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I Am Ready Sexy Chat 420 friendly female lookin to sesh

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420 friendly female lookin to sesh

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Waiting for a texting friend that maybe down the road we can meet. M4w You and your friend were in a white 4 dr (Pontiac I believe).

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How stoners found a dope livestreaming home. A reggae track by Snoop Lion plays as she sits at friiendly desk with her black iPad.

Meet 6 women who get paid to smoke weed on Instagram Who wants to be the girl that pays people (or robots) to look at her selfies? .. and it is a very weed- friendly social media app with a large following of fans who love. Manta says that often she'll just cut to the chase and text, "I love that you're friendly! Want to sesh sometime?" Recently, a friendly. Date friendly is a dating site for singles who smoke weed. Join for free and find friendly stoner singles like you that smoke marijuana. Also, search our.

Looking at the screen, her squinted eyes are glazed over, a pinkish hue washes over them. They can become influencers in a world that gets shut out of other social media.

Its design mirrors Periscope, with tiny colorful hearts and people commenting on live broadcasts.

And all of it happens in a space that was created just for them. Plenty of apps have been dedicated to the sole purpose of finding the best bud, from Leafly as the Yelp of pot strains to WeedMaps as the reliable store-finder.

MassRoots is one of the largest social networks for stoners, while High There, a "social app for meeting cannabis enthusiasts," friebdly a swiping system that makes it feel like Tinder. Well, where seemingly everything else on the internet 420 friendly female lookin to sesh gone before: After launching in April last year, it is hoping to be the future of the weedstream.

Of course, people already do livestream themselves smoking weed. And it happens on pretty mainstream platforms like Periscope. The remarks annoy her, she says, because she's found marijuana more effective for coping with medical conditions than prescription medications.

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olokin On Toke With, she says she feels more relaxed. On her broadcasts, she shares inside jokes and old stories with a handful of loyal viewers.

Date friendly is a dating site for singles who smoke weed. Join for free and find friendly stoner singles like you that smoke marijuana. Also, search our. With weed becoming legal in more and more US states, it's no surprise that people are looking to cash in on the blazing boom, from scientists you like smoking weed, what you like to do when you smoke weed and pretty soon and talked back and forth for a while about life, weed, and built a friendship.". If you smoke weed and your single, then you should check out, a friendly dating site built by stoners for stoners.

These days, she prefers streaming on Toke With rather than Periscope, but still occasionally airs herself on the more mainstream platform. Periscope takes a pretty generalized approach to moderating content with substance use.

But spokesperson Liz Kelley would not comment further to clarify those blurred lines. That may vary from one platform to the next, but the possibility — and fear of it — remains. Even legitimate, legal businesses have had their pages torn down.

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In September, a review site in Canada called Lift Cannabis lost its entire Instagram account and 11, followers for showing photos of legal marijuana from licensed producers. As a result, these businesses find Toke With a much more welcoming, secure place llokin weed is readily accepted.

And of course, so do people like Zeus, or StonedGamer.

In the hills of Los Angeles, at his Highland Park home, Zeus has created a little oasis in honor of his two favorite things.

He chats away after blazing through a sizable blunt. His eyes are laser-focused on the images of buildings and grass hills passing on the screen, a scene he narrates in great detail.

Beyond just getting high and playing video games, Zeus also earns a living hosting tournaments around California for people to do just that. These contests invite people to come get high and then wander into a maze of arcade and video game-playing.

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Some of the people airing on Toke With are well-established digital influencers like Insta celeb DabbingGranny. Some are just ordinary people looking for a smoking buddy.

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Just as Vine and YouTube grew a base of their own stars, Toke With friednly to host the internet weed celebs of the future. Just that possibility alone, though, is something Sugay says makes the app special.

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He hopes Toke With can be a place where those conversations happen. Medical advice, of course, should come from a doctor.

But even just anecdotal information about a certain strain, for instance, can be helpful, according to Jules Netherland, a spokesperson for the nonprofit Drug Policy Alliance.

With marijuana still a 420 friendly female lookin to sesh illegal drug, classified by the Drug Enforcement Administration as just as dangerous as herointhe research into it is pretty limited. People who use drugs are often the most knowledgeable.

For his part, Zeus imagines a world where marijuana is normalized, embraced, and profusely marketed the same way as everything else.

The users of Toke With are hoping for a more stoned tomorrow. Let's Blaze How stoners found a dope livestreaming home. Courtesy of Toke With. Toke With app and flyers.

420 friendly female lookin to sesh

StonedGamer in his apartment. Trolling the herb.

Don't fear the reefer. Cing, a Toke With member. For the canna-lovers and the canna-curious.

Cueen's Toke With tattoo. Cueen blows smoke onto her phone where she streams on Toke With. Share this story.