img_20170213_180102Chinaman The Legend of Pradeep Mathew  by Shehan Karunatilaka
Published by Penguin Random House India Pvt Ltd
Genres: Fiction, Sports and Games
Rating: 4/5
Post Book Thoughts: I need to read more local literature stat!!!!

Retired sportswriter W.G. Karunasena is dying. He will spend his final months drinking arrack, upsetting his wife, ignoring his son, and tracking down Pradeep S. Mathew, an elusive spin bowler he considers the greatest cricketer to walk the earth.

On his quest to find this unsung genius, W.G. uncovers a coach with six fingers, a secret bunker below a famous stadium, an LTTE warlord, and startling truths about Sri Lanka, cricket and himself.

If you want a proper dose of our very unique Sri Lankan humour this is the book for you & if you do not find yourself having random giggle fits like I did, you’re probably not Sri Lankan enough.

This is essentially a novel based around cricket so you do have to put up with a few snippets of cricket jargon but the good news is you don’t really have to be into cricket to enjoy this read!

And you will enjoy this read!
Take it from someone who will not read anything sports based unless it’s football.

Personally reading this as a local it is extremely nostalgic with all its mentions of places and events that we have grown up around. For those of you who do pick this up and you have no ties to this country consider it a very fun way to peep into a very different (but very true) view of Sri Lanka.

In all its comic glory this book it is definitely an imaginative piece of genius. (But what do I know I’m just a humble lil soul who just happens to read things like all the time) Even though the tone of the book comes off as very light hearted it is actually quite profound in the way that it makes you just think (sometimes rethink) the way you see things. Then again! This means you can read this book in any mood, the book shall settle itself into your vibe. Unless you wanted something like romantic or alien based, there is definitely no romance or extra-terrestrial happenings in this book. It however makes up for all that with the crazy imagination that has clearly gone into writing this book.

There’s not more I can say without majorly spoiling the book for you so I shall trust you my dear fellow reader to pick it up and go over it yourself. Enjoy!

Good news for if you do want to read this book! We just decided to make it easier to actually do get your hands on Chinaman and a few other books!

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