So, our first giveaway Celebrating Freedom and Diverse Books has come to a close!

For the entire month of February, So We Read This Book hosted a giveaway to promote some of Sri Lanka’s wonderful local literature. The prize? One of three incredible books written by Sri Lankan authors. The giveaway ended yesterday, and we’re all super thrilled to announce the winner.

So, without further ado:

*Opens envelope*

*looks at band*

Drum roll, please.

 photo lh_zpsqbknc39x.png

 photo lh2_zps9ddlwcwo.png

Congratulations Akiel!

We’ll contact you later today to let you know that you’ve won, and also to double check on which book you want as your prize.

To everyone else: thank you so much for following us, and for entering the giveaway. We’re sorry that we can’t give all of your gifts (we really wish we could) but we hope that you’ve got a few more books on your TBR and have learned a few things about our island.

Stay tuned for more reviews, giveaways and other bookish things, you guys!


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