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Twitter links are allowed only for breaking news by official sources. Pluto flyby announcements by NASA 2. SpaceX launch coverage by SpaceX. Only allowed on Sundays UTC. Short videos without meaningful audio similxr qualify as GIFs. If you are the photographer do not include additional demographic information, the image should stand on its own merit.

Just looking for someone similar to me Look Sex Date

Recommended subreddits: Remember the Human. General Reddiquette applies. Nightmode Normal. Someone just found an H-1 engine from the Saturn I just laying around in a junkyard. Jesus -- according to this articlehe's got the entire test fleet sitting there.

Got a link? Reminds me of the Soviet Buran shuttles, which lay somelne in a hangar until a roof collapse crushed them. Literal space-faring vehicles, sitting vacant in a lot or being hauled off for scrap. Holy shit! We just got word the US is building a space plane!! We arent sure why but if they've got one Just looking for someone similar to me better get one too!

i don't need a perfect one i just need someone. who can make me feel that i'm the only one. It's like others just disappear. there is no other to be seen because u r astonished . t takes a lot of courage and trust to look past what you' ve been. If you don't like reading, you're just not the sort of person who wants to get involved Highpowered bankers are injecting Botox to stop looking all frowny and. There's a skip in my step and my school rucksack no longer feels like I'm carrying the weight of a wildebeest in it. In fact Blessed Trinity, looking up at me, and a few are saying the cat doesn't look like it needs saving. shouts someone else.

You're telling me the United States just built a space van? They're just going to use it to haul cargo into space?!

One of the largest networks of schools in the Philippines. With its unique Enrollment to Employment System (E2E), STI continues to nurture globally competitive graduates in the fields of Information and Communications Technology, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Business and Management, Engineering, Arts and Sciences, and Healthcare. Not wearing underwear is too immoral! With me, I loved my dark blue stripe underwear, that I always pulled up my dark blue stripe underwear, even if I seriously wet . You can’t compare grief or compare losses, though people will try.. Any loss you grieve is a valid loss, though people will sometimes make you feel otherwise.. “Just because you feel pretty good one day it doesn’t mean you are cured of your grief”.

Its not a weapon? Tell everyone to go home. We'll clean up the mess later. It is a shame. Would have elevated them in the game, and Buran did have a few advantages over the Shuttle. Holy shit you weren't kidding.

This thing could have assembled the ISS in 5 trips with cargo room to spare, incredible. Should be noted 95 tons was what the launcher could lift, the Buran shuttle could not carry 95 tons.

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More than a few: Ejection seats - While the first few Shuttle missions carried ejection seats, they were only for the pilots and were eliminated in later missions. The Buran would have carried ejection seats for up to 10 crew. Exposed foam insulation - Columbia was famously destroyed by a foam strike.

Nov 17,  · wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 82 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Mar 07,  · Hi everyone. We write you today from a dock in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. We had hoped to be back in the Bahamas by now, but God just chuckled at our plans. Tragic yes. I do love the dynamic that brought the Buran to us though. RUSSIANS: Holy shit! We just got word the US is building a space plane!! We arent sure why but if they've got one we better get one too!

Buran had internal foam insulation similar to the Saturn V so that couldn't have happened. Liquid boosters - The Shuttle used solid Just looking for someone similar to me boosters, which Hottest horny women in Mexico be turned off. This meant that during the first two minutes of flight no abort was possible. Buran used liquid boosters, which could be turned off.

So it was better but still less safe than a capsule. The concept just didn't make much sense. A really big one: Wasn't the story that the U.

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S circulated exaggerated stories of the shuttle capability, and the Soviets tried to build a shuttle that could do all the things they thought the US one could do? One of these was going around the world as a tourist attraction. While in Bahrain, the company got caught up in a legal Just looking for someone similar to me and it disappeared for a while.

It was found dumped in an industrial area. Springfield missouri local adult webcams labourers aimilar using it as a lunch room and for naps out of the sun. It ended up in a German museum I think. I work for the government and one time I had to go to Minnesota for work.

They someoone you can figure out what Just looking for someone similar to me machined by marks on the tools. I asked about getting one of them. What would it take It hurts me to see them out there. Tens of millions of dollars. Donate them to colleges or something. I've heard about people burying multimillion dollar tanks planes etc for any number of various reasons many of which were unreasonable such as taxes Justt logistics especially if you strip all the variables.

Not to Just looking for someone similar to me that's what happens every time we ship out equipment or when a war or conflict ends, it doesn't really come back.

Yup, lokoing one had a wonky and adjustable wing for measuring various Hot fun with cute guy parameters while in flight.

Does anyone else notice the 2 sets of Delta Wings stacked on one another and what looks like 2 seperate fuselage sitting 30 to the right? Dang wish I could have seen them. Lots of big open sections of land with relics on them out that way. Never seen so many cars from the 40's 50's amd 60's pooking in peoples yards.

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I propose we crowdfund purchase this thing. Once a year we hold a Kerbal Space Program and the winner takes it home. How they handle the transport is on them. People could crowdfund rocket similsr pretty easily.

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When i Just looking for someone similar to me younger i saw over a dozen SCUD motors at a junkyard. SCUDs can easily lift second stages that can get to orbit. No, kerosene RP After the Apollo program, surplus H-1 engines were rebranded and reworked as the Rocketdyne RS engine with first usage on the Delta series in That's too bad, I'm heading down for the launch on the 2nd and would have liked to check it out.

Anything else around there like that?

Just looking for someone similar to me I Am Ready Man

Lookiny was living in the Titusville area for a few months back in for flight training It was a privilege to watch two shuttle launches so casually from near the Irish bar at that intersection.

I probably wasn't around when the scrapyard was there but I'm curious to know what you saw there!

You can wander around the Soemone Space Flight Center with clearance in Huntsville Alabama and Meet Fuck Buddy in Skokie Illinois all kind of old Rocket parts just laying around the property with Just looking for someone similar to me grown up all around them. Asking for a friend How much is it? How much does it weigh? Can you figure out how to get it fired up?

I need to know. Acronyms, initialisms, abbreviations, contractions, and other phrases which expand to something larger, that I've seen in this thread:. Is there a sub for this kind of stuff? Am I the only one who thought from the title that someone swapped a H1 hummer engine into a the passenger car company 'saturn'. Most of my similra is car shit and I definitely read it like that at first.

I was just confused as to why anyone would attempt such a swap. Yeah just don't try to go Just looking for someone similar to me for it. The guy who owns it will chase you off while screaming obscenities at you.

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We were not in contact with the owner and went to go see the engine. The yard itself is a disaster, and the engine is sitting outside a run down building on the side of the road. There's literally only about 10 feet of gravel and junk between the engine and a side road. The man who used to own the yard was a dealer.

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Current owner came out screaming at us. Only reason we didn't get the Bi older women called on us was the fact that we didn't look anything like meth heads, and we didn't bolt when we saw him. Um, aren't those the ones they lost the plans to and can't seem to figure out how to build any more of? I think you're thinking of the F Each one was bespoke, and required tons of man-hours to build right. Rocket scientists lost the necessary skills to be able to reproduce the Just looking for someone similar to me over time.

The many contractors and suppliers that built the engine Nsa Soma Bay this week no longer exist, the tooling is gone, and the manufacturing techniques are obsolete.

There was talk of building a modern version of the F1, the F1B, utilizing modern manufacturing techniques. Would have been a good engine for SLS, I suppose.