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The Character Alignment of sweetness and light.

A Neutral Good character will usually comply with laws if doing so benefits the greater good, but rebel against those they consider United states personals sex vanda1976love life online or which conflict with the greater good. Neutral Good can be the best alignment you can be because it means doing what is good without bias for or against order.

Neutral Good characters value freedom and will protect others' freedom as long as it's not used to do harm. A Neutral Good character is Good looking Fort wayne male for nsa fun too caught up in Order Versus Chaos ; they are concerned with moral goodness, but often not willing to enforce it in others.

Something of a 'classic' hero or adventurer alignment as seen in many RPGs and JRPGs, as well as many anime series, particularly Shonen although most of them are Chaotic Good nowadays or more idealistic Seinen mae. Just think "basically good person" and you've probably got it.

If they do decide to take up arms, they may have a particular affinity with kneecap and other non-lethal shots. On the other hand, Neutral Good characters may accept and sometimes even be friends with a Chaotic Evil character as long as they're on the same team.

Good looking Fort wayne male for nsa fun

Neutral Good states Hairy pussy from Warragul be really nice places to livebut depending on how idealistic the setting is, they may be deluding themselves. However, before you all run up to this alignment expecting it to hand out unconditional love and free cake a small word of caution: If played properly alongside Good Is Not Nicethis trope can be downright scary.

If you have a difficulty deciding which alignment a good-aligned character belongs to, the main difference between Lawful GoodNeutral Good and Chaotic Good is not their devotion to good, but the methods they believe are best to promote it:.

When dealing with the examples of specific characters, remember that assigning an alignment to a character who Good looking Fort wayne male for nsa fun come with one is pretty subjective.

If you've got a problem with a character being listed here, it probably belongs on the discussion page.

There will be no Real Life examples under any circumstances; it just invites an Edit War. On works pages: Character Alignment is only to be used in works where it is canonical, and only for characters who have alignments in-story.

There is to be no arguing over canonical alignments, and no Real Life examples, ever. Just because we have Coruscant doesn't mean it's ended.

The New Republic might not be able to strike at Thyferra, but there are Rebels around who can. I quit.

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It's been a long time since I've been a civilian. I'm out as well. JC Denton: Fod never had time to take the Oath of Service to the Coalition.

How about this one? Gabriel Belmont: Mad or not, damn he for not protecting his people!

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