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Get sucked off and foot massage Wanting Sex Meet

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Get sucked off and foot massage

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Not seeking for a family myself. Hurry do not wait. Just a woman who wants to fall in love with a nice man and be happy and take it from there.

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How many women have had their feet and toes sucked, licked, rubbed, etc, during sex. Did you like it? How did it initiate?

Would you be open for it again?

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Forum search. Anywhere In the titles In the posts.

Never had it, and never want it. Other, please explain. Poll is open. Never had it done before but then again, only had sex one time ever.

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My feet are either too sensitive or too numb and rough due to thick skin on some parts, and I dunno, Get sucked off and foot massage just am not big on my masszge getting messed with regardless.

Altamont MO adult personals actually feels oddly good. The guy I was recently with had a foot fetish, which I'm cool with because I love it when I'm worshiped. So I let him kiss and suck on my feet, which was interesting, suckef say the least. I'd let someone else do it, But I'm much more into having my feet kissed and my shoes licked clean.

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I think it might be the closest thing to experiencing Geg a blow job feels like for a woman. Not that your toes are as Get sucked off and foot massage as a penis, but the inside of the mouth on the toes feels so incredibly soft!! I loved the way it feels. Get sucked off and foot massage, whoops. Missed the part of this being for women. But oh well, there you go. Yaoi Massagf deleted.

I've never had anyone rub, lick, or suck on my feet. I don't even know if I would like it, because my feet are pretty ticklish and I am self conscious about my feet. It really does nothing for me. I'm not into foot massage either so maybe my feet just aren't sensitive.

I Am Seeking Sex Dating Get sucked off and foot massage

I can't stand my feet being touched, and I cannot be held Get sucked off and foot massage for what happens to you should you chose to tickle my feet I am really interested in participating in this kind of play as the receiver, but haven't yet. I've done this to others to some extent. I have, but I was definitely not into it. He did it right after fooot shower, and I clean my feet thoroughly. But, it was just kind of gross to me?

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If my current partner asked, I'd try to divert his attention elsewhere. I love, love, love a foot massage before sex. It really relaxes Get sucked off and foot massage and helps get me in the mood.

I swear I orgasm so much better if I've ffoot a foot massage, haha Looking at the Lady wants casual sex Penn, I see, at least so far, that women don't really overall like the idea of a guy having any type of oral attention to their feet.

massge Is there anything in particular that turns women off to the idea? Considering women like pedicures, and generally like their feet to look good, it seems that they'd like the attention during sex. Yes and I loved it. But I think it really depends on the day and how I feel.

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I am slightly ticklish on my feet, but this wasn't a problem. I also like my fingers sucked, both acts feel really good to me.

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I once had boyfriend who had a foot fetish; he even enjoyed foot porn. I would let him do what he wanted mainly because I knew it excited him but it never did much for me. Miss Jane.

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I found out that I enjoyed it by accident. It's not at the 'fetish' stage for me, but it's awesome every once in a while.

Someone amd it to Adult sexy club 12473 Get sucked off and foot massage I think. Sad that I don't have a clue who or when or where? XD But it wasn't a sexual arousal thing.

It just tickled and was hilarious. I picked the first option have, and loved itbut it's more like I have once and am intrigued and liked it because it was different and would like to try it again. I guess I'm hesitant to ask J because the time it happened was during a failed effort at a MMFF foursome with some friends of ours.

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Maybe I'll try it on him and see how he likes it Yeah I have had my feet rubbed and sucked during foreplay. I really enjoyed it- not a fetish of mine personally but it does feel nice so I won't say no! Well, I of Get sucked off and foot massage foot kissed slightly once by a partner, and really enjoyed it.

My new guy has a bit of a foot fetish, and he kissed my feet while we Rock Springs Wyoming lonely milfs fooling around a bit. I wanted him to go farther, but I don't really know how to broach the subject again, since apparently his desire for feet waxes and wanes. I also had my toes sucked as a teen, but it was kind of awful for me.

I had showed up to a friend's Sweet 16 wearing toe socks, and all of us had taken our shoes off. A boy who I only vaguely knew got dared to suck my toes through my socks during Truth or Dare Had it done before, wasn't a turn on or a turn off, but the idea of kissing them afterward was Get sucked off and foot massage turn-off.

Get sucked off and foot massage

Neither my husband or I have a foot fetish, but I have footboys I deal with online, and through text etc, NOT in personso we discuss these things sometimes, and I think it made him curious, because he zucked to randomly touch my feet more, and Get sucked off and foot massage put his mouth on them.

No, never.

It isn't my thing at Get sucked off and foot massage, I don't like having my feet messed with. Sucjed never would have thought it was something I would enjoy, but it's amazing, especially when you've shut down some sensories with a blindfold! I am actually quite repulsed by feet and def would suck someone elses or want someone to suck on mine.

Ew ew ew!

Haven't had this massgae, wouldn't be against it, but not really wanting it either Tried it once while I was in the tub with my ex and it didn't do anything for me. Total posts: Make a post.