vampire-cover-cLate Night Partners: A Tale of Vampires and Twentysomethings by Fennel Steuert
Kindle Edition
Urban Fantasy, Fiction
Rating: 3/5
Post Book Thoughts: ‘OMG Vampires can be angsty humans too!!!’

An old man finds himself the victim of a vampire attack and he and his nephew Roger who comes to help him, struggle with the aftermath of it. A young woman named Doris who is not considered a human anymore shows up at their door one night and proceeds to show Roger an insight into their life. As she shows more and more of her world to Roger an earthquake starts shaking apart an already shaky existence. 
Can Roger and Doris stop a supernatural force before it leads to a sever downfall of life as it was known?

I have had the honor of beginning my year with SWRTB by writing our very first review request!!! squeals in excitement sounds like a dying pig scares the neighbors

First! Let me extend gratitude on behalf of our humble lil team to our author Fennel for considering us to do a review on this book (actual tears and squealing happened). It was a great end to our year last year when we got the request for a review and it gave us a great start to be able to publish it!

Now to the book!

So what personally excited me about this story is not that it’s just a story about vampires but! It’s a story about vampires with POC’s as the main characters. How’s that for representation! No more deathly white Vampires! Take that Stephenie Meyer.
It also portrays a rather different perspective into the lives of the supernatural humans. Like here we sit in front of our TV’s or faces buried in a book and, Vampires yeaaa they have challenges but their lives still seem pretty great! (Apart from their brooding love lives). This book however makes them seem more human than most, with the problems they face, the thoughts they have and the way they deal with all the challenges set to them.

I will have to drag out one minus point of the book and that was that the story lines had me confused for a good part of the book, like I wasn’t entirely sure if I was switching in-between timelines or what for a while. This could be due to the fact that the story was rather condensed so maybe everything was rushed. A few more pages to give us more insight into that world and characters would have actually been appreciated on my part because I feel like the author really started tapping into some interesting characters and places in the story but it just ended so soon.

AND! Speaking about endings! I did like the ending! I feel like it was rather profound when the old man decided to go and the rest of them created this living set-up that just worked for them and sounded like it wasn’t the typical happy ending! It was an ending that showed us that one part of a story in the lives of people ended and life was going to go on with its ups and downs just like it always does.



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