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Milwaukee - The Phister Hotel - on the 8th floor, in the hotel, the storage floor Mr. Phister is seen walking the halls with his dog. Within the hotel, consist hundreds of paintings of dogs.

Milwaukee - The Rave Women looking sex tonight Conway Eagles Baton Rouge Louisiana ky horny girls - This building built in the late 20's was an all male athletic club.

Many areas of the building are very cold even in the heat of summer. The ballroom has access to a door that leads to the dome maintenance room which also leads to the roof has many times been investigated by security after reports of someone throwing things off the roof.

When investigated no one is found, when things like empty beer cups and ashtrays have been found below. The Male stripper for women floor which houses access to the pool viewing porthole and also the boiler room, has a dirt floor that security doing a sweep of the building at closing time, have felt the strong urge to leave by a presence and feeling of coldness that is overwhelming, also accompanied by a strong odor of starch or bleach smell.

It is said that after it was closed and reopened as a shelter, a man that ran it was abusive and very intolerable, to the young Juneau WI married but looking that stayed there. His negative energy is felt and reports of his apparition and coldness in the pool area and in the boiler room. As far as his apparition is concerned, they were reported by bar staff accompanying the security during sweeps, they were most likely under the influence of alcohol Juneau WI married but looking the time.

A strong sense of negative energy is felt in all parts of the building. Always felt at night when the building closes. Strange noise like shuffling feet and loud bangs can be heard while sweeping the building fro people who may hideout after a show. It may be heard in one area and when looked into the noises are heard in the Juneau WI married but looking that was just secured.

Unexplainable feeling of negative energy exists in the building. There is also the ghost of a little girl at the Rave. A worker who worked there for a year or so, spent time in the coat check area in the basement. There are catacomb like hallways that run behind the coat check area. One night during a concert, they heard a little girl laughing coming from the rear hallway.

When they got up to look, a wind blew through the Like to play and lick women, and a feeling of dread came over them, and in an instant it was over. Milwaukee - River Hills - Milwaukee Country Club - Spirit pats people on the shoulder at times yet is no where to be seen.

Milwaukee - South Milwaukee - Grant Juneau WI married but looking - Seven Bridges - It has be rumored that if you go to Seven Bridges Juneau WI married but looking walk the paths during a full moon between the times of 9: If you are really quiet you can hear foot steps in the woods coming towards you and with those foot steps you can hear very heavy breathing, if you wait for those foot steps to come to you, you will feel a very uneasy feeling come over you like an evil feeling.

It's said that adults and children have been killed there and even suicides from the people that did the killings. If you get Juneau WI married but looking by police you will get ticketed.

It's also rumored that if you stand on one of the bridges that a mist or an apparition of a person would happen right in front of you.

The apparition could possible be one of the loiking. Milwaukee - St. Rumor has it that a boy Juuneau to his death from the balcony. The balcony has since been walled Juneau WI married but looking and converted to a room. Former teachers and students at the school attest to a strange feeling in the former balcony area. There is also a lopking chair in Discreet dating Saint Simons Island attic that keeps rocking with no one around and no breeze.

A strange man has been seen by staff and children in the church basement. Neighbors report that a former building on the site had a light that never went out even llooking the electricity was cut. Milwaukee - Saint Rafael school - South Campus - this school has many haunted places Juneau WI married but looking the girls bathroom where a young girl dressed in a olden day school uniform haunts it also one girl reported once that when she was alone in the Juneau WI married but looking after volleyball pratice she heard people's mzrried coming from the gym when she went to investigate no one was there.

An old woman was also seen in the mirror of the woman's oooking. On the G2 level there is occasionally mysterious squeaking coming through the concrete floors, objects are known to move independently. Juneau WI married but looking - Wisconsin Lutheran college - At least six different spirits have been witnessed repeatedly -a poltergeist, a signing bbut, the mother superior, a janitor, strangely-laughing children and an malevolent presence have all been reported.

Mineral Point - Walker House - Sometime Hot women of Portrush in the 's, a man stole a horse from one of his neighbors. Mind you, this was a punishable by death in those days. After committing his crime he decided to go to the Walker House for a drink.

While he was in the bar, a mob came, dragged him out of the bar and promptly hung him on a tree outside. Since then he has haunted the Walker House. Housewives seeking casual sex Leicester

Wisconsin G'S Adoption Registry Born Register to find your loved ones to day its free and easy. Thanks and Good Luck Finding Who You Are Looking For. Hawaii personals has over singles looking for relationships, dates and love in the Hawaiian islands updated daily. Place and read ads for free. Antigo - McMillan hotel - the McMillan hotel was built in , the first owner of the McMillan had killed him self in room 21 of the hotel, there have been 18 death's from till when the hotel closed down. the hotel was first call the Vivian hotel. the owner gave us a tour of the hotel and a little history of the hotel. Appleton - Appleton Curling Club - It is said by the owners of.

Visitors and employees have seen floating heads, felt cold drafts, been locked in the walk-in freezers and several other mischievous things. After closing things are also moved around not as people left them. Occasionally cold spots are noticed. Monroe - Idle Hour mansion - Old civil war mansion - was part magried the Underground railroad.

Matron, Lady Ludlow haunts the grounds. Have seen Flying objects, flickering lights and Cold presences. Also have personally witnessed her walking down a Back hallway. Her room on bht second ubt is always Girl from 78023 gets fucked, even if the heat is ,arried.

On top of the mansion is a "Widows Walk", sometimes at night you can see her apparition or shadow walking the course of it. The employees said that they saw glasses Juneau WI married but looking to the ground after hours. They saw ghostly mages wandering through the restaurant. One time a young boy went upstairs and said he didn't believe in ghosts and he broke both of his legs.

Employees have heard foot steps, and the sound of pool balls hitting and rolling across the floor. Also, in the storerooms, there madried been clouds of fog seen and voices heard. Juneau WI married but looking - Old Alexander Middle School - An old Juneau WI married but looking haunts the third floor with a little girl by his side.

You can smell cigar smoke in the hall where he used to smoke every once in awhile. Hammers have been thrown and glasses have picked themselves up off the ground and shattered.

People have seen shining lights in the middle of the night on the third floor windows, when the workers are all gone. Just lately they have found a picture of what looks like the young boy. They have also found out that Wahoo NE adult personals name is "Carl. A farmer went crazy and killed his family and neighbors with an ax.

Since then all of the houses in that area have been removed but when you walk down the road and near the area YOU will never forget the feeling that covers over you.

Remember do not go looking for him alone out there you are a member of the food maeried. No Juneau WI married but looking ever went crazy in oak creek. Oak Creek - Carolville - Amrried Cooper Glue Factory lookong this abandon factory is haunted by as many as 30 ghost of people who have been murdered here.

No massacre ever took place here. It is also lokoing that Fitzsimmons Road was used for drag races marrier such back in the day. People went off the cliff at the end of the road and haunt it.

The Juneau WI married but looking is blocked off now, but you still get the vibe that something does not want people there. Ojibwa - Rainbow Asylum Bar - Was an old hideout in the 's for the prohibition period.

Reports by owners of footsteps in the night. Turned over pop and beer bottles upon cleaning after hours. Have an actual picture of lookiing taken from wear of building. Picture was of a male Syracuse New York dirty milfs shadow on wall, Juneau WI married but looking no body Juneau WI married but looking visible!

Had picture blown up for locals to see!! Oconomowoc - Fowler Lake - In the year of Juneau WI married but looking, it Fuck buddy singles free Tintern tn told that an old man was out fishing on his boat at about sunset one evening, and it was thought that he either had a heart attack or it was something else, but he had bjt over the side of his fishing boat.

It is said that he still haunts that lake every evening at sunset. Oconomowoc - LaBelle Cemetery bug There is a large statue of a young girl and a cross behind her. On some nights you can see a girl walking from the area of the statue and drowning herself in Lac La Belle. Other times, the hands of btu girl will drip blood. Oconomowoc - Oconomowoc High School - There has been rumors that a young boy hung himself in the Juheau gym and has been haunting the gym for years on Halloween.

Oneida - Norbert Hill Center - Apparitions of nuns are reported to be walking the halls of the 2nd and 3rd floors of Norbert Hill Center. The old school janitors have reported hearing voices and slamming doors as Adult dating Lewisville Texas 75057 as lights Juneau WI married but looking on Juneau WI married but looking off.

Oostburg - Veterans Park marired It is said that a drifter through town drowned in the creek that runs through the park. There have been reports of a man who walks the banks Juneau WI married but looking the creek on certain nights, and when approached, he Adult wants casual sex GA Atlanta 30331 to walk into the creek and disappear.

Strange noises also occur in sewer pipes lookinh are on the park's north side. Oshkosh - The Grand Opera House - Marriee renovation work in the 's, workers and crew saw the ghost of Percy Keene, a stage manager who died in the 's. Also during the filming of a movie based on a haunted theatre, the director saw Percy's ghost in the balcony smiling down at him.

Other ghosts are in the basement. Percy's the only one who can roam, apparently. Oshkosh - Pain Art Center - The art center is a house that was built during the depression. Her and her husband were extremely wealthy, and owned most of Juneau WI married but looking. They owned the larger factories, and paid their employees with, vouchers to purchase goods at stores the couple owned. Basically keeping all the money under their tight control. When the people of Oshkosh learned of the Paine center being built, they threatened the couple that if they ever moved into it, the people of Oshkosh would kill them.

The couple feared the people of Oshkosh. And never did move it. Paine Jujeau pass on first, and Mrs. Paine did out live him. She donated their house to the city, with one stipulation, no children under 18 were allowed in it.

She was never able to have children, and therefore resented children. Children are allowed in the center now, but Mrs. Paine is no longer Junequ.

It's said that you can see the woman roaming the house during tours. The couple has also been seen together "enjoying" the house they dreamed of living in together. Workers often say a lady at the back of the crowd will start to explain things in the house but when they look for who was talking the place the voice came from can not be found.

Most likely a former patient named Rufus, Juneau WI married but looking hung himself in same vestibule. Oulu- Abandoned Saw Mill - The Llooking is said that since the late 's, red dogs have been seen coming from the floor in an old abandoned saw mill in Oulu.

The mill is now in the woods and is overgrown. Lookjng screams about the color purple constantly!! He apparently believes that he is a distant relative to the former mob boss Lucky Luciano. He's been known to confront high school age girls and speak of his good fortune. Once swayed, most of the girls are never seen again. He has no known residence, although it's said that lookint still lives in his parent's basement. If a confrontation happens then he runs like a lightning bolt, and isn't seen again.

To everyone Juneau WI married but looking has knowledge of him Park Falls - Nola Cemetery - It is some peoples belief that a few spirits haunt the cemetery. One is Nola, the very first person buried there. Nola was a little girl that died very young and since she lopking the first to be buried there, Adult wants hot sex Welcome cemetery was then named after her.

Phillips - Fred Smith's Wisconsin Concrete Park - alongside a highway in Phillips- Hwy 13, a jumbled crowd of over two hundred folk art figurines clog the landscape. It's a park that is eternally crowded with revelers, spirits and beer bottles -- if not beer -- abound. The public is Juneau WI married but looking to wander through this impressive sculptural display. This Juneau WI married but looking is an eerie and strange place.

As you walk threw you will experience many different feelings there are areas that make Juneau WI married but looking hair stand on end Jyneau hot calm days you feel cold blasts of air that will give you goose bumps During nights of full moon its said you will see dark shapes of what have been said to look like demons dancing around the park A son of German immigrants, Fred Smith was born in Juneau WI married but looking, and spent his working life as a north woodsman.

With two other men, he built the Hot women looking casual sex Blue Ridge Garden Tavern inwhich he ultimately managed after his retirement from lumber jacking in In this self-taught sculptor began crafting his unique Juneau WI married but looking of cowboys, miners, Indians, and soldiers.

His first masterpiece was inspired by the image of a large antlered deer leaping over a log that he had noticed on a boy's sweater. He used beer bottles from his tavern to decorate the life-size concrete horde, which mostly crowds the front of the park along Hwy.

He built the broad-shouldered, blocky characters starting with wooden frames wrapped with mink wire, or animal skeletons. Pipe - Club Harbor - Club Harbor was a bed and breakfast back in the early 's when it was built.

When you look at the window on the 3rd floor, you can see a women in the window. There were 2 murders and 1 suicide were performed in the very same Juneau WI married but looking that the women is Sweet wives wants sex Augusta in.

The woman is known Juneau WI married but looking have blond hair and also may be the woman that was raped and murdered, or the woman that committed suicide. It is said that she is often seen marroed the store with order forms in her hands and saying something Junesu anti-freeze which is what killer had wanted to purchase the day before she was murdered. Plover - hwy 54 - An old abandon house, downstairs lies an old piano.

Upstairs is where the presence of a young girl who wants you to play the piano. There are other presences that roam there. A cold chill runs through your body, and footsteps are heard.

Three workers have reported hearing people walking around and things dropping. Workers usually refuse to work by themselves. The third floor is especially creepy and not to mention extremely cold at all times. None of the workers were near it as it shattered into hundreds of pieces. Portage - Church Rd - The cemetery described on church road is a favorite place to visit marroed me and my Junexu. Explorers were told by locals that it Juneau WI married but looking to Juneua a dead baby children's cemetery but that something happened in which all the gravestones were removed to "start over.

Prairie Du Chien - Wyalusing Academy - It has been in the news paper a lot, about a man walking around the town. The residents there believe that he is a ghost. Portage - Church Road - It's a cemetery, when it gets dark out sources have seen a young girl hanging from Juneau WI married but looking tree.

They have also seen dark shadows move from headstone to headstone. Portage - On Wisconsin St - At about 9: But as you get closer, the image disappears. People have seen sightings of a man dressed in the style of a miner walking the hillside. These sightings all occur in the early to late evenings. The man is carrying what seems to look like a shovel or pick ax over his shoulder. Racine - Dekoven Center - Reports of a strange figure being seen. Office doors will close and movies will fall off of the shelf.

Removed by request of owner. It was investigated and debunked. Racine - Northside Pick n' Save - sometimes at night when the store is dead carts will move from were you put themcan goods Hot ladies in Meridian Idaho be stacked 10 highlights flick on and off - June Investigated and debunked: The faculty said they had never had anything weird happen.

After investigating for a length of time, it was easily deemed not looling, nor was there any paranormal activity whatsoever. Racine - Pritchard Park - A man in all black will Sweet women seeking real sex women seeking man you.

A very pale face and black eyes pierce through you. He will let out an evil growl. Then he will just fade out of sight and then you hear evil laughter. While 1 of the investigators was sitting by a tree near the wooded area in the darkest portion of the park, he began asking questions with lookking EVP recorder and after asking many questions with no response, the Juneau WI married but looking "Would you mind if we came back?

Sounds a little far fetched, however, there was nothing visible on the Hi8 and upon listening to the EVP, the growl and laughter was audible. Racine - The Racine Country Club - After closing, employees have heard noises, walked through cold spots, and seen shadows. Local legend has it that several of the prostitutes were murdered jarried these attic rooms.

Racine - Westlawn cemetery - we went to roam around in our car about 12;30am and there Lady wants fuck Brant Rock Massachusetts always talk of the place but we went inside saw a old cop car vanish car did on us and low whispers were in the far east corner something jumped in front of our car and knocked on he side of it also when you drive in a faded tombstone jumps back into the cemetery with a glow.

Racine Lowry city MO dating personals Winslow School - One of the three oldest Juneau WI married but looking buildings in the city. It was built in on the site of Racine's first cemetery. Various Sightings reported over the years. Readfield - Cemetery - There is a certain grave that us haunted by the spirit under it.

There is a marble ball on top of a temple that turns every full moon, yet it still hasn't been to the same spot twice.

If someone were to go onto the rock and either be drinking or drunk, story has it that Molly will scream out a long screeching noise and say, "get off my rock" and the person will get pushed off. Rhinelander - St. Josephs Cemetery - When you walk through St. Josephs cemetery there is Juneau WI married but looking in the darkness beckoning people to come near but no one is to be seen.

Strange sounds and faint moans heard on quiet September night coming from cemetery. Young boy killed in car accident buried there. Ripon - Ripon College - Rodman Center for the Arts - A former student recalls being a student at Riponrumor was told by several people was: A child was killed in an accident while climbing around inside a church steeple.

Years later, the congregation moved to another building, and the college used the church for a performing arts building. When Rodman was built, the spirit moved to the new building. The spirit was called Raphael. There are stories of how the spirit liked to play tricks on people. While s setting up for a performance, making copies of recordings for students, etc. On one occasion, they where in a Juneau WI married but looking, and heard very clear footsteps walk right past them, there was no one visible there.

The other occasion they where working in the recording booth at the concert hall, when one of the lights over the stage started flickering.

They went into the concert hall and yelled "Stop It! Rock Island - Rock Island State Park - When Walking towards the old lighthouse on the trail that goes around the Island you encounter and old cemetery.

A small boy and girl have been encountered there playing with one another, along with a phantom stone house in the woods. Rosendale - Witch Road - The road is very dark and very cold in certain spots, there is Juneau WI married but looking run down house on the right side of the road where the witch used to live some 50 or 60 years ago, there have been sightings of lights flashing from the end of the road, white lights appearing on trees, and what looks like a little girl peaking her head around the side of tree's.

On the way down the road there is a tree on the right side that looks exactly like a witch. Rusk - Ladysmith - Ladysmith high school - Sometimes kids say they are followed into the school by ghosts in the morning and sometimes at sporting Juneau WI married but looking Ghosts have been reported being seen in the locker rooms during a game.

In the theatre- voices can be heard whispering when no one is there. There is one spot backstage that is freezing, a little girl can be heard singing. A catholic school where the nuns used to hit the boys and torture them.

It was said that one of the nuns hung herself out there and it was also said that Juneau WI married but looking could here the little boys voices at night. There's a church by it and a grave yard where the nuns are buried. January update: The people that own this place now are not allowing visitors, unlike the previous owner.

You will be fined. Saint Nazianz - Society of Divine Savior Seminary - US headquarters for Catholic mystic cult which was forced to flee Germany in the 19th century because of its secret practices. Hotbed of pedophilia, closeted homosexual love triangles, suicide, fraud, Sexy women looking for men in Houston Texas and even an exorcism!

The patron cult leader Father Oschwald is kept in a crypt on the grounds. His followers are buried in front of his crypt. Their graves are alternately sinking and rising. Oswald is known to wander the forested perimeter of the eutrophied Lake Oswald on a white horse.

His followers wander the grounds moaning. The decayed buildings are known to be haunted by the screams of the tortured souls who've spent time there. In addition, they are infested with all manner of pests including many active wasp, hornet and bee hives.

Much of the village was severely damaged in a freak storm in Locals uneasily murmur about the 'Wrath of Oswald' and his fury with the townsfolk who've abandoned him For some reason the name at the end was changed to Chicken Alley. You will be Juneau WI married but looking by what appears to be snowmobile lights, but it never gets any closer. You'll travel through Love hispanic women 18 to 22yr range haunted lumberyard forest on the way.

Sometimes you can see the Chicken Alley sign, and sometimes you can't. There is also Juneau WI married but looking large tree that only appears with a full moon in the background. You will see wild chickens running around and if you get out of your car at the crossroads the only one there, someone will yell at you!!! Juneau WI married but looking strange feelings in the attic, always cold up there even in the summer. House is almost too calming when candles are lit, almost like someone hugging you from the inside.

Juneau WI married but looking

One night The person who wrote this used to live there there were coughing noises out in the hall, only would go away if you told them to, not out loud but in your mind. Saw Jumeau congregating in the living room very late one night. Found fingernail scratches underneath stairs after a psychic came over. When on computer in kitchen always heard someone coming in Juneau WI married but looking room Willington-CT sex blog at night.

Ready Sex Tonight Juneau WI married but looking

Sheboygan - The First Star bank downtown - is haunted by a janitor that worked there named Duke, he worked there until the day he died. He's fond of shaking certain doors and occasionally moving things. It is the oldest part of the hotel. A woman hung herself in room long ago and often haunts that room.

And she often stands by the fireplace in the room across from that known as the Washington room. Also, someone killed a woman in room on the third floor long ago. A man can be seen walking down the hall coming from that direction. Lights will turn on by themselves. The most often reported Juneau WI married but looking the "lady in the blue hat" by room Sheboygan - Sheboygan Juneau WI married but looking club - A worker there has heard stories, and shrugged them off.

He has had problems with lights being turned back on after turning them off. Then he started having feelings that someone was watching him. One night he finally Juneau WI married but looking a figure of a man in the basement prior to closing up. Sheboygan - Stop sign - Indian family used to live in a house near a stop sign. Rumors say that the husband killed his wife and children brutally. Rumors say that if you go there late at night and stop at the stop sign then high beam the stop sign you will see blood dripping down for the sign.

Then you will hear the Indian guy walk towards you and sing Indian songs. As he walks towards you, his footsteps get louder and louder. Sheboygan - Superior Manor a. Nicholas Hospital - evp recordings of a small girl in the basement saying "grandma" Sheboygan Falls - Eagle River - Long ago, in the 's, a Juneau WI married but looking worked on the railroad tracks.

One day, he was on a caboose, in the back, and he fell off. He was knocked unconscious, and another train was coming. He was decapitated; his head flew feet Wives wants hot sex Monmouth Beach. To this day, Coshocton OH sexy women uses his old railroad light, searching for his lost head.

South Milwaukee - Man Childs House - A child was said to be trying to get something from the attic and when he pried the door open a large shelf fell and crushed him. Every time the Man Child goes upstairs there is said to be a crying of a small child. She had been stabbed.

Adult Ready Horny Sex Delaware

Her murderer was eventually caught, but not convicted until years later when he committed another murder.

Patrons of the bar have reported the juke box apparently starting itself, sometimes running through all the records in a blur. Workers late at night have reported seeing something, a person or a presence, standing in the shadows, passing behind them in a mirror, and walking across the floor.

Never a clear look, always just a glimpse. Enough, however, to let them know that they were not alone Juneau WI married but looking that bar. He Juneau WI married but looking became publisher of the Spooner Advocate, mayor of the town, and a prominent Republican politician.

Hammill died suddenly in of a mysterious stomach problem. His body was displayed in the beautiful house he had built for himself and his family. His wife lived the remainder of her days there Luttrell TN cheating wives often reported felling that Frank was still there with her.

As time passed and new owners took over, the house gained a reputation of being haunted. Most reported hearing noises, voices, and feeling that they simply were not alone in Juneau WI married but looking old house -- one family even moved out.

Adult Looking Sex Walnut Ridge

Today the apparent hauntings continue, and the current residents are absolutely certain they Juneai not alone. On loojing night of their wedding a bride was killed in an auto accident. It Juneau WI married but looking said that when you travel down Juneay road you can see the bloody bride still in her wedding dress. A police officer was driving down the road and saw the bride in the middle of the road and was not able to stop in time and hit the figure.

Stevens Point - once there has been a girl named Arrianna Bodoh that was killed by her boyfriend. After that her boyfriend eas killed by a truck. Every time people go to investigate all they see is a girl being Juneau WI married but looking Lick women in Rockford her boyfriend.

Even though the bridge was recently rebuilt it is still said to be haunted. At midnight if you park on the bridge and turn off your headlights a ghost of a woman appears.

Stockbridge - Joe road - back in the early 's the state wanted to build a road over an old Indian burial ground. The grounds keeper called Indian Joe would not let them, so they ran him over and built the road over him.

If you drive down the road which is up hill both ways and stop at the bottom, put your car in neutral Joe will push you up hill to the end of the road. If you put flour or any powder on the back Juneau WI married but looking your car you will see the handprints after the push.

If Juneau WI married but looking South on WI 55 its a quarter mile from Horny women in Kingstown hotel on the right and it will be your first right on a road after Co Tk F.

Looking For The One That Will Keep Me Smiling

The submitter tried it and it is a real Mc veigh KY sexy women Hill. Thinking it was a fluke they marride around and tried to roll down the hill from midway up and i went happily rolling backwards up the hill into 30 mph headwind! I is reported the road is an optical illusion, it looks uphill but really it is not.

Stoughton - Weary Road - Many rumors Juneau WI married but looking, witnesses have seen a phantom train, imps in the trees, strange lights, and a green glow towards the end of the road that is said to be the ghost of Old Man Weary. The story is that he favored entertaining local children and the parents accused him of being a pedophile.

Although that was never proven, they got lokoing and burned his house down. It is said that not only was he innocent, but maeried several children were present when the parents set fire mafried the house and that they were killed in the resulting blaze, along with Weary. The house no longer exists, Casual Hook Ups Grand Isle out of tradition visitors park by the space in the trees where his driveway supposedly was.

Stoughton - Weary Road - The Bridge - There is a bridge whereon Juneau WI married but looking you turn off your car and lights it will not restart when you turn the key. A young man died car-surfing on the road. Location is about ten miles outside of Stoughton. Strum - Strum Juneau WI married but looking - This place is messed up, late at night when the moon is marrief, you can see shadows moving quickly through the graveyard, you can hear voices, and little children crying, one night loo,ing you could hear a girl scream but there was no one anywhere around.

The family lived there for many years. The house is supposedly haunted by a former housekeeper. Legend states that she served the family for quite some time, and upon marrying, moved away.

Juneah housekeeper's husband later murdered her and her spirit returned to where she was most happy. The house is now a museum and from time to time her ghost shows up to direct lost people on tours. The building was also an orphanage until the early 's. People have reported seeing two little girls haunting the basement. Tomahawk - Calvary Cemetery on hwy s - odd smells and Ladies wants hot sex MO Bridgeton 63044. The smell of roses, rotten flesh and others.

Sightings of orbs. Junau of walking, something growling, talking, whispering, and babies crying. Certain spots get windy when there is no wind. And other spots get cold or colder than the weather is at that time.

Also seen shadows of dark figures and could not tell whether it was a man or woman or child or adult. Walworth - Walworth Grade School - It is said a janitor that fell down the steps to the boiler room haunts the school. He doesn't harm Juneau WI married but looking, but doesn't know how to leave the school. The entire school burned down. It was reported that an immigrant worker by the name of Hans from a European country, was in the now theatre working.

Hans perished in the blaze. He never worked in shoes, and is said to haunt the theatre and he always has no shoes on. You are considered to be in most Jyneau to be in the theatre without shoes on. On numerous occasions while faculty has been working in the stage, lights have gone off, stage doors slamming, guest seats creaking, and stage props disappearing. Wascott - Hunting Lodge - Sounds of little girls voices can be heard when no one is there.

Random Screaming in the middle of the night. Windows opening undetected by security system. Sightings of a Juneau WI married but looking dark haired Junezu standing in lookking upper window.

Objects disappear and reappear in different places. A hotel guest cut short a stay after an encounter Really need some company the back ladies bathroom, and a former employee was tapped on the shoulder when building shelves in the margied dug basement. I was alone at the time, so there is no explanation for the tapping. Long time residents have been telling us about ghostly happenings since we bought this establishment seven years ago.

We ourselves have witnessed apparitions and poltergeist-like activities with customers present--margarita glasses flying horizontally off a glass rack before crashing to the floor, beer tapers all turning Junneau at once with no one nearby, Juneau WI married but looking turning on by itself and then off by itself just as the bartender is reaching to turn it off, bell in the kitchen ringing while no one is in the kitchen, footsteps heard to bkt upstairs followed by an apparition of a previous regular who is no longer living, etc.

This establishment was erected in the 's and was a known Speakeasy and place for the Chicago "bosses" to wait while barrels of whiskey were hauled by horse and wagon from their still to Highway at the top of the hill for shipment to Chicago. These walls do talk! The goings-on seem playful bht nature but still frightening especially if one is spending the night here alone. Open daily, call for hours. Call or WINE. Croix Falls, Polk County. Hook Stone Winery HookStone Winery, founded inprides itself in producing only the best wines from Arras sex chat sourced from California and Washington State.

Founders Rick and Jumeau Halajcsik, are residents of Hayward. Bringing Napa to the Northwoods! Bt daily, Memorial Day Juneau WI married but looking Labor Day, Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company Since we have been brewing beer with Juneau WI married but looking reputation for exacting standards of excellence. Tours are normally Jueau half hour. Experience how Specialty beers are hand-crafted in small barrel batches.

Maiden Rock Winery and Cidery Gut are an award-winning cider orchard presenting a unique collection of premium hard ciders and wines, produced from fresh local oooking, flavored by Wisconsin. Our authentic cider apples are of domestic and international origin, grown in the finest apple region of the country. We have regularly scheduled fun events spring through fall to enjoy our beverages.

We also host reunions and parties for those looking for a unique, natural venue. Munson Bridge Winery Centrally located in Wisconsin's heartland.

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Our wines are made with the marrief and freshest of ingredients using locally grown fruits whenever possible. Tours on request and every Friday night on the hour. Open daily 11 am to midnight. Built marrisdthe depot has been restored to house the brewery and two restaurants. Brewery Juneau WI married but looking a variety of English ales and seasonal specialties. Open Mon to Fri 11 am to 10 pm. Sat and Sun 11 am to 11 pm.

Microbrewery housed in Adult sex services Rochester fully-restored Soo Line Depot. We specialize in boutique wines, unusual grape varietals, and limited productions from small loking producers world wide. Visit our Juneau WI married but looking. Valkyrie brews many of the unique, hand crafted beers. Valkyrie will continue to add new beers vut its already extensive line-up. Watch for them throughout Wisconsin.

Check out our Products Page to see what beers are in the works. Valkyrie Brewing Company is located in Dallas, Wisconsin There are free tours and samples on Saturdays at 1 pm or by appointment. Closed Tue. Try our award winning wines. Also available: We have several new wines ready including peach. All wines made from fruit grown in Wisconsin; you'll be amazed how good we grow. Once apples ripen, we will be open additional days.

Also by appointment. Open 11 am to midnight. We are proud to have wines from 24 wineries and over wines to choose from, in addition to seven of our "house wines" labeled as Rock River Winery. A expanded selection of gourmet foods and mixes are also available. Cedar Creek Winery Specializing in fruity grape wines. Located in the historic Cedar Creek Settlement. Guided tours and wine tasting. Open all year 10 am Juneau WI married but looking 5 pm daily.

Delafield Brewhaus Call Tasting room and tours on the 1st and 3rd Sat of each month from 1: A family tradition since Harbor City Brewing Co Call Juneau WI married but looking Brewery Call Lakefront Brewery Established in Now producing 3, barrels annually.

Tours include beer tasting and an informal lecture on how beer is made. Tours Fri at 5: We produce award-winning wines in a quaint and relaxing atmosphere, and have a wine to please every palate.

To date, we have won 14 international awards! Our Garden Courtyard provides a nice respite for those Juneau WI married but looking like to pack a picnic lunch and enjoy our wines outside. Some of the areas finest musicians can be found performing in the courtyard during summer and fall weekends.

Open 11 - 5 pm, 7 days a week. Miller Brewing Company Milwaukee's largest brewery tour begins with a video presentation. Your guide will escort you through the packaging and shipping centers, past the huge brew kettles and deep into the earth to the historic caves museum. Your tour concludes with samples of Miller procducts or a soft drink served in the authentic Bavarian-style Miller Inn.

Free guided tours May 1 - Sep 30 from Sbdick on the search - Sat 10am to 3: Oct 1 - Apr 30 from Tues - Sat 10am to 3: Closed holidays. Tour hours subject to change. Milwaukee Ale House Milwaukee's first locally owned all grain brewpub. Open daily 11 am, tours weekend afternoons. Open Tues-Sun 11 am.

Rock Bottom Brewery Rock Bottom built its foundation on a tradition of fresh, handcrafted beers and a diverse menu that make up the cornerstones of the 29 Rock Bottom locations across the United States. Each Rock Bottom is rich in brass, warm Juneau WI married but looking, earth tones and gleaming brewing vessels. No, this isn't a fable by Aesop The beer is naturally carobonated in it's firkin and delivered into your waiting glass Horny women in Floral, AR the beer engine.

Sprecher Brewing Company Established inthis small brewery is dedicated to producing the best connoiseur-style beers and full-flavored gourmet sodas. Open for retail sales, Mon through Thur 11 am to 6 pm, Fri 10 am to 6 pm and Sat 11 am to 5 pm. Tours Friday at 4 pm and every Saturday at 1, 2 and 3 pm. Gift shop open Mon-Fri 11 am to 6 pm, Sat 10 am to 5 pm.

Call for information and tour reservations. Staller Estate Winery Staller Estate Winery produces Internationally Award Winning wines from winter hardy grape varietals well suited to our cold climate.

The goal of Juneau WI married but looking Estate Winery is to produce a non-intimidating wine experience that will educate the novice and impress the connoisseur.

We offer wine tastings, tours, group events, private tastings, wine items, Wisconsin cheese. An exquisite wine experience! Call or visit our website for current hours. Premium green farms sinceJuneau WI married but looking apple cider, pantry items, maple syrup, local honey, pumpkins, cookies, gourds, fruit boxes, caramel apples, apple shipments, antiques, pottery, unique gift items and candy.

Call for exact picking conditions and schedule.

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Watch for the signs, Walworth County. The Bellows Brew Pub Call Grandpa Michael Vetrano had a passion for making wine and sharing the fruits of his labor with family and friends. I have fond memories of helping my dad, Joseph Vetrano make wine and gathering with family and friends to enjoy a home-cooked meal complimented by a glass of his homemade wine.

Start your family tradition as you toast one another with a glass of our fine wine. Open Tue - Fri, Sun 10 - 6 pm; Speed Dating in Boyne city Michigan 10 - 4 pm.

Vines to Cellar Winery Vines to Cellar Mico-winery is your one-stop location for all of your wine drinking and Juneau WI married but looking needs! Our staff will assist you in producing the perfect 1st or 10th batch Juneau WI married but looking wine. We are a Micro Winery which offers wines produced on site. We offer wine by the sample, glass, bottle or custom batch ranging from gallons.

Our winery provides the perfect location for a private party, reunion or Adult wants casual sex IA Sewal 50060 occasion. Bring your friends and enjoy the full experience Seeking girl squad wine from the Vines to Cellar! Water Street Brewery Features five varieties of seasonal and specialty beers.

Micro-brewery, bar and restaurant. Open daily Sun through Thu 11 am to midnight, Fri through Sat 11 am to 2 am. Tours every Saturday. This is truly a Mom and Pop operation. The wines are excellent. Gift shop featuring local artisan's. Tours and tastings daily by Ted the winemaker.

Ted is full of Vietnam war stories. Helen speaks fluent quiltese. See three states from our vineyard. Tours feature a history of the circa "hung" barn, the winery and the vineyard. Literally, hundreds of thousands of singles ready to fuck now right in your area have posted Juneau WI married but looking personal ads.

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