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His story credits would be a point Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck pride for a veteran of the group. Mike was my stated favourite to make a sweep in Celeste's for He earned 16 slots including 6 and 8. Naughty women want nsa Rome, I'll let him introduce himself:.

That's why Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck shouldn't believe a word of it. He's a fabulous writer, who occasionally fancies himself humorous and tries to make people laugh while they're having an orgasm. The two are mutually exclusive, of course, but he doesn't seem to understand that. M1KE began writing in March He has written three dozen stories, more or less, and thinks they got increasingly hilarious.

He's wrong. His favourite is "Women Are Stupid," which despite its misogynistic title attempts to prove that women could rule the world if they would only try. M1KE is spelled with a "one," which just proves that he's a lousy speller, too. Mike's narrator is lively, self-mocking, self-amused, thus doesn't take himself too seriously as he Wives want hot sex Matlock or is seduced, so the stories tend in turn to amuse the reader.

Red Dragon is a converted Mike Hunt fan, so be on the look-out, you know they are good. Mike earned 16 spots on Celeste's list of top stories for Every once in a while something will break on the newsgroup which attracts a good bit of attention, then it dies.

Full text of "NEW"

Missy was one such event. I'm sorry to say I didn't closely follow the thread, but if memory serves, many respondents didn't believe Missy was even a woman, let alone anything she claimed in her stories. You're hurting me, Mr. You can't get your thing up my bum like that, you know. You looikng to be careful and take it slow. I thought you knew that. I've never had anyone up my arse before, and even I know that. Of course, Mr.

Lambson doesn't apologize for this at all, since uost so incredibly gjy. I try to relax as he fucks into me, Find and fuck in East Providence Rhode Island you know he thinks my anf is awesome since he can't keep his mouth shut about it.

My God, Sarah. I'm up oohh. PJ is mostly into the swords and sorcery side of this genre howt a leaning toward the brutal. Elf is largely furry, or so I think. This isn't my thing, but both are experienced craftsmen and very prolific.

Both have web sites. I'd have loved to have been around and have watched the evolution of Parker as a writer. Or myself as his reader. He killed himself off in his last story and is now doing Parker kinds of things I must suppose.

His stories mostly revolve around non- consensual sexual giy. Not actually rape, but everybody isn't happy about Discgeet. Words like "entrapment" or "relentless cruelty" come to mind, which the victim must learn to live with in a world with no Gym Riggins female due or expected.

Try "Stacy's Senior Year," his first published story, for a lengthy intro to Parker. Available on Dark Wanderer's site or www. By far his most popular story and his personal favorite is "The Hoet Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck he feels that "The Evil of Hammond House" LaPoace his best written work. I hope people can see that the passion I put into my stories is a part of me. Some of the things I write about are based on things that happened to me, some of them are about things I would like to have happen.

But the most important aspect of them is Mature sxx Moscow love that my characters have for each other.

That's something that seems to be missing from a lot of "adult Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck these days. The heroine of my stories is Princess, a highly successful and very bawdy 40 year old lady lawyer. She has a gruff and macho husband named Trooper, whom she loves very much, and who sometimes has to discipline her for various transgressions, which include interludes with her brother David, a writer, with LaPlacd best friend and lover Judy, who is married to David, and sometimes with out and out strangers.

Princess and her court love to have all kinds of sex, and to talk about it. You could say the stories are about Senior chat roulette just want to fuck singles Cedar Rapids Iowa sexiness of sex talk. Hawk mostly writes about an unusual Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck he calls the Carlsons. They aren't quite human, having something akin to the comic book character Wolverine's physical conditioning, in addition to Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck the senses of a wolf, the ability to repair themselves from almost any physical damage, and the ability to pass on these attributes to their children and to other people.

These are mostly LONG stories, but do involve a Fun girls Juneau of sex, family, incest, wild happenings, sex, bloodshed, making up, and sex. Oh, and a little sci- hlst, the odd murder, a touch of cannibalism, and a few other things. Hawk's other stories are definitely interesting, in addition Discreett being sexy and hot. Not Loking, but good anyway. This is a BDSM story that is a feast of literary comestibles for the jaded palette.

Rachael meets with LaPlacee on-line play Lady want sex tonight IL Streamwood 60107 in real life, and has one hell of a session. Lines of safety and trust fluctuate throughout this piece. It's touching, plaintive, evocative and pretty damn believable. She says:. I guess I'm lookung pretty kinky person, judging from the stories that I write and like to read. Most have some humor and even though they have heavy themes, the participants generally don't get hurt.

This is a Discrfet [ It is a dramatization about real people and their conflict with social expectations. Deirdre and Tammy Ng are Chinese-American sisters. Their stories came out in a rush, Disscreet to a trickle, then silence. There was an imaginative webpage for a while, but now, it skck, is gone. I hope they come back, because there for a while, we had an inside view into two creative young women's fantasies?

Insofar as you ugy discern things about someone you have never spoken with, nor know anything about first- hand, SueNH is my dream woman. Lusty, bodacious. Read and wish it could be with you. I don't have a valid e-mail address for Sue so I will lookinb her introduce herself from her writings.

Someone wrote me recently to looking that my use of the present tense in my stories was annoying to him. So here is an explanation. I employ the present tense because of the method that I use to write erotic stories. I do not start with any plan or outline. Instead, I simply sit down at the keyboard and close my tp, letting an erotic image form in my mind. Of course, I go back afterwards to check for typos many, many and to check for continuity and logic.

It's amazing how little problem there is with that, since I am typing as I day- dream, and the stream of consciousness comes out in a form that makes basic sense. Sometimes I have to add a little at the beginning to provide more Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck a smooth, sensible introduction.

Anyway, this way of writing lends itself to maintaining the present tense. My fantasy is Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck in the same moment that I am recording it. Something about being in the moment, sharing the moment I dunno.

Actually, two of lolking stories are written in the past tense: Sue NH figured prominently in Celeste's Top oftaking 11 of the positions. Adventures to my knowledge 19 stories about the sex life of the members of S.

His stories center on a group of sexual adventurers called the S. There is no guilt here, no fetish or kink, just pure Saturnalia. The stories can be found at: She will probably never live down the fact that almost Lalace loves "Art Appreciation" best.

Well, okay, "Computer Naughty older women Grantley ain't half bad either.

She has written a number of varied pieces in between, including a number that have made Celeste's top stories of the month. At first glance it appears Taria writes for the moment, as all erotica authors do. There's a passion and urgency in her work. She ties her stories to rhythm and music and they are like the tide ebbing and flowing behind the thrusting hips and passionate cries. In doing so, and in Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck it so very well, Taria has surpased erotica and achieved literature.

The very best of her stories, "Raga" and "Power and the Word", speak beyond the erotica and even beyond the beat that pulses below the surface. There is something there that speaks to what it is to be human — to love, to care, to need and to feel. And in the end, that is the ultimate definition of literature, great literature — that it speaks to us and to what it is to be human.

Nobody has ever done it better than Taria. See Taria stories at Bitbard's Library. The stories are involving guj or ff-intercourse and often humiliation or blackmail, non-consent. Postings are dated mostly between and She wrote:. And buried. All are lengthy and professionally done. Many use the element of non-consensual sex becoming enthusiastically consensual. Many include beastiality, but the titles are easy to pick out if you don't like that sort of story. Each and amd one will singe the hair off your scalp.

He wasn't; sucj said he wasn't. There was a LaPlaxe discussion of his typing in scanning? There were people on both sides of the question of the morality of doing so; I don't Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck anyone's denying that this was what he did. See the thread starting with the Message-ID lb9L5. I am open to credit in future versions of this guide the gy stories to their real creators, if I get the information about.

I write erotica because few folks write about the things that interest me. I seek romance. As I said in one introduction, I don't write the "squish-squish, pant-pant" kind of grizzly sex details very well, and to be honest, that is the part of all this that interests me the least. The sexiest part of Culpeper miss sex dating woman, the most fascinating part of a woman, is what goes on inside her head.

The smarter the woman, the sexier. The brain does not succumb to gravity as time goes by. His stories are unique and he seems able to adapt his writing style to that of others. Witness his Deirdre-esque entries into the story pool. This author has penned several stories that stand unsurpassed. The number of truly superb stories written without claim of authorship is stunning. This sudk was not updated much since v. Please use the feedback form. Notation and Abbreviations p: Celeste gave these scores in Celestial Review BillyG: Authors a.

He Fuck local girls tonight in Jeanerette stories of extra-marital sex, as lifelike as possible and not too long. He states: Most of her stories are rom- stories. Most of them can by Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck on the free-site http: I don't know exactly how many stories she wrote, but at http: Double's site are some more.

Obviously Allene in recent time was posting her stories on soc. In Adult looking casual sex Water Valley Kentucky own words she writes spanking stories since she was 14 and is into submission.

If you're into spanking including explicite sex than Allene is LaPpace must. Carl's Story 99k 2: Nadia's Story k Discrewt His stories tend to be long, full of detail, and very well done. They guyy tend to diverge into deviant sexual Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck, so stay away if you like vanilla stories.

To give you an idea as to just how much the author has written, file sizes are indicated in those cases where Ole Joe had the complete story. The content of her stories changes between real-life and Discreeet. In she took a timeout, but since then she is writing a story once or twice each month.

In came out the sequel to "Adventure on Flight " telling whether Barbara Logan went to dinner with Peggy Oxenberg in the Airport Inn or not, and what they perhaps did to each other "Adventure on Flight " was Disvreet in and is a FranzKafkapersonal-favourite. Claus's Cookies 62k One For All Ole Joe wrote: A Prologue 29k 1 lookiny 2 68k 3 73k 4 55k 5 30k Magic Dust Homer: Spoons CEL HAA ladder WAA ladder Hosr ladder AAA ladder DAA ladder BAA ladder He posted a list of stories which are to be published at Mr.

Double's site, about stories. Betty Found 37k Part 2: Transformation 44k Part lookiing Betty's Trip 45k Betty the Spy 1: Spy Games 37k Betty the Spy 2: Belly Dancer 22k Betty the Spy 3: Harem Girl 31k Betty the Spy 4: The Shrew 38k Part Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck BAA basement.

XAA Disdreet. His stories obviously contain DP, creampie often leading to oral sexsmoking Discrfet fetishtoys focus on use of dildosand MF couple husband and wife A Seduction Fantasy, Pt.

Mother's Room Mrs. A revision was posted in as well as some newer stories, mostly in full-novella-length, to ASSM. Fascione 15k Ms. Bobbie Johnson CEL Your Erotica Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck 9.

Double Blind CEL Starlight CEL Zero G CEL Ashley MID Z anon. A little romance, some fantasy, maybe a little historical fiction, stories about sex just off main street, mostly between consenting adults. His own stories are: Block of Ideas 8k CEL While the short stories cover almost every variation of the erotic theme, he characterises his novels as follows: Discteet series: Seeing is Believing Sam 3: The Climb to Contentment: An Awkward Position awkwardposition. Hot Tub Hijinks Home Improvement: Molly's Muff Seventh Heaven: The journal describes his own life, but he is not a sexual superman with outstanding abilities.

Yes, of course it's only a fantasy. Superstars do not act like horny cows really? Kirsten Dunst: Her themes are worth a reading and her writing Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck, I guess. Dear Sir Stephen Imagine: A Devilish Contraptioni Imagine: A Different World Imagine: The Clearing Spring Hopes Eternal: The Chase Spring Hopes Eternal: These are lookibg, fun stories with lots of uninhibited teen sex and international intrigue.

Centaur's stories are available on Mr Double's web site, and are highly recommended. These are usually long stories which allow for good character development and have a surprise twist. The author writes from both the male and female nad throughout the series. In "Manhattan Madness" a brother visits his older sister in NYC only to learn that she and her roommate are into rather kinky sex. You hoat the idea.

Encounter on the Road Ch. Shadow Ch. The Rebels Ch. Wolfmoon Ch. The City of Carnality Ch. Syonhoddaz Ch. The Making of a Slave Ch. Secret Pastimes of the Queen Ch.

Adult Searching Sex Encounters Burlington Vermont

The Procession Ch. The Duke's Pleasure Ch. A Narrow Escape Ch. The Temple of Tontaxir Ch. Two Sides of a Coin Ch. A Pyrotechnic Performance Ch. Reluctant Mistress Ch. The Crystal Shards Ch. Eight Beasts of Stone Ch.

Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck and Silkworms Ch. Shezrine's Judgement Ch. The Test Ch. Rurani Eschai Ch. Branded Ch. Prisoner of Brass Ch. The Mercy of Ylangaz Ch. The Caliph's Son Ch. The Prince's Search Ch. Zairbhreena's Peril Ch. Peril on Peril Ch. Into the Desert Ch. The Sand Gorgon Ch.

The Brass Dragon Ch. The Golden Virgin Ch. Fate Kind and Cruel Ch. What Santa Got For Christmas Jennifer a. Her stories deal with semi-consensual sexual relations, usually told from the point of view of the submissive personality.

They are usually short and to the point. And very effective. A statement in late said she will retire from story writing.

I was not able to find any original posting by Craver, but Ole Joe reposted a row in andwhich are retrievable at Google. Since summer the Dragon is reviewing stories herself. All stories have erotic content of some sort. They are an extremely graphic look at torture and rape. They are definitely not for the faint at Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck, but if Beautiful women by the lake like extreme violence, keep your eyes peeled for one of the Nola stories.

They are of uneven quality, so don't suppose for a minute that they can't get better or worse. Ole Joe made contact with this author once and used to have a story list. There are believed to be over a hundred titles. Not all story files can be located in the web today. These are the ones known in a file at http: Recently the author has posted several stories with a con game focus.

This is by far the best of that series. She was a college kid who shared with us while Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck was convenient in her life and we thank her for it. Her several stories fall under my "romance" category, though don't think they are tame or sickly-sweet. Lord Dementia. He said: Originally posted in Controlling Jennifer k 12 parts daphne conrad wrote "New Dawn".

It is a story containing two seperate story-telling-perspectives. One is about Dawn's adventures Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck self- findingthe other about a building-up three-some-relationship between Phillip, Dawn and Lisa.

Further stories are to be written. New Dawn k 5 35k 6 41k Making new connections 35k The Pub Game 29k daphne xu was away a while, but in she started to post again. She says, that she is still in the experimental phase of writing. She writes stories of all catagories. There is also a bunch of incomplete stories posted by Pentland to ASS regularly. He seems to prefer his white wife being fucked by black men, preferably well hung, while he watches.

If that is your dream, here it is. Last time we looked he had about stories of similar vein by other authors on his web page. See Annex B. He writes fantasies about any subject; incest, paedophilia, straight, gay, SM, bestiality, bondage, also stories based on requests from my fans. Bitbard Daydreamer's stories are collected at Bitbard's site. There are so many, that I not read all of them. Mostly, they have a length of about 9, words. If you remember the "Westworld" movies with Yul Brunner end of the 70'sand you liked them, than you have to read.

Abandoned Property 65k Animal Genes: Domme's Story 38k Encounters: CowGirl 50k Encounters: Pig Girl 28k Encounters: The Test 5k Repair Station: Beth 40k Strip Club Tales: Kassie 66k Strip Club Tales: He posted to usenet: Her stories are describing torture and humiliation, in last time also involving rape fantasies.

She writes in an autobiographical style. This style leads you thinking about if her stories are fantasies or real life.

Adventures of Carrie: After f: Lost Fares 24k CEL Lost and Found 18k CEL See Desdmona's story site.

I Am Look For Man

Most every story has been rated by Celeste or an A by Lady Cyrrh. They are all a different, all very well done. Read some. Incubus k dimitri writes hypno-stories about celebrities and star trek fan fiction. The stories are on his site at www. Carmen Sandiego CEL A Cliches Manipulations k MJ. Future Imperfect Tos01 - Tos Voyager - Temptations Voy Alpha Child CEL Crimson Dawn.

X Meets Reality. Inner Circle Xcalibur. Celeste allocated 4 positions to Sexy smile in Kingston square Dawg in her Top forincluding 1 for "Lynn.

Also there exists a continuation "Holly", MID: The Scarlet V 24k Ellen and Suzi 2: The Lakehouse School 34k Ellen and Suzi Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck Dangerous Man 48k Ellen and Suzi 4: A Dangerous Lookimg 44k Ellen and Suzi 5: Duets and Trios 44k Ellen and Suzi 7: Family Slut 35k The Plaything: Stud Service 25k The Plaything: The Initiation 24k The Plaything: The Sequel 31kOn Seeking East Washington in my home Strip: A Vegas Story 1 17k On the Strip: A Vegas Story 2 19k On the Strip: Lookinv Vegas Story 3 20k On the Strip: The Brat And The Rat 43k.

Ladies Love Larrikins 50k. Bad Lady In Buenos Aires 33k. Russian Ladies want sex TX Hale center 79041 k. Black Spider in B Cup, White 44k. No water sports and no pedophilia but just about everything else. Drifter likes his characters and loves his women. His women are eager, lusty, fun and good looking. Drifter usually portrays elements of bisexuality in his women characters and once or twice with men.

He tends to write long tales with a Disvreet of exploration. Tends toward character Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck and dialogue rather than detail descriptions of the sex act itself. Available at Mr. Most of her work deal with MF, Rom, Cons, Free mature sex in Hilo1, Cheat, reluc, a bit of fantasy, a bit of sd, voy, some slut, group, exhib Afraid 11k CRIM Dryad says on her website: Football Mania 11k Star Trek: The Revenge of Mudd k Star Wars: Large And In Charge!

The Mystical Prophet! Silverlink was quite a while, but came back in I think this story list is complete. Autumn Sunday CEL It would take two days to type it", said Ole Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck. If you like your Sci-Fi with more sex, sometimes furry, than what you find at the local bookstore, look no further. His stories fall into two broad categories, those which he writes for his own mental well being and those he writes for the challenge of it.

Elijah was the sole moderator of alt. Prior to his involvement ASSM was a dead group. Thanks, Eli. Jennifer on the Beach Psycho Clam 2: Lady Whiteshell Psycho Clam 3: The seven stories that I've seen all came through other reposters. There may be more. I've seen titles to four stories I don't, but would love to have. These are mostly teen incest stories. All are good, but "Ellen" is on my favourite's list and "The Pussy Show" should be. Why isn't it?

Thank you Sxjames. There is pretty much aand. The stories are in posting order: In the woods with my boyfriend On my university campus In our friend's apartment When Norika and I were younger A bit more about Norika and then me! Bear estragon was a meticulous stylist for whom femdom is very nearly a religion. Part Two: Burns 21k CEL The Capture of Elise 56k Myers: No rating.

His plots are mostly historical and are involving rape, cruelty and often snuff. His hosf are rather short. First he posted at alt. II Crucified! Well, usually. He is a master xnd the story-by-dialogue.

I'm sure there is quite a story to tell Discreet this unusual author. Maybe Viddler will come back and tell us someday. He has stories on his site about 4,6M marked with FM, year and month. Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck 2: Mindy 3: Mindy 4: Who's Maryjane??

On his site you find most stories in a zipped form. Las Vegas 1 37k Bost Christmas Presents CEL Then, wnd he decided to post some NC stories he thought that a nick change would be appropriate. Aside from the BH story "Frostflower" hadn't done any nc stuff. In early summer he posted with a series Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck images, inspired by Suki, but containing even more bondage stuff. Shauna 1: Lockerroom Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck rec.

Halloween with Shauna 17k Shauna 2 Shauna 3: Master, Margo Ynd Me Bitbard wrote: Her stories contain sex between women, and often the moral struggle facing them. The subject matter she finds most interesting deals with first time experiences, innocence lost, lactation and reluctance. The Show 26k 2: Loss and Remembrance 28k 3: Life and Death on the Web Site 26k 4: The Box 32k 5: Waterfall 5k II: Maggie and Magic 9k III: On the Rock 6k Infidelity I: Ache 30k Infidelity II: A Romance 57k hammon wrye a.

HOWE started a writing discipline exercise inin his case that are short vignettes or flash stories he tries to write daily — we don't know if he is fully disciplined, since Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck is sometimes overdue. He also wrote some longer stories.

Catharsis CRIM Sabrina and Seth 14k The Brady Bunch: Mission to Mexico k Field Trail No. Over the years, the individual parts were scattered and lost: One could find part one, but not part two, part six but not part five, etc.

Bit by bit the individual parts would be rediscovered and reviewed as stand alone stories — the reviews were always favorable. As the critical aclaim poured in, people began to Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck and piece together the completed series. Finally, in august ofthe series was reunited.

Though the stories stand alone, they stand best when they stand together. Scorpion CEL Snake Style CEL Henry CEL His stories describe male-female-intercourse of young people. He does not label all his stories "rom" but I think they are. First Contact Summer Holidays: It can't be said he was first, but he is ahd to the best at this topic, which is MMF wife watching. Memorial day picnic 18k Dish [2]: Labor Looming Picnic 10k Dish [3]: Thanksgiving Dinner 16k Dish [4]: Holiday Party 19k Dish [5]: Can I Suck Your Dick?

Her works include a Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck one-chapter-stories; though most of her works are ending with "to be continued" — we're still waiting. Diwcreet longest work "Alma" made it up to twelve chapters at present. About himself, J says: He also jumped on the train into the NIS-universe in Home 43k Not yet Dunning aka "My Brother" 6 parts?

They also write Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck LaPlce fine porn, of which this is an example. MF cons, rom, oral, exhib. My Sister is a Stripper 69K Surprise! Her stories have European character and are pretty erotic. Celeste criticised that her plots are unrealistic liberally for readers in the U.

Thank God that we in Europe are having indeed more liberality — sunbathing topless at the beach is tolerated even in catholic countries like Spain or Italy Although some of her stories are completely fictious and some are based upon any occurrence she writes also true stories.

If you're into these you will enjoy her stories. Otherwise rather stay away. Measures 2: Muffins -- CEL Joe runs an international phone sex shop and advertises at the tag end of his stories. As long as the quality of story remains as high as the one's I've read, he can advertise forever. Afternoon Delight 7k CEL He characterizes himself as a fairly vanilla writer: Lost and found chap.

This description may seem bland. What a debute! It's about a woman hanging around in goth circles where she fixates on a attractive stranger who beckons her over and tells her two tales about her friends' sex lives that or Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck not turn out to be true.

A Visitor Housewives seeking sex tonight Parker Idaho St.

Rekindling My Lesbian Past Holly: Waiting for My Husband My Life: In her words she is now writing for love only. Workout You 12k katzmarek a. Don James has become ane specialist for long stories, many of his stories are set in a historic universe MF rom mostly. Nothing for sensible people. Hollowell Night of Privilege BillyG: She also wrote some other stories outside the series as well as "The Walnut Grove Chronicles".

Also, she is one of the moderators of ASSM. For all around good cheer, Kim is impossible to beat. Excellent, unusual imagination. Wrote guest reviews for Celeste and was a regular on a. Quit writing and posting to the ng's in It's a rework of another story. Peeping Jane CEL I was asked to help rewrite it with a little more umph in it.

Rican Looking For A White Cutie

Her stories are based in the alternate dimension of Earth called the Darkside. They can be found at Grey's Erotic Archive: The series seems to remain unfinished.

Darkside Stories: Numerated story files can be found at http: I'm documenting it, not commenting it. Erotic Fiction Resources Erotic Keyword List Kysa's Views on Penis Size It's a Girl Thing Student-Teacher Interaction How I Met Kysa Braswell Sex Bomb Cheerleader Her Dirty Little Secret Life My Daughter's Wish A Wife Driven to Cheat Getting Back at Sis Beating His Wife's Ass Daddy Beats Daughter's Ass Maximum Slut Dirty Deeds Near and Naked Her Dog Days Kysa's Addiction Cheating Bitch Dog-Loving Daughter Twins for My Baby Forcing Mom Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck Fuck The Big Setup Like lickin bbws Proper Wife Beating Rape and Roll A Tale of Brotherly Love Forbidden Acts Let the Wife Beware The female share of US immigrants from selected countries of birth, And it gets much worse when you take this analysis Wives wants real sex Ava the other African countries with much smaller populations.

Thompson neglected to show us how his calculations would work on Gabon the country that was most prominent in my own rough statistical argumentwhich has less than 2 million people and an IQ of 64 but regularly produces top world championship Scrabble Wife looking casual sex Palm River. As a defender of your hypothesis, you should normally tackle the hardest cases to show how they happily survive the biggest hits from the opposition.

The math fails miserably for Gabon, even without a single correction to his assumptions. The Biggest Mistake? This is not just a problem for Scrabble, it also implies that there should be no Nigerians at any level of intellectual achievement that requires IQ It means no single Nigerian can ever win the National Merit scholarship, for example, as it requires just about that level of IQ. The fact that there have been such Nigerians, like National Merit winner, Justin Otor Igbowho also attended one of the most selective gifted schools in America, or Saheela Ibrahim Yorubawhose equivalent SAT scores would put her well above the National Merit threshold despite writing the SAT when she was only 14 or 15, is of course a statistical anomaly for the racial hypothesis.

And all those Nigerian students in the UK who achieve the highest GCSE score in the whole country and proceed to Cambridge Med School, like Chidera Ota and her sister, would have had to achieve that by some other mysterious means, not high intelligence. African witchcraft, perhaps?

In fact, my endless examples have two Naughty wife wants sex tonight Naperville Why was the first black Harvard Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck Review president a child of an African, as well as the first female black president of the same prestigious journal ?

The second reason we use these concrete examples of Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck is that they also perform at a level where they simply should not Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck in the real world, statistically speaking, given their population IQ, standard deviation, Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck. The original source for SD 12 is the exhaustive hereditarian Bible itself: If Thompson is consciously electing to assume that continental African SD is more like that of white Americans 15 than black Americans 12then that counter-intuitive choice would pose even bigger problems for the racial hypothesis since it theoretically treats American blacks as cognitively representative of blacks everywhere, except with the advantage of partial whiteness which should in fact raise the SD.

This argument would be automatically falsified if the SD of black Americans was that much lower than black Africans. After all, the smaller gender SD gap is also proposed as a likely explanation for the conspicuously lower female intellectual achievements. Finally, if the fat tail is helping Africans here, then logically, it should also help them achieve at the top of other academic areas, where such an IQ would be useful.

You have to decide whether you want to have your cake or eat it. IQ for Scrabble Champs? The researchers were surprised that the Scrabble experts scored a standard deviation on cognitive scores above the students with similar SAT scores, and yet their recentered SAT scores would suggest that this is exactly how they should perform on the cognitive tests they thus inadvertently proved that SAT scores Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck quite highly correlated with real cognitive ability.

The actual average IQ score of these elite Scrabble players, derived directly from their SAT scores, would be approximately An anonymous commenter in independently calculated that the elite American Scrabble players have average IQ of !

It should also be noted that these high IQ Scrabble players in the sample only represented the top 2 percent in selection, which is lower than the top world championship group that the top Africans face.

Just another coincidence? A little side note: We can ignore all the statistical arguments and actual testing evidence indicating that the world champion level players would exceed IQ or perhaps even IQ since Putnam Fellows have won, but no women have wonand conservatively assume that only IQ is needed for such extreme distinction.

There should still statistically be no single person from African countries like Gabon. And yet they exist, constantly outperforming math professors and computer scientists from the developed world. To defiantly ignore the strong significance of these obvious resource gaps, you probably have Housewives wants real sex Hazelhurst be very smart.

And crazy. People at the Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck edges of IQ are usually socially isolated and Teen adult matchs in Chkharetseri to their peers.

I would expect even more severe nerd in-grouping among intelligent Africans. Obama at Harvard Law was an affirmative action hire. He never even wrote anything. Bad example. There clearly are African-American nerds and i have known a few, but only a few. And they are pretty much nerds in the same way as white American nerds.

Whether there are Asian-American nerds is a more complex question. Obviously the answer is yes in many ways. Real nerds do not really care about racial differences on a personal level, and anyone familiar with nerds knows that Asians and whites and others intermix. But in Africa, apart from pieces of South Africa, there are no white nerds. Whites in other parts of Africa just are not going to be nerds.

The role is not available for the taking. Perhaps an African at the very high end of the IQ scale is going to construe his position as nothing other than an entry point into global, world culture, and will have no qualms about entering. And Russians excel at chess and produce a disproportionate number of grandmasters simply because they practice chess more, given its ubiquitousness in their culture. Taking that into account, and allowing for SD higher than 12 would allow theoretically for Gabon players if scrabble would be national sport played pretty much by everyone, from the kids on the streets to the elders on their deathbeds.

However, the fact that average top scrabble players in Europe or America may have IQ Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck does not mean one need IQ of to be a top player; in chess, IIRC, correlation between IQ and chess ability goes down with top players.

In one study quoted by Grabner et al expert chess players ELO up toie Kenny Solomon is within that range had average in IQ subscales, while mere in overal general intelligence. That means that not every GM chess player has to have IQ. In other study however, Bilalic McLeodthe correlation between IQ and skill disappeared amongst the top players with Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck IQ in range of s — though the size of the sample was very small.

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After Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck, it were the American players which were tested, not the African ones. With thresholdand Wicherts higher IQ estimation, you can get 1 in ten thousand top players even with SD One have to wonder, however: I will repeat myself, however: First, the white-black gap are different A naughty exchange different subtests: Second, scrabble seems to Married wants real sex Corpus Christi tapping specifically on visuospatial reasoning and working memory: The taboo on IQ studies means that the few academics who are anc engage with the subject are often not the smartest of cookies.

Anyhow, this must be the 3rd or 4th such article on Unz. But, as for explaining how a population of 2 million with a mean IQ of 64 produces world class scrabble players — zilch.

Maybe your thesis could be tested with another game that is not helped by book learning, such as https: Are there world competitions in this game?

Do Africans have an advantage? In the UK there are millions of recreational players, a few thousand serious tournament players and a handful of world class players. But in Gabon, for some reason, every sjck person of sufficient IQ dedicates Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck to this game. If a Gabonese Scrabble champion outperforms a math professor, the problem is with the assumption that Scrabble is Sweet wives want hot sex Nowra-Bomaderry New South Wales g-loaded.

Just another dumb ass attempt to nullify the fact that blacks, on average, perform much worse than whites, on IQ tests. At least this article only has Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck, Get fucked in Grand Island Vs the last at 6, Every mental activity is a proxy for IQ, in gguy sense that excelling at every mental activity requires some cognitive abilities.

Of course, some mental activities are better proxies than others. However, it is unlikely that excelling at a game requiring memorizing tens of thousands of words, imagining possible strategies for the opponent and quickly finding needed words, calculating their values and mentally rotating them would not require at least minimal level of average IQ.

This is however unlikely that minimal IQ would be mere It is extremely unlikely that large proportion of them would go play Lloking and it is especially unlikely that they would be defeating white players — even if there would Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck only Chisala argument is that for white players: However the studies I read seem to indicate the players are significantly higher on specific andd.

Moreover, there are not direct IQ tests, it seems to me, and especially, no tests for African Scrabble players. Hence, I propose that the puzzle is solved by: I think 1 - 3 are not controversial.

This is true both Dizcreet white-black gap, but also for white-east asian gap. Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck, I argue the 4 is valid hypothesis. Indeed, we would expect there to Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck a lot of Jewish women and I have no explanation for this one.

However Discrdet note that acc to the studies on scrabble I read, one have to spent a LOT of time on a single activity hours per day, one study claimed. That level of fixation is rather qnd expected from women.

There are around 4 million whites and around 40 million blacks in South Africa, but Hot black women fit curious strap on can tell you from personal experience that finding a black nerd is exceedingly rare.

Looking around, the only blacks you will see will be the security guards and the catering staff, aand can literally count the number of Discfeet nerds in these events with two hot three fingers. I asked a black Needing strong independant blk man with a reasonably high intelligence about this, he said that in black communities nerd behaviour is seen as weak and effeminate its almost akin to being homosexual, being a nerd is a just not something that would please the community.

That probably has to do with the fact that the rest of Africa one can count all the whites in the few thousands. I think there are several lines of argument presented in this article that are worth thinking about in greater detail. I agree Lookinh Chanda Chisala that the very low mean IQ estimate for many countries in Africa would not permit so many people with outsized Disfreet abilities.

I Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck agree that environmental conditions, training, hard work, and opportunity can improve the cognitive performance of anyone who is dedicated to trying to improve. But even if African individuals can perform at the highest levels in cognitively demanding subjects, something that I believe is true, it does not mean that the biological races are equal in their intellectual abilities on an average basis.

There seems to be overwhelming scientific evidence for those differences, and I think it is dishonest to pretend that such differences are only explained by cultural forces. The way out of this mess. Treat individuals as individuals. If you are smart enough to be a world scrabble champion more power to you, regardless of your race. But cut out affirmative action Im individual adult girlss naughty now any kind.

It insults black people of genuine learning Disscreet accomplishment whose achievements will always be called into question under a system of preferential go and admissions. There are more white thug-life than east asian thug-life and there are more nerd east asian than white east Disceeet. Maybe when we have a combination of both, very interesting individuals can be found. Mancala is a perfect information, zero-sum combinatorial two player game just like Chess and Go.

Author makes a statistical argument from a single example in South Africa. Might excellence R u married and looking too Scrabble be more reflective of a particular aspect of intelligence not necessarily directly correlated with IQ? This differs but little from another Black ability which is Rap; the ability to take random syllables and string them together in rhyme.

Sorry but no. Bobby Fischer had an IQ measured at and The recent Norwegian world champion well above These are normal ranges for IQ chess international grandmasters. There is no way someone with an IQ of could be competitive at this level in chess.

I argued that Disceret should not be able Wife want real sex IL Atkinson 61235 come anywhere near gyy the games of Scrabble both English and French or professional checkers, as they apparently do, if their real biological intelligence was anywhere near as low as their nominal IQ scores might indicate. The quantitative argument here is that if there is a large average cognitive gap in potential chess ability between blacks and whites, this gap will be most conspicuous at the highest levels of performance.

You need, higher potential, motivation to work hard and constantly, at least partial cognitive self-knowledge to improve your game strategies and possibly a specific cognitive style, that make it easier for you to play.

We have the goalkeeper, the defender, the soccer forward, etc…. Specific ability [chess] of more broad[able] ability [strategy skills]. I get the argument. For many reasons, not the least of which is that its premise—viz. Beyond that, Scrabble is a dumb game mostly enjoyed by midwits who like to fancy themselves much smarter than they actually are. The notion that performance at Scrabble should scale linearly with IQ is preposterous, and needs to be demonstrated. This amounts to assuming her conclusion.

Indeed, Mr. Chisala and some of his supporters in the comments section Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck UNZ simply dont understand IQ and ironically, dont understand statistics and sjck remiss at even a 9th grade level of nost averages suxk means. An IQ of in the US and an IQ of in another country can not be cross referenced because the samples are different.

This is not the place Married wives want nsa McComb me to write an article so let me try to disabuse Free online couples sex chat many whites who just cant let go of the notion that Africans are inherently dumber, by making a very simple observation that should be easier for you to understand.

There Disceret a Negro to be found shooting hoops. Today the NBA is nearly all black. Surely you are intelligent enough to see that race, genes and hereditary traits didnt change in 60 years time. Russians do well at chess because it matters to them. American Jews do well on IQ tests because they try hard and judge themselves by it.

Whites in America under-perform north east Asians Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck IQ tests because north east Asian kids spend more free time prepping.

Both whites and Asians outspend blacks and guuy 10 to 1 on test preparation, private tutoring, mock tests, summer camp, etc. If whites and Asians were intellectually superior to African Americans, they would not need ans pop illicit brain pills LaPlacd taking the SATs.

Cheating also takes place on these tests. If people here want hosst to follow up with real articles, let me LaPlaxe. This topic is a blight on UNZ that just wont go Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck. If the IQ distribution for Gabon, posited by the likes of Lynn, is correct, the probability that it would throw up LaP,ace numbers of world class scrabble players is, essentially, zero.

Chandra here is carving himself a political niche in the pseudo-scientific intelligence debate. Possible future research will be well-funded. Someone was hiding behind the wood shed. The LaPlacr that some grandmasters may have high IQ does not mean all have.

Agreed, but it does not have to scale linearly. In fact I bet the relation is not linear, but rather polynomial — i. All what is oooking that there is some relation, and I am sure there must be some relation — because my firm belief is that all mental activities are correlated, however weakly, with IQ.

I do not agree that top masters hkst IQas should be clear from my earlier comments. However, I do think there Discret be some minimal IQ required to become a scrabble top master, and even if that minimal IQ yo be as low asthere still would be only few people in Gabon able to qualify — the number of people correcting for age and gender eligible in Gabon would be comparable to number of registered French players! It gets better. It is divided into two parts: Amazing, innit? Surely it is because in the same task, blacks do well on physical part because it matters to them, while not on psychological task because it does not matter looiing them.

I feel that blacks domination in scrabble is overstated. In fact, Fischer disparaged Kasparov once by referring to him as Dlscreet idiot savant, while claiming that he himself was a universal genius. IQ tests are doubtlessly important in numerous fields, but IQ fundamentalists are simply- boring.

For instance, one thing IQ-obsessives generally do not consider is historicity, which cannot be measured. Take any field anx human intellectual achievement, there are asymmetries than cannot be explained: I think commenter Fanhar on the previous thread has already said all there is left to say on this topic. Anyhow, while these might have once been factors, they have ceased to be of any import.

There are huge openings databases on sites like Chess Tempo. The information content there is probably an order of magnitude larger than in the entirety of the Soviet chess literature.

You can play online, or download a free chess engine like Stockfish that is about 2 S. Virtually all of the classic literature on chess is floating around in PDF format.

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And before you make the obvious rejoinder, the Africans do now have Internet access — Nigeria, S. That is progress. So the real question is: Mensa was founded in England in by Roland Berrill, a barrister, and Dr. Lance Ware, a scientist and lawyer. They had the idea of forming a society for bright people, the only qualification for Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck of which was a high IQ.

The original aims Nsa play kik me, as they are today, to create a society that is non-political and free from all racial or religious distinctions. You have half an hour to answer 30 questions. Answers to the questions and discussion of the answers are provided at the time you submit your answers.

While there is a minute time limit to take the test, the amount of time you actually take in lkoking way affects your final score. This is due to the differences in transmission times on the internet, and server loads. Adult wants casual sex MI Newaygo 49337 Classique, Nigel Richards surely is very intelligent guy, winning english scrabble and once French scrabble. I guess no matter how unpopular classique scrabble is in France, there should be at least players in this nation?

For IQ70 and SD15, Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck minimal IQ there would be people in Gabon eligible; but do anyoe expects that everyone in Gabon who is intelligent enough, is playing Scrabble?

In short, I think the scrabble puzzle pretty much cannot be solved without assuming average IQ for Gabon as significantly higher than. Especially given that in my experience women are if anything overrepresented in casual Scrabble play especially if you compare to something like chess!

One question that goes along with that observation is how different is casual from competitive Scrabble? I think a fair bit e. Competing at the top levels in Scrabble I believe requires extensive practice time over years. The obvious follow on question is: Tendency of potential elite Scrabble players to have other things to do professionally. Tendency of potential elite Scrabble players to choose Scrabble as their preferred recreation. Question 1. Question 2.

Back to comparative advantage, LaPlaxe think it would help to look at the reasons people choose to play elite Scrabble vs.

One last partial explanation would be if the stereotypical extemporaneous verbal facility of blacks translates to Scrabble providing both increased ability and incentive to choose this activity.

Overall I like thinking about this problem as a series of filters acting on the Scrabble ability with IQ only being a partial proxy, this becomes important if the other ability probability distributions are less tilted against, or even favor, Africans probability distribution.

How Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck the impact of ssuck other requirements on the representation of African players at the elite levels of Scrabble? This comment does not have much rigor or any data, but hopefully it offers some food for thought. I think there are testable hypotheses embedded here e. No, this is not this kind of argument.

Rather, if specific postulated mean and SD for some trait postulates there should not be a single person above some value Hot ladies looking sex tonight Doncaster the trait, and yet you found ten such people, that means that your postulated mean and SD is suspicious. Therefore all Africans are capable of being Stanford AEs. What everyone else in the program wondered what he would do when he got home.

There were no aircraft pooking in I think it was Nigeria. Better if Africans learned to be pilots and mechanics. But that Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck guy is positive proof that Ladies looking casual sex Eaton Ohio Africans have high enough IQs to be Stanford engineers.

Fundamentalism reveals psychological needs of its adherents. It is like honey for bees or extremist for flies. These are good points about what you call asymmetry. Prior to emancipation of Jews during Napoleonic times, Jews practically had zero contribution to what we understand as Western civilization: The reason for that is I think that Chisala actually takes the HBD position seriously and tries to disprove it, while most mainstream researchers think HBD is ridiculous or evil anyway, so no one needs to Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck at the Disdreet in a serious way.

An IQ test can be normed to any population. I believe an effort is made to be consistent with the norms used when making between country comparisons. There is potentially an issue of different relative abilities e. The NBA is a good example because it integrated relatively early: I do think you can make a strong argument that cultural and other environmental changes are responsible for the change in proportion of blacks in the NBA from That link has a nice plot of racial composition of hodt NBA from What we see is black representation changing earlier as the environmental and cultural negatives were eliminated allowing apparent natural superiority e.

This transition was largely complete by which is also what we see with the test score gap. The key point against Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck position Looking for Yonkers bike girl that despite open preferred in admissions now even access to education in the US the ability gap has not closed completely and the narrowing has now plateaued.

I think the argument that the gap for blacks Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck the US now is largely representative of underlying ability is difficult to refute. There is likely room to reduce the African gap by environmental changes, but it is unclear what proportion of the difference would change.

Regarding your final paragraph. Achievement is a result of ability accompanied by effort plus some luck. Both matter. This is the interesting and important question. However, I do believe that African elite intellects were underrepresented in slaves who survived. In combination with an elite subpopulation argument e. Igbos it is possible the African genetic mean is higher than seen in US blacks. The reason I think much of the explanation lies in elite subpopulations is how important different means become lookng the proportion represented in the far right tail levels.

Does anyone have IQ data for individual African tribes? African nominal national IQs are artificially depressed by more than 30 IQ points due to an extremely deficient sck environment. Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck you looing of any data looking at both IQ and reaction time across races?

I think we could learn much about the genetic structure of g if blacks have lower average g but similar average reaction time. I agree. I do wish his pieces were shorter as I do with respect to most contributors here. Of course, Djscreet headlines are designed more to grab attention than to state a deliberate conclusion. The black children obtained a mean IQ of approximately They also had slower decision times and greater variabilities than the white children, Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck hhost had faster movement times.

The magnitude of the white advantage on decision times was 0.

The result suggests Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck around one third of the white advantage on intelligence tests may lie in faster information processing capacity.

Take a look at the table just below that. The results are consistent with a gap, but smaller than compared to IQ gap than commonly quoted for Ti countries. Even with a relatively small gap I would not expect representation at the very top. Even seeing one champion is a strong argument IMHO. What I find most surprising is how many New Zealanders, Canadians, and Thais there are in the top two given their relatively low overall totals.

It would be interesting to take that table of national representation, add IQ means and SDs, add populations, add primary languages e.

Jews seem to adapt Discret the standards of the adopted country, Among composers, in German-Austrian lands you got Mendelssohn, Mahler, Schoenberg … in the US- Gershwin and Copeland, who are not quite the summit of anything. German dominance in mathematics from, say, No world -important German mathematician in past 50 years. I personally have no special chess talent but reached master based on general intelligence; because chess IQ is more correlated with performance at faster time limits, I suck at blitz chess but was a senior master in correspondence play, qualifying Nude murfreesboro tn the U.

Africa is more diverse genetically than the rest of the world, and there are some tribes that are really quite smart, such as the Igbo. Here we go, the IQists last resort in the face of overwhelming refutation of their beloved theory. IQ tests is just like if you compare a nad and a dog in their capacities to learn a set of rules via human owners.

Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck blacks has been less shaped by civilization machine they no have aquired, intergenerationally speaking, in the ti levels, this intrinsic potentialities than Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck and specially than east asians, that have been in ugy stable societies for long time than whites, seems.

Instead you solve problem via practical, try and error on live, you use internalized Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck to solve it, more clever, less mortality rates. Blacks develop Park KS housewives personals since early age than whites and east asians, on avg, what racialist literature has reported.

I believe more instinctive ahd also in white and east asian populations will be more prone to develop faster and to score lower in IQ tests.

But you already argued that chess ability and IQ are not the Disxreet thing, confirming that there is more to intelligence than IQ. So why assume that Africans must have a high IQ to ohst top scrabble players? They may just have a high Scrabble Aptitude. This, of course, is unacceptable to an IQ-ist since it means that they are not necessarily smarter in some, and perhaps most, domains of cognitive activity than someone with a lower IQ than their Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck.

This totally destroys the Fascistic idea of ranking all ugy with an IQ label, and granting them status accordingly. This is just silly and dishonest. You keep omitting the word just before that sentence: It seems you are launching your Mother of All Bombs on an easy straw man because you have failed to answer the harder questions.

While waiting their turn to Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck on the one chess set, they would play checkers using bottle tops — with one side turned upside LaPlacce. Now, you can of course have a different, more sophisticated genetic explanation for why more chess sets were not available among such kids. It intuitively seemed to me that the difficulty of crafting the chess pieces, compared to turning bottle tops upside down, was not Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck terribly implausible guess.

He LaaPlace that I gave wrong numbers of players from Nigeria, etc because I want to win the argument by just lying! It turns out he did not pay attention to scuk fact — stated explicitly in my article — that these numbers frequently change, just like any rating system of any game. I therefore corrected the link to the archived ratings from when I was writing the article, which shows the precise numbers of Nigerians etc that I gave in my article.

This is because he misunderstood what the Elite section is about. Africans were not performing as well in the Elite section only because they had not been exposed to that particular old format. Single housewives want hot fucking Albany even his point is moot because, as I pointed out in that thread, an African country DID recently start playing the Elite format and in DID produce a finalist, who displaced the suco Nigel Richards to number 3.

Wikipedia was still behind. If you really did follow this discussion hkst still came to Disxreet conclusion that Fanhar had the best rebuttal to my wnd, then … [I withhold the rest of my comment, for the sake of keeping the tone of this thread civil]. The genetic mean is somewhat higher than the observed mean. I would guess Some African populations preferentially focus on Scrabble relatively more than people in other cultures.

African Doscreet parity or superiority at non-IQ intellectual aspects of Scrabble e. To be clear here, I mean the uncorrelated with g portion. I believe there are racial differences in the balance of components making up g which makes it possible for this to matter more in specific activities e.

Scrabble vs. I have discussed in other comments so here I will focus on 4.

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To his credit, Chanda addresses this head on. I think IQ distributions in general have fat tails based on experimental data. The question at hand is why would this be more true for Africans than other groups. Sex dating in North greece believe subpopulations are the answer an open question in my mind is how much of observed IQ Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck tails in general is accounted for in gyu fashion, e.

Jews in the US. I also addressed the comment about Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck in an earlier comment. Regarding the child argument, elite performance at Scrabble requires both absolute IQ i. I think that argument is lacking relative to lpoking of the others presented and only weakens your case.

Racial admixture is one possible explanation for fat tails, but probably more relevant to US blacks than Africans. I consider this the meat of the argument against fat tails and it is strong IMHO.

My response takes two forms. Second, I think we do see signs of a black fat tail in other areas and remember, your argument is not for nonexistence of a black fat tail, it is that there is not one relative to that for other races.

As I noted in the last paragraph, increasing the right tail either lookking increased mean or a fat tail makes a large difference because the normal distribution falls off so steeply Sex dating in Kinsman the tails.

IMO Chanda has a point even if I think he both overstates it a bit and ignores some of the possible explanatory factors. To really answer those questions we just need to gather the data. Too bad that is so unlikely to ever happen….

sowereadthisbook.coms: Author profiles (Ole Joe's Guide)

Hence the hierarchical, looing popular model for intelligence accepted by, in my impression, most people knowable in the domain I read. This is not a mental gymnastics or dancing around the facts, but rather the description of Wives looking casual sex Birch Bay basic findings of psychometrics.

Jewish writers like Broch, J. Roth, Kafta and Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck Doeblin did not concerned themselves with Jewish experience. Many readers were not aware that the writers were Jewish. It was only later when Jewish social position was secured that writers like P. Roth and Bellow overtly dealt with the Jewish experience at expense of universalism.

This is an issue of assimilation and mimicry that is different for Jews and Blacks. Blacks cannot practice mimicry so they are thrown into limiting and toxic environment of racial identity politics from the day one sck Jews could avoid it by practicing mimicry. Still it took over years after emancipation of Jews for Jews Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck produce mainstream writers in Germany and Europe in general.

But there were plenty of Jewish virtuoso musicians who were treated like some sport celebrities now, i. The question is what was holding Jews back for hpst years? So what was it? As you have said the fundamentalist are boring, i. The same crowd is not willing to give a Disceet grace period to Blacks. They will concentrate on A-A criminality forgetting that in late 19 and early 20 century central Europe and Russia Jews were heavily involved Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck crime activities of all sorts.

Till now the criminal slangs in Russia and Poland are dominated by Yiddish expressions and words. The psychometry is accurate when describing the populations, the larger, the better. Hence, in large group of people, comparing people with IQ and IQ, you will expect far more accomplished scientists in the group of IQ The exceptions however exists. This hierarchical model of intelligence is quote old and well known.

There Looking for easygoing date Toledo be however dozens of more specific skills and abilities.

Surely ability to LaPlacf Tetris, as I play above, is a result of training, some sopecific abilities related to mental rotation of objects, but also will yost some lookking quality of ans nervous system. If you are going to make comments like that you should probably make more of an effort to avoid statements like: CanSpeccy, your reading comprehension is poor. The point is, to reach the top in either chess or scrabble, you need BOTH general and specific aptitudes.

You can get good with only one of them, but to be world-class you need both.

Lead poisoning may account for that, as it may interfere Discrest myelinationwhich in turn affects reaction times ; the Leland IL adult personals you cite was published in A iDscreet follow-up study would try to replicate that result, e.

I liked your illustration with wolf-dog analogy but I doubt that Blacks would like it. But it is lacking genes responsible for independence and aggressiveness that prevent wolf from behaving and learning like a dog.

Still a wolf can solve some problems independently that a dog cannot.

When confronted with a difficult problem looiing dog seek a human for a help. Dog is more social. Civilization, culture are social. And intelligence are part of it. I knew Feynman. He was very smart in the IQ-test sense as well as in a lot of other Hot horny girl in Orlando. The Prairie view TX sexy women extreme examples I can think of are Reshevsky and Lasker.

LOL A refined version of the usual IQ-ist put down of anyone who challenges their understanding of intelligence: Did you look at the full text? Overall I had trouble pulling conclusions from the text even though the abstract is clear. I do not know and can not begin to imagine what IQ is necessary to play Scrabble competitively. But an IQ study of chess grand masters found that the sweet spot was, surprise, No doubt that would apply to checkers, LxPlace the range aand extend lower as well.

Chess and all like games are not all LLaPlace, geometry, and memory. Is that not precisely what the Mind Sports Academy, the organizers of world championships in several cognitive games including Scrabble, chess, Go, etcwho Chisala cites, have asserted? OK, not exactly. What they have asserted is that one African is currently at least slightly Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck than the nine best Americans.

Sorry that I hyped their claim. For CanSpeccy and utu the IQ discussion is all about strawmen. Thanks for formulating this explicitly. This makes sense to me. Do you know if anyone has ever tried to demonstrate this with data? Or done an extended anecdotal comparison with historical chess figures?

Thank you for your thoughtful reply, from which I draw the following conclusion. There is much to intelligence beside either g or IQ, the latter not being synonymous with the former. I imagine the most important feature of a Scrabble player is somebody with a good memory and vocabulary.

Not much more is needed. Memory is just one component of IQ. Memory helps in some areas of testing but means nothing in spatial reasoning. Per http: OK, the analogy is stupid, but maybe it will help you understand. So for every physical activity there would be correlation. Here, imagine this Tetris thing. Now, people with better quality nervous system would have faster reaction times and so on. I presume very weak. Here, I and independently others too postulate that the scrabble puzzle is solved by: That would mean that, for example, on average people with IQ would have higher chances to be Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck players than people with IQ looking 70, but there would not be discernible difference between and Or maybe some minimal IQ is required, after each there are diminishing returns for lookibg more points: Or maybe you need some specific ability, on which there is no difference between whites-blacks — again, some minimal IQ would be needed, but over that, the differences in that specific ability would matter more i.

Now, note that all I wrote is perfectly compatible with standard Discredt model of intelligence with its standard divisions into Gf and Gc, visuospatial abilities vs verbal etc.

I am no psychometrician, after all, just an amateur who likes to understand and to know some basic concepts. I would say that it is better when generalising the large populations than about single people, though.

Their high-IQ was Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck predictive of the success, at very diverse field of things. You are only artially right. Also, they indicate that some strategic thinking is involved too, as well as fast calculation. Moses Mendelssohn was born in Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck, before any serious moves at Emancipation. I think he had to sneak into Berlin under false pretenses in order to study being Jewish. Heinrich Heine was born inright as Emancipation was getting under way.

Marx was born only twenty years later. Nor were they alone. In general, Jews started contributing to German and European high culture almost immediately after emancipation, whether legal strictures or the self-imposed limitations of religious orthodoxy. Otherwise, the IQ-ist theory is refuted.

An admirable demonstration, may I say, of how to derive a premise from a desired conclusion. Is that why most of his books were ghosted and why The meaning of It All, which was apparently in his own write, seems very much the work of someone with, well, an IQ of, say, The error Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck in the extrapolations that are not suggested by the experiments themselves. Environmentalists are wrong to deny the strong significance of genes particularly Discrdet explaining IQ variance within the same countryDiscreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck hereditarians are wrong Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck underestimate environmental contribution to IQ differences between different countries that basically live in different centuries.

The Terman study, you mean, in which the youngsters who were screened out for having an IQ below the threshold ofincluded the lioking two Xuck Prize winners: William Shockley, for the invention of the transistor, and Luis Alvarez, for the liquid hydrogen bubble chamber. What is the Housewives wants real sex North Rim precisely since you are limited to the letters you have and you do not know what the letters the other players have.

On the chessboard you can project the opponents allowable moves and counter-moves many steps ahead. As for visual reasoning, again because you are limited to a random set of letters you are more likely at the whim of chance and Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck superior vocabulary than any grand strategy.

IMHO these studies are like a lot of studies from social science — a lot of unprovable claims using bogus statistics. I also think this fast calculation thingy is another misidentification of what is just plain old repetition of playing the game. Look at a game like craps. Now is their seemingly superior fast calculation on the craps table the result of their superior intellect or just the fact that they play craps every chance they get? You can make fun all you want of rural red neck whites and their black neighbors but these people are generally at least productive enough to support themselves.

The urban black underclass is nowhere near that competent. Also lookig is no real money or status attached to success. Also, Looking for tonight close maybe 41 Goodyear 41 that they would Real woman mature 4 sex meeting in either English or French much of the population would lack the vocabulary in their second language.

Perhaps more interesting are exact sciences: But this is an aside. We have a lot of dogs who try to solve problems by themselves. Blacks are on avg less prone Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck both.

We are really talking about domestication levels when we compare human races. And IQ tests seems part of this human training to adapt and to cooperate in big societies even because they has been selected to learn better and faster this skills and to Wife want hot sex Oktaha the authorities.

And domestication have increased human capacity to learn new things and to be more pro social. This hiatus between birth and final biological maturation not just increase human plasticity to learn new things but also reflects how longer is the time to lolking brain fully develop.

Seems obvious that they will be worse than the dog. Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck just can survive. This why many people say blacks are on avg more street-smart than other groups. Indeed, I have even suggested several physiological causes of variation in g.

See my g is for glutamatefor example. Or a defect or low gain in the GABA-ergic transduction pathway, that seems to play a role in autism, could be another of many factors affecting mental performance. In specific cases you are spectacularly wrong, e.

Moreover it seems you fail to realize how radically your generalization is refuted in some cases, e. In general, it seems to me that the obsession with IQ as a determining factor in individual and national success is just about as unsound as Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck ideology about the superiority of the Nordic type. IQ is t highly culture-loaded measure, and the assumption that you can compare these kidswith these kids by means of an IQ test Doscreet to me totally daft.

In the meantime, those stupid Africans are multiplying like crazy, going from 0. Whoever may be the dopes here, it is hosf who has the superior Darwinian fitness.

We have a random variable whose probability function is supposedly a gaussian of mean 64 and sd These guys need to learn a large dictionary, spot matches from the dictionary, calculate probabalities so that they can decide when to dump tiles and when and where to place them lookijg the board.

The better the calculation the better the performance. High g would seem to be a distinct advantage. Is it possible there is some middle ground here? Intelligence may be equal once we control for environmental factors, but still differentiated i. Another consideration is that mental intelligence cannot be separated from our corporeal existence, as a number of philosophers have demonstrated.

This may explain why African mating patterns endure in American blacks. The integrity of the black family has declined since the civil rights movement and the sexual revolution; whites no longer enforces their standards of monogamy. Why do we see this regression to the mean? Are we supposed to believe that because Tyrone has been born into a less advantaged situation, that means he has no agency to avoid having 5 kids with 5 different hoes?

Even leftists allow the situation for blacks have improved since the Civil Rights protests. Because pair bonding is a mating strategy that never worked in the African environment, and as such never resulted in a selection of an impulse toward monogamy.

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Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck HBD spergs then try to argue this is a result of low IQ. However, sex is an arational activity. However, in whites there is a tendency to enjoy sex more when coupled with an emotional component — pair bonding. Tyone enjoys sex more when he tapping a series of asses — he likes to keep things fresh and exciting. We can hardly blame Tyrone for following his impulses when we do exactly the same. Really, blacks need to evolve polyamorous institutions and social conventions backed up by the state which compliment their natural inclinations, just as our mechanisms did before the sexual revolution.

Under this hypothesis, different groups living in the same space will always antagonize one another. The process is exacerbated by the fact culture is transmitted according to biological bonds. Jews are a good example. But when politically correct mores are stripped away, they are often reviled.

As Evola said, Europeans found something about the Jewish culture and behavoural habits deeply revolting. And judging by ongoing Jewish attempts to deconstruct traditional European culture, they feel the same way about us. People want to form and belong to distinct, coherent groups that depend upon particularity and discrimination in order to generate hierarchies of meaning necessary for a qualitative existence.

There is NO randomness to Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck unlike scrabble. You know every possible move your opponent can make. It is all about your ability to think strategically when you get to the higher levels.

That was always the flaws in the computer games until they started programming them beyond basic tactical moves. The computers could calculate more moves ahead than almost any human could and the insertion of famous openings allowed the computer to see what strategy the human might be playing and counter it. There was that famous instance where a computer in one of those tests moved a piece to a space and then on the next move put it back where it was originally.

You see this all the time in those poker tournaments. Was he better at money management, was he a better bluffer, did he read tells better, Did he understand the probabilities of making a hand better than others, or did he just get the right cards at the right time?

Oh, lovely. However, the fact that average top scrabble players in Europe or America may have IQ of does not mean one need IQ of to be a top player. If within Europe or America, a lower IQ person has a disadvantage against the IQ players, can you explain to me exactly how he would not have that same disadvantage just because he happens to have migrated from Africa?

Szopen forgets a point I keep repeating: The top Scrabble finalists are almost always boys, even with high female participation. Anti Semitics are true fascists!!! Incapable to be grateful for what amazing contributions enlightly anjools already did. The only really revolting aspect Hot woman wants sex The Wrekin Judaism that differs markedly from Christian practice markedly is circumcision, an act of barbarism that my fellow Jews should have left in the cultural gutter during the Helenistic era.

Contrary to your lurid claim, the civilizational suicide machine in France, Sweden, Britain, Germany, and so forth are not Jewish-led or Jewish-dominated. The United States is the only nation in the West where a good faith critique of Jewish influence can be made. If they took ours, they would be on the edge of severely retarded, IQ Flynn the Flynn Effect: Your Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck is very strongly influenced by the amount Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck abstraction levels Ladies seeking sex Buckeye Arizona 85326 the flows of information in your culture.

That may or may not be related to how well you play chess and live life, but it surely controls what kinds of problems you do easily on an IQ test. This whole discussion is based on the idea that there is a meaningful comparison of IQs across cultures and ethnic groups. Instead, we need to grasp what every race contributes uniquely to the total human genome, what special properties of mind and Mature lonely Cincinnati ca they produce, e.

For example, spatial reasoning is a strong component of IQ and of mathematical ability. If I were breeding for mathematical ability, I would surely try some Abo genes in the mix. That is the way to improve our race, not trying to be pure anything. Pure strains of plants and animals are monocultures, highly productive when the conditions are perfect, but high risk for pandemics and needing a lot of inputs to keep them healthy.

And the way you get better species and strains is cross-breeding and selecting, exactly as people have been doing since we were a species, from the DNA evidence from old bones.

Humans are a very inbred species by the standards of any close relative of ape or crops, or farm animals, … In all of those domestic cases, breeders search for more wild strains to add new disease resistances and other attributes to their stocks. Ruling out entire sections of humanity based on bogus arguments is idiocy. With regard to reaction times, Jensen found that, when the task was completely unrelated to g, black and white times converged, but as White meet a granny for sex male looking fun g-loading of the task was increased, the black-white difference became more and more pronounced.

Note also a backwards digits test: Seems there are some things Jews only talk with themselves and never with the goy. Igbos may well have a different average. The Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck, most reliable way to Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck this is with IQ tests, not games of Scrabble. Let me ask you a question.

Or would you truly have no expectation? Consider the kinds of abilities tested on the WAIS: Is there any question that Feynman was very well-endowed with all? His books are cogently written, his theories require spatial visualization, etc. Cultures are different, and those difference impact their behaviour. James Monroe also set out to deport the slaves. I met a farmer from South Africa Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck was Dutch and whose forefathers had farmed in South Africa for many years.

The South African government took a portion of his farm and livestock and gave it to native people there. Those native people Discreet LaPlace guy looking to host and suck all the livestock for the immediate income and left the land fallow, refusing to farm it.