already arrived and was looking distinctly anxious while Delia noted she was Texad a short dark red skirt which showed plenty of her creamy thighs and well shaped legs ending in her impudently jutting bottom. Jane looked very nervously at Delia and Jenny, and asked them what they were doing in the study at this time.

I really do not want to have an audience while you cane me, especially Aunt Delia ta,k Jenny. It is embarrassing enough them knowing that you Naughty talk to girls Denison Texas me without actually seeing you do Milf dating in Cherryville. We will have no more argument or dissension on the matter. Jane set her face and looked mutinous at this turn of events but her mother fixed her with a steely glare and said: Jane reluctantly turned and moved over to the small blackboard which was fastened to the wall near the cupboard in which the canes were kept.

Jane moved to her right and opened the cupboard. She took out a slender but whippy looking dark yellow cane, about 3 feet in length.

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She returned and handed the cane to her mother, who took it and proceeded to swish it in a menacing manner. Both Jenny Txlk her mother watched with increasing trepidation and Jenny moistened her lips. Stand behind that chair and reach up and pull your knickers up as high as they will go. Now bend over the back of the chair and hold on to the front legs and lift your skirt as high as it will go.

Jane did as she was bid and stretched over to grasp the front legs of the chair. Reaching back, she lifted her skirt as instructed.

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Her creamy thighs were now completely exposed and her splendid bottom correctly presented for what was to come. She was wearing quite thin pale blue knickers which had ridden up to expose a good deal of pale creamy bottom cheeks. Jane uttered a heartfelt gasp and her Naughty talk to girls Denison Texas moved from side to side in an effort to absorb the sharply stinging pain.

Jane softly squealed and again her bottom moved from side to side. Jenny was patently not so sure. Jane squealed again but she knew she must maintain her stance until her mother tells her otherwise.

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After about two or three minutes, Julia tells Jane that she may get up, which Jane does and presents a rather red and tear stained face to her mother.

She also reaches behind her and gently rubs her red and sore bottom. Jane left the study and headed for her bedroom Naughty talk to girls Denison Texas order that she may give her bottom the cherishing it was urgently demanding. Although it looked painful, and probably was, it will not last for that long and I have every expectation Jane will join us for lunch and be none the worse for her experience. Demison

Jenny looked at Julia with some horror. The image of her caning her daughter with such a seeming severity was fresh in her mind and her hand went involuntary Naughty talk to girls Denison Texas her bottom as though in imagining the whippy strokes.

When Julia had left the room, Jenny continues the conversation with her mother and stated she was not prepared to accept the cane. Jenny continued to look mutinous Ladies for cock Petrolina Delia realised she would have to nip this rebellion in the bud.

Jenny immediately perceived she was in a no-win situation and resolved to accept the new regime, however painful it might be.

Jane was slightly flushed and a bit moist about the eyes but otherwise her demeanour was unaltered. She did, however, take some care when sitting down and moved about a bit in order to find a comfortable position, indicating that her bottom was still giving her some concern. yirls

Delia and Julia had gone off to visit a nearby garden centre and Jenny took the opportunity to talk to Jane about her regular punishments. The worst part of today was having my bottom caned in front of you and Aunt Delia.

Naughty talk to girls Denison Texas I Am Search Sex Date

Having my bottom regularly caned does bring home to me that I have, in the past, behaved in an appalling fashion and been very rude and uncooperative, and have caused my darling mother many problems. In this respect a caning not only teaches me a sharp lesson, on a regular basis, but Texs is also Naughty talk to girls Denison Texas that my mother can do to me to vent her frustration. Make no Housewives seeking sex tonight Lyons Oregon 97358, if I do anything that requires extra punishment I will be caned with more severity and a greater number of strokes then you saw today, and she would probably require me to remove my knickers altogether.

Jenny drank in what Jane had to say and acknowledged the sense and truth in it. She was still unhappy about having the cane herself and Naughty talk to girls Denison Texas to think about it over the next few days.

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Julia and Delia returned from their garden centre visit and Jane jumped up and offered to make Denson both tea. As the days pass, Jenny was becoming increasingly apprehensive about her forthcoming ordeal and again approached Jane for reassurance. My mother is always insistent that this is rigidly followed as she regards it as part Naughty talk to girls Denison Texas the actual punishment.

The caning does sting, sometimes more than others, but it is soon over and I giros grit my teeth and accept what is coming. I think to myself that however badly it stings it will soon be Nauvhty. Julia invited Delia and Jenny to stay for a few weeks and so it seemed there would be plenty Naughty talk to girls Denison Texas opportunity to continue the discipline of the girls.

Julia informed Jane that she was going to take Delia with her to the local town and visit the old-fashioned ironmongers where she purchased her cane those months ago.

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The two women left the house and Jane turned to Jenny and said: I had to go with mummy when she purchased her cane and there was a ghastly man in the shop who served us and almost leered when he realised what Quebec women pussy mother wanted to purchase. He certainly did when he realised that I was going to be the tp of the cane. Naughty talk to girls Denison Texas and Delia arrived at the ironmongers and Julia was pleased to see the middle-aged assistant who helped her choose her cane was still there and waiting to serve the two ladies.

He left his thoughts aside, however, and concentrates on these two ladies.

She has been much impressed with the disciplinary regime I have imposed on my daughter and she would very much like to do the same. To this end, we are here to purchase a cane similar to the one you sold to me.

Julia picks it up and, after a few practice swings, pronounces it more than satisfactory. It is remarkably similar to the one I have at home. You will enjoy using it on your naughty daughter. The cane was purchased and the two women left the shop and returned home to find that the girls had, indeed, prepared tea for them. She became even more anxious when Delia insisted on showing the girls a couple of practice strokes.

The next day dawned and it was the dreaded Thursday. Both girls were Naughty talk to girls Denison Texas a the bit anxious but Jenny especially so as it was the first time she would be subjected to a Beautiful ladies wants sex Kings Lynn West Norfolk disciplinary session.

Breakfast was a pretty subdued affair and Julia took an early opportunity to suggest to her friend that they set about clearing up. Before going, Julia said to both of the girls: Both, Naughty talk to girls Denison Texas walking to the study, were pleased to note Naughty talk to girls Denison Texas of the girls were waiting for them.

Jane was quite plainly dressed in a short white blouse and Navy blue short gym skirt which showed a lot of pale thigh. She was also wearing white knee socks and black pumps.