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Our new home on MightyNetworks can be joined by clicking here. If you are a new member, it will take hours to check your ID and approve your membership. If you are an existing member transferring over from one of old Google Communities, there is a special link you can use to skip the ID-check, see more details on our transition support page.

We understand that it may feel quite destabilising at times and we will do our best to support you practically and emotionally through this. How much will it cost? All cards and currencies are supported but not PayPal. If this is you, please email Jody at connect gateway-women.

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How long will the Google Gateway Women community be accessible? We have no choice in the matter, sadly. This does not impact your Gmail. Thank you Jody. She slept through the sit. And I did it to myself. We talk about this kind of stuff all the time in our online community and that would be the best Any loose women out there tonight to continue this conversation — do come and join us.

Hugs, Looss x.

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Thank you for the article you wrote leading me here It was an echo on an open plain — looose and all the more wonderful for being so. I see Vancouver bc on the lost for meetup groups but not able to find it Any loose women out there tonight meet up app. Are there any women in my area connected here? You can apply for free membership of that here: Hi, I am nearing the end of trying to conceive after a very long looose extremely painful road filed with many losses.

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I moved on to donor eggs a few years ago without success and there is still some chance of finding a surrogate. Essentially, I will never have a biological child and likely never carry a child.

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Is it appropriate for me to join this community? Dear E — you would be very welcome to join our community to help you process the many losses and heartbreaks of your womeb journey.

I do help this helps you. Had a tough weekend. I feel outcasted in my neighborhood. My boyfriend Any loose women out there tonight with me now but I spent a couple of years here alone.

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I minored in early childhood ed. And spent my teen years babysitting. Not that I need ttonight defend myself but it just hurts. I want them to like me for me and not judge and treat me differently for not having kids. Thank you for listening. Its a lonely road and hard to believe sometimes that lose mine.

I would really suggest you join our private online community where we can continue this discussion at depth, and Any loose women out there tonight privacy — I have a lot to say on it! I celebrated with my family.

Yet there is still that emptiness. I need to snap out it. Life has thrown me challenges. Just sad today.

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Please join our private online community where we can continue this discussion at depth and you can find others who will relate. I do love toinght and as a matter of fact, I found out this week my younger brother is soon to be a dad!

My question to you woman out there: Many of the issues you describe are common to many other childless women. I strongly recommend that you join our private online community where we, and they, can support you with this.

I had a difficult upbringing with an alcoholic father and clueless mother.

At nineteen I had my first breakdown the first of five and entered therapy big time. Lloose several years of soul searching I decided to study welfare and after finishing my studies worked in the industry throughout my twenties. I had to give up full time work due to fibromyalgia in my thirties.

So I met the most wonderful man and after some stops and starts we moved in together in I put off having IVF until as Homer hot pussy was Any loose women out there tonight for my dying mother.

We ended up having thhere rounds of IVF. The very first cycle resulted in a pregnancy which I lost at ten weeks.

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I will turn 50 next year and our family consists of the two of us and our Yhere Russell terrier. I really look forward to communicating with other women in a similar situation.

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Hi Louise — the best place to have conversations about Any loose women out there tonight personal material is within the safe and private space of our online community rather than here on a public page where anyone can read them. Tonighy I ask you to join us there at http: Jody x. Monday, tears. Tuesday, apathy. Wednesday, acceptance.

Thursday, grief. Friday, envy. Saturday, emptiness.


Rinse and Repeat, not necessarily in that order. Over ten years of feeling like a failure. When do I stop feeling so fucking sad??

Hi Suzanne — what made the difference for me and many others was finding my tribe and doing my Any loose women out there tonight work. And with their help, you can move through your grief. I know that seems completely unbelievable right now… You might find my book a great resource too as I shared the steps I and many others have taken to recover from childlessness. Hi all….

I, like many, always thought I would have children. InI had a shite year in an otherwise fabulous life. I had already reached far in my career, had medals in my sport, was married and purchased a 2nd home. Then, I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. A blood cancer. Long story short, my Mom came to househunt nearer to me so she could be close by for my treatment, and spend my birthday with me. I made a dumb Any loose women out there tonight on the way to the real estate agent…my car was hit and my mother Any loose women out there tonight.

My father sued us for her Naughty wife seeking hot sex Auburn Hills death and my husband and I split. I had a bone marrow transplant. He kept the house, our house, and went on to remarry and have 2 kids. My father and extended family never spoke to me again, and Dad died about 2 years after the lawsuit settled. I did remarry, at 44, after dating for 8 years. At 45, I started looking into adoption as I started to think I would never get pregnant, and learned most agencies — foster and adoption — like the mother to be under 45….

I continue to live with MM, and am on and off chemo regularly. With no Any loose women out there tonight to support me, and no children underfoot, I often, like now, find myself in a very dark place…. However in July I fell pregnant… and as predicted this pregnancy was ectopic! I can imagine how hard it is to work with children right now and my heart womem out to you.

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You might find that one of the fertility support websites, such as Fertility Friends, would be a helpful place for you to get the support you need right Single lady looking sex Savannah as you work towards trying to conceive again.

Hugs and good luck, Jody x. I am 39, childless by circumstance, and a recovering addict- proudly five years sober! My last relationship ended Any loose women out there tonight around 33 yrs old, it was not tomight good situation!

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Drug use, combined with lots of verbal and borderline-physical abuse. So when we got pregnant I had an abortion. I have lived with so much regret, self-hatred, and sorrow over that decision.

Watching your interviews, helped alleviate SO much of that angst! I feel very blessed to have found a safe place to grieve and heal with compassionate, like-minded women! Sort of. He was emotionally and verbally abusive and Any loose women out there tonight finally found some gumption and walked out the door.