We hope you’ve all had a wonderful holiday season, and are well-rested, content and ready to start another year of work. HAH, okay that last part’s a lie. No one’s ready for that. But you gotta do what you gotta do, amirite?

Anyway! During our little hiatus, all of here over at So We Read This Book have been making some pretty big changes to the blog – as you’ve probably already noticed. This post is gonna be a little Great-To-Be-Back post, as well as a run-down of all the things you have to look forward to from us during the coming year.


To our old followers: HAH! Betcha didn’t notice that you were redirected from a site to a .com site, didja? Are you excite? We’re excite. Also welcome back!

To our new followers: HI! Nice to meetcha. We’ve got our own domain. points lovingly to the new URL bar

This change really doesn’t make much of a difference to you guys. The old URL will still work, and you’ll be redirected to our new space.


No one’s as chuffed as we are about our new look. Really. That constellation thing so wasn’t us. COFFEE, however? Coffee is totes our thing. And books, obviously. And pretty things like flowers growing around books. Who wouldn’t love that?

In addition to the new theme, we’ve also given our About page a little sprucing up, so, you know, check it out.


We’re super super thrilled to inform you that the amazing Shehani, who you’ve met sometime in the last year, is now a part of the SWRTB team full time. You’ll be seeing much more of her wonderful reviews, so gear up for that.

We’re also ridiculously excited to welcome the lovely and wonderful Safira to the team. You haven’t met her yet, but you can hop on over to the about page and learn a little bit about all three of us. (We’re really excited about this new about page, you have no idea)

And now for the sad news. Our friend Manushee, who actually co-founded SWRTB with me, has had to take leave from the blog, due to her incredibly busy schedule. (She’s a med student. She’s honestly so swamped) We wish her well, and hope to see her back sometime in the future, when she’s free to squee about all things bookish again. Until then, Manu, we’ll miss you.


As with the URL thing, this doesn’t really make much of a difference to you guys. As far as we’re able to tell, you were always able to follow us on BlogLovin’? We’re not sure. We’re new. Correct us if we’re wrong.

Either way: Follow my blog with Bloglovin


This is something we can actually promise now, without me having to get back to you three weeks later all, “Soz guys my bad”. Between the three of us, we can promise to at least bring you some regularly scheduled book reviews. Maybe some TTTs. HECK, maybe even a couple of random talk posts. IT’S GONNA BE GREAT.


2017 is the year where we get more serious about reading diverse books. We’re talking Own Stories, ethnic diversity, gender diversity, MCs of varying religious background, disabilities, books written by local authors – the works. We’ve always read diverse books, but we’ve never really been… active about it. That stops now. We’re going to be extremely conscious about reading diversely, and about calling out any problems that we may find in terms of representation. And we’re looking forward to it.

And that pretty much sums up all the changes that SWRTB has undergone in the last couple weeks. We’d love to know your thoughts on all this – and maybe what your reading resolutions for 2017 are.

It’s gonna be a great year, guys, and we look forward to the journey ahead.


PS: Don’t forget to grab our new button on your way out!

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