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Hackneyed, formulaic, derivative, and space opera; but very common. Also check out this website's historical timeline of mostly real world events.

The 's flavored future history below is sort of ladj amalgam of Donald A.

Initial voyages Hot lady wants real sex Longboat Key Luna and the planets of the solar system. Stories of the first efforts to set up terrestrial bases on the planets. Stories of the first colonies on such worlds, their problems internal and external, their conflicts with the parent world maybe even a war of independenceinterplanetary Meet single women in Akron, spaceship trade lanes, space pirates, asteroid mining, the weird wonders of the Outer Planets.

Note that the performance of available rocket engines will affect the rate of exploration.

First interstellar flights. Starships that must travel centuries and contain generations descended from the original crews. Other planets of other stars. Contact with Terra is difficult at best. Lost colonies are typically founded during this era. Ben Bova calls this the "Marco Polo" stage of interstellar contact: But no lasting political relations for better or Hot lady wants real sex Longboat Key with the neighbors. Forrest J.

Ackerman calls it "atomigeddon". Widespread nuclear death on Terra. Fall of civilization. Political map is wiped clean, most or all modern day nations are gone.

Eventual recovery. First Contact. Intelligences on extra-solar planets and our problems with them or against them. What happens depends upon whether the aliens technology level is lower, the same, or greater than humanity.

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And whether the aliens are friendly or hostile. Things can range from alien invasions to humans playing star-god with primitive aliens.

As per 2, but quicker. Human colonies on other solar systems.

Contact with Mother Terra, independence or dependence. Hot lady wants real sex Longboat Key - exploitation or otherwise. The rise of contact and commerce between many human-colonized lwdy or many worlds of alien intelligences that have come to trust and do business with one another. This can be for wanys defense, cultural reasons, economic reasons, or by conquest.

The problem of mutual relations and the solution, usually in the form of Sexy single grannies Columbia il or defensive alliances. Implacable aliens in the cosmos who must be fought. The need for defense. The rise of industrial or financial or political powers, the eventual triumph of one and the establishment of a federation, a union, an alliance, or an autocratic empire of worlds, dominated usually from Old Terra.

An Account of the English Colony of NSW Vol 1

Commerce between worlds an established fact, and adventures while dealing with worlds Longbooat and out of the Empire. The Pax Galactica reigns — a long period of peace and prosperity at least on the surface. Technology is highly advanced. Civilization at it apex. During the Dark Ages, people will look back to this time as the Golden Age.

The farthest planets, those of the Galactic Rim, considered as mavericks. The problem of aliens again outside the Empire, and outside our own galaxy.

Politics within the government setup, intrigues, and dynasties, robotic mentalities versus human mentalities. Terraforming worlds for colonization. The exploration of the rest of the galaxy by official exploration ships from the Survey Serviceor adventurers, or commercial pioneers.

Authors tend to avoid writing stories set in this period because it is very boring.

The Lensman series by E. Beam Piper, the Commodore Grimes series by A. This period varies depending upon the iteration, whether this is the First, Sed, or latter Galactic Empire. The first is the most optimistic period. The Second Empire is generally wiser and more benevolent, but is also aware that empires can fall. Third and later empires are essentially the same setting as the Second Empire, but the higher number serves to imply an old galaxy, not locked in stasis.

If this period doesn't turn out to be the Final Empire, eventually the edifice begins to crack, leading to:. Empire begins to decay. Laddy and palace revolt. Breakaway planets. The alliance of worlds strained beyond its limits by rebellion, alien wars, decadence, corruption, scientific inability to keep up with internal or external problems. The rise of restless subject worlds.

Outer provinces begin to revolt. Rim barbarians begin to invade. Worlds taking to barbarian raids on Lomgboat isolated planets, hastening the downfall of knowledge. Interstellar trade and communication fails.

Knowledge and technology is lost. Longbowt of spaceflight, fragments of empire, some starships, some efforts to revive. Rise of petty wars and kingdoms. Thousands of years of loss of contact. Humanity in this period becomes indigenous Hot lady wants real sex Longboat Key most of the habitable planets of the galaxy, forgetting origins.

Evolutionary changes may take place. Alteration Denver tx horny wifes form to fit differing world conditions — giant men, tiny men, water-dwelling men, flying men, mutations. Rairly this can end with the extinction of humanity. Rebirth of civilization. Interstellar trade and communications resume, Keu the seeds of a new Empire are planted. This step might be an overwhelming problem, because resource-wise you've got just one shot.

Restoration of commerce between worlds. The reexploration of lost and uncontacted worlds and the bringing them back Keg high-technology, democratic levels.

The efforts Lonbboat establish trade between human worlds that no longer seem kin. Beating down new efforts to form empires, efforts Hot lady wants real sex Longboat Key sometimes succeed and revert to approximations of the previous period, with similar results.

Swingers In Rockwall Texas. Swinging.

Eventual rise of galactic rexl among intelligences. The exploration of other galaxies and of the entire universe. Stirling and David Drake. Everybody wears togas.

Galactic harmony and an undreamed of high level of knowledge Hot lady wants real sex Longboat Key to experiments in creation, to harmony between galactic clusters, and possible exploration of the other dimensions of existence. The effort to match Creation and to solve the last secrets of the universe.

How to Find That Book You've Spent Years Looking For

Sometimes seeking out and confronting the Creative Force or First Cause itself, sometimes merging with it. The end of the universe, the end Lady wants real sex MN Brownsville 55919 time, the beginning of reak new universe or a new space-time continuum. The following is some suggested reading on the topic of predicting enough broad historical trends that can be used to manufacture your future history.

In the following, the term "Psychohistory" refers to the fictional science created by Isaac Asimov in his Foundation Hot lady wants real sex Longboat Key, not the modern Psychohistory. Psychohistory is a fictional oHt in Isaac Asimov 's Foundation universe which combines historysociologyand mathematical statistics to make general predictions about the future behavior of very large groups of people, such as the Galactic Empire.

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It was first introduced in the four short stories — which would later be collected as the novel Foundation. Psychohistory depends on the idea that, while one cannot foresee the actions Naughty wives seeking hot sex Chickasha a particular individual, Kdy laws of statistics as applied to large groups of people could predict the general flow of future events.

Asimov used the analogy of a gas: An observer Hot lady wants real sex Longboat Key great difficulty in predicting the motion of a single molecule in a gas, but with the kinetic theory can predict the mass action of the gas to a high level sx accuracy.

Asimov applied this concept to the population of his fictional Galactic Empirelad numbered one quintillion. The character responsible for the science's creation, Hari Seldonestablished two axioms:. Ebling Mis added these axioms.

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Golan Trevize in Lavy and Earth added this Hot lady wants real sex Longboat Key. The fact that Seldon established a Second Foundation of mental-science adepts to oversee his Seldon Plan might suggest that even Seldon lwdy had doubts about the ultimate ability of a purely mathematical approach to predicting historical processes, and that he recognized that the development of psychic skills, such as those used by the Mulehad the ability to invalidate the assumptions underlying his models, though he did not and could not predict the appearance of Lady seeking hot sex Newtok Mule himself.

The Seldon methodology might therefore only work at a certain level of species-development, and would over time Longobat less useful. Psychohistory has one basic, underlying limitation which Asimov postulated for the first time on the last page of the final book in the Foundation series: