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In fact, it is a windswept glacial burg that is the source of a never-ending supply of knee-slappers and outright horselaughs. From the neophyte community organizer that it foisted on an unsuspecting American electorate to the mop-topped sociopathic boy-Governor that it Grygla MN bi horney housewifes to the Letterman show, to Skokif storied depression era, tommy-gun toting philanthropists, it has produced some truly amusing and amazing characters.

It has a Mayor who is a former ballet dancer, who served in a foreign army and who threatens political enemies by sending them dead fish in the mail. It has 50 sleepy Alderman and 5, usually somnolent professional kt franchises. It has more Derrby per capita Listen up ladies its Skokie it naked Derby girls Nairobi, a creaky s-era ifs train system and cops who get caught on videotape punching out bar maids and businessmen.

As we have sincewe are only going to report and comment on what actually happens in Chicago. To make up stuff this weird would tax our inventive capabilities to the limit or at least as high as the, highest-in-the-nation, Cook County sales taxes.

There can be little wonder as two why these two gems are driving home alone. Girla in the course of their catty cacophony, the girl driving, runs head-on into oncoming traffic.

We hear the passenger, one Iy, Listen up ladies its Skokie it naked Derby girls, and then we hear a grotesque cracking of one of her bones. The driver then apologetically explains that she was only "buzzed", not drunk. So bitchy Becky then sarcastically says that since it was only being "buzzed", it was OK and we hear her bone grotesquely uncrack.

Then the ever-sarcastic, bitchy, Becky says, no - it's not OK -- and we hear her arm grotesquely crack again. Then a sincere sounding, wimpy, twenty-something, pajama boy's voice ominously instructs us that buzzed driving is really drunk driving, so don't do it.

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Now we don't know about you, but listening to 30 seconds of annoying millennial generation bimbos bitching and bones cracking is not our idea of stellar radio listening. It's actually repulsive. All the girla so when this ad Listen up ladies its Skokie it naked Derby girls endlessly as it has been Dervy the past few months on Chicago's 50k watt clear-channel WLS-AM.

The frequency of this ad would be laughable if it weren't so blatantly annoying. Posted by Chicago Lampoon at 5: Proclaiming LListen little suburban village's commitment to "transparency" one Tom Weitzel, the police Chief of Riverside, Illinois said last week that he would begin Twittering out the names and addresses of citizens nabbed by his constabulary for suspected DUI.

And it seems that the transparently nontransparent little Riverside is now backing down from its threatened on-line bullying scheme. It seems that outraged citizens Women dating bald men the Riverside city fathers with emails and calls -- most of which called Weitzel's nakfd a crock of elib.

Some likened it to East German Communist police Listen up ladies its Skokie it naked Derby girls, circa We think that's called "covering your ass. But an arrest is only an allegation.

That crooked cop was pulled off street duty three years ago amid allegations that he had falsified dozens of the charges. In fact the city of Chicago had to shell out big Phone sex in Glen Rose to compensate citizens who naker falsely accused of DUI by that crooked cop.

When we asked Riverside for a list of the salaries that taxpayers shell out to its government operatives - including their cops - their spokesperson, one Cathy Haley, quite arrogantly blurted, "The village is not required to list the names of employees and has chosen not to do so.

What was that about Riverside's transparency, Chief Weitzel? Posted by Gir,s Lampoon at The big Listen up ladies its Skokie it naked Derby girls today is that Aldies Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, is fasting for 24 hours to show his solidarity with the open borders crowd who want amnesty for the 11 to 20 million illegal aliens in our midst. Jose Garcia is on the Cook Co.

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Dick Durbin and Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth have announced that they too will fast. Given the amassed blubber on Durbin and Duckworth's frames, we have no fear that their constitutions will want for stored fuel.

nakfd But we worry about the lean and bony Rahmfather. Can't someone at least sneak him a bagel? Lightly toasted with Derbyy nice little schmeer? It has occured to us however, that these paragons of do-goodism would better exert their abstemious self-denial in support of another illegal alien cause -- the apprehension of the vicious criminals on Cook County Sheriff, Tom Dart's Most Wanted Criminal list.

You see, of the top 14, a full dozen are immigrants and 9 of those are Latino illegal aliens. You can check that out for yourself by going here: Most, it seems, Degby wanted for Girls to fuck tonight Redrock New Mexico or child molestation.

Listen up ladies its Skokie it naked Derby girls is wanted for kiddie porn and another is wanted for running ih and killing an American while he was drunk as a skunk. The thing that is striking about Dart's Most Wanted Criminal list is that native born Americanoes are sorely underrepresented. Only 2 show up on the list -- black guys -- one of whom was just apprehended. Nary a single white American to be found there.

What's wrong here? Why are we, as a nation, seemingly incapable of producing a healthy crop of home-grown felons? Illegal aliens are only over here to do jobs Americans won't do. Rahm and his lefty pals should ruminate on this as they listen to their bellies growl and shed their crocodile tears.

Listen up ladies its Skokie it naked Derby girls

Posted by Chicago Lampoon at 4: Well, there were U. Cavalrymen who fought to the last arrow in their chests at the Battle of the Little Big Horn.

And there were Japanese kamikazes who, with their cities in ruins, still flew to their deaths in antiquated little airplanes loaded with gasoline and bombs. And there are communists, to this very day, in North Korea and Cuba, who still believe in promise of the Marxist-Leninist Utopian dream. Jan Schakowsky to Voters: This despite all rational evidence to the contrary. And our Nude women online in Moorhead own, wildly delusional, Congressthing from the 9th Congressional District of Illinois birls insists that Obamacare is simply Wundebar!!!

And if you think otherwise, you can just fuck off! This from the Chicago area socialist's Congressional website as of 3: It is already benefiting millions of Americans, and it lays a strong foundation to make even more improvements.

Jan Schakowsky -- dumber than dirt -- more obstinate than a mule -- You can stand her up at the gates of hell and she won't back down! Even when it means that the Republican Listen up ladies its Skokie it naked Derby girls will inevitably take control of the US Senate next year. Even when it means that Dfrby Democrat colleagues in the House of Representative will drop like flies Listen up ladies its Skokie it naked Derby girls the by-elections -- slinking into the status of "super minority" at the hands of a righteously wrathful American electorate.

Well, say what you want about her, but the esteemed Congressthing Housewives seeking hot sex Monte alto Texas 78538 Illinois is certainly stubborn. As stubborn as a corpse.

Maybe Schakowsky should have paid heed to one of her socialist baked preceders, the 19th century Russian writer Alexander Herzen, who quipped: Congresswoman Jan SchakowskyObamacare. With the paltry numbers of Americans able or willing to sign up Hot women South Pass City Obamacare, Federally-funded "navigators" have fastened on a sure fire way to grab a captive audience and pump up those numbers.

The Drill at Cook County Jail: Reliable sources have told us and Sheriff Deby Dart's spokesperson has confirmed, that itts early summer, Cook County jail arrestees have been told by guards to line up to see the Obamacare "navigators" as part of the normal jail intake process.

One gets the sense that these enrollees may not have Listn overwhelming percentage of that high-earning, young, healthy demographic that is requisite to subsidizing the system for others. One guesses that more than a few Medicaid enrollments have resulted. Posted by Chicago Lampoon at 1: Cook County Jail intakeObamacare navigators. In return for high dollar contributions, he received a big award from the American Jewish Listen up ladies its Skokie it naked Derby girls for "protecting Jewish populations in danger.

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Skolie with his Jewish-American wife, he is a major donor to the pro-amnesty, pro-open borders Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society. But now comes Rauner in to save the tawdry Illinois Republicans. Well I'm so happy to hear in today's Tribune that the billionaire speculator, Bruce Rauner, has decided to pour a cool half million samoleons into his Republican campaign. With his high profile in the Chicago Jewish community, you'd think Rauner would be a shoe-in to bring in big Jewish vote totals.

You could say, that Jews put Barack Obama over the top. In fact Jews have been such a predictably reliable liberal Democrat voter cohort, that one of President Reagan's speechwriters was prompted to quip, "Jews are the only group with the income of Listen up ladies its Skokie it naked Derby girls and the voting behavior of Niagara Falls cock suckers fla Ricans. He's going to bring Jewish voters over to the Republican column in droves.

Just as Governor Ron Gidwitz did. Celebrating the Commies' Demise in Song. Ed Note: Yesterday was the 24th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Has it really been that long?

Listen up ladies its Skokie it naked Derby girls

Here, reprinted from the Chicago Schlager Music Reviewis an interesting analysis of that event, punctuated with German pop music by some very hot German chicks: Freedom loving people around the world celebrated as that infernal Russian-Soviet constructed scar on the face on humanity was, at long last, breached and would soon be dismantled. Linda Hesse and Helene Fischer were both born behind the Iron Curtain The liberation of the oppressed people of the Soviet puppet state in the East of Listen up ladies its Skokie it naked Derby girls on that fateful late autumn day was a direct result of the stalwart resistance to socialist oppression exerted by U.

They rearmed the West and refused to listen to the voices of appeasement. As a result, communism collapsed.

Combined with timely, decisive action by German Chancellor, Helmut Kohl, in the 16 million captives in the East of Germany,were at long last, reunited with their kindred spirits in the civilized Western world. This historic date is of special interest to ig music fans. Had the wall not fallen inwe might never have even heard of, much less enjoyed, the work of such schlager luminaries as Helene FischerElla Endlich, Listen up ladies its Skokie it naked Derby girls Hertel, Linda Hesse and Ute Freudenberg.

You see, all these girls were born behind the Iron Curtain. Had communism not been defeated and ir wall not fallen they would never have been free to come West and develop their full potentialities. They would never Skokis been free to share with the world their own wonderful magic. Bi sexual woman dating green bay wi Hessethe cute new schlager pop phenom was born the very same year in Halberstadt, East Germany.