So,  I was absolutely terrible at Halloween this year. Who’s surprised? Not me!

Okay, no I’m actually the tiniest bit surprised. I had a PLAN this year. A plan! But unfortunately for me, I was extremely busy last month and, somehow, had my head screwed on backwards. So my big weekly Halloween recommendation? Yeah. That didn’t happen.

In light of how busy I’ve become of late, I’m not going to promise you guys I’ll post more frequently. At least not for the rest of this year. I don’t like making promises I know I can’t keep, and I’m not going to start doing that now.  But I do have news.



What is Junk Trunk?

I’m glad you asked.

Junk Trunk is, to put it simply, an art blog, run by two creatives who’re madly in love with art in all its forms. Their goal? To promote and encourage local and international artists, and to create a community where artists and art-lovers alike can share the art they love.


What does this partnership mean for So We Read This Book?

Besides the fact that two extremely talented creatives like our reviews and feel the same as we do about books?

This partnership means that, once a month, So We Read This Book will feature a Junk Trunk Exclusive post. It’ll most likely be a review of an art-y book, or a list, or maybe even a talk post, we’re not really keyed up on the specifics. It’ll just be a post written specifically for Junk Trunk. We’ll just happen to be hosting it. 😀

Anyway, that was my news. And we’re all pretty psyched going into this partnership. Do go ahead and check Junk Trunk out. They have a great eye for art, and post some pretty interesting things on their pages.  I’ll post the links below.





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