Top Ten Tuesdays is upon us.


Manushi’s Picks

Here’s my list of Authors I’d like to mesh together to create magic.

1. Neil Gaiman and Joe Hill –

61IFvXnMQqL._UX250_ NeilGaiman-333x500

I love anything and everything Neil Gaiman. His work is subdued and deeply emotional with a generous pinch of intensity. He tells a complex story, poetically, in American Gods – the very book that helped ignite the fiery love for Neil’s work in me.
An author of this artistic level can only be paired with an author of similar artistry – Joe Hill, Stephen King’s spawn.

Subtlety, raw and gritty style of writing, knack for working music into his stories, and occasional devilish humor, makes up the brilliant package that is Joe Hill.

2. Stephenie Meyer and E.L.James in a Writing death match.

el-james-435 stephenie-meyer-twilightjpg-0052884fddad95b6

Since their books are basically … the same. Pairing them together excites me ( for all the wrong reasons ).

Introducing first, from the ‘ Queen of blatant rip offs’’ corner , weighing 175 pounds of absolute bullshit, hailed by many as the queen of glorifying dysfunctional and abusive relationships, the reason I can no longer use ginger in my tea without cringing, she is a dedicated Stephenie Meyer stalker, and the reigning champion of ‘’ Absolutely mental characters ‘’ credited for the characters of OOOHH MYY Inner Goddess, and ‘’ I’m an abusive, controlling, sexist stalker , with a MASSIVE talking penis, but I’m rich, and beautiful ‘’


And her opponent..

The original creator of Possessive, stalker boyfriends, and clingy, pathetically boy dependent female protagonists, 200 pounds of trust issues, the former queen of mind-numbingly painful story lines, and wafer thin characterization.


Lets rumblee!

3. Suzanne Collins and Veronica Roth

suzanne-collins-net-worth2 index

With two very successful dystopian trilogies under their belts, it is a little obvious why I would want to pair them together.

4.Sophie Kinsella and Meg Cabot

OB-NQ604_megcab_DV_20110426110034 Sophie-Kinsella-c-Blake-Little2

Sophie Kinsella and Meg Cabot were my childhood. My pre-teen self loved to occasionally explore the glitzy world of fashion with Rebecca Bloomwood, and navigate through life as a mediator with Suze.

Sophie and Meg are the epitome of laid back, fun and fluffy writing.

5.Gillian Flynn and Robert Galbraith

gillian-flynn rowling-portraits

Robert Galbraith – J.K.Rowling’s nom de guerre, and occasional alter ego, have quite the impressive knack for weaving the most complex mysteries. And he is the king of the red herring. Seriously, the amount of times I’ve been mislead,and called the wrong criminal are plenty.

And you know who else has mastered the art of the red herring? Gillian Flynn.

Their writing styles might not be an obvious match, Robert’s more is refined and proper, compared to Gillian’s. But their gift for ideas, ability to weave mysteries and leave readers in utter agony, wanting more, makes them a very likely pair.

6. Maggie Stiefvater and Richelle Mead

137902 MaggieStiefvater_444

Maggie gave us the wonderful world of the Wolves of Mercy Falls, and Richelle Mead gave us an equally amazing world of bad-ass dhampirs, and the very fabulous Georgina Kincaid.
So they’re no newcomers to fantasy writing.

7. Sarah Dessen and Judy Blume

judyblume sarah-dessen-headshot

Sarah Dessen and Judy Blume are often hailed as the queens of coming of the age novels.
Judy Blume’s Tiger Eye shattered every minuscule bit of my heart, as did Sarah Dessen’s Truth About Forever.

What they have in the common, is their writing style which makes every story personal, and their ability to express feelings, that have the emotions of readers going haywire.

Pair them together, and their emotional writing will make people explode.

8. Lauren Oliver and Suzanne Collins.

AVT_Lauren-Oliver_5222 suzanne-collins-net-worth2

Suzanne makes another appearance.

Here’s a recipe for an amazing pair of authors.

1 creator of the biggest feel inducing ship – Peeniss
1 author that introduced Deliria Nervosa to create a chaotic loveless world.
2 cups of bold writing
5 cups of the feels
A handful of strong characters
A generous sprinkle of nail biting suspense

Makes a perfect pair.

Gabrielle’s Picks

I feel slightly bad that my list doesn’t really talk about why I think these authors would be a good fit together, and is mostly just fangirl spew. Slightly.

9. Jonathan Stroud and Rick Riordan


I don’t think you understand how much money I would pay for a collab book by these guys. They’re probably my favorite children’s novelists. I mean, Percy Jackson meets Lockwood & Co.? GIVE. ME.


10. Laini Taylor and Naomi Novik


Idk man. I just keep imagining an epic, Daughter of Smoke and Bone-type series, with all the magic and wonderfulness of Uprooted – Plus characters like Agnieska and Sarkan. I am frothing at the mouth as I type this. Send help.


11. Leigh Bardugo and Sarah J Maas


I don’t think the fantasy novel world could handle this much awesomeness, but I’m putting it out there anyway. If these two write a book together, I WILL buy it. I will probably buy multiple copies of it. Oh. My. God.


12. Meg Cabot and Darynda Jones


I have no idea why I want this to be a thing. Okay, no. That’s a lie. I just really, really want more Suze Simon books. Preferably an adult Suze Simon with all the Charley Davidson flare and wackiness. Is that too much to ask?


13. Patrick Ness and Neil Gaiman


These two could very easily come up with an excellent YA quasi-horror novel. I would absolutely read the crap out of that. No joke.

So, that’s our lists done. Yes, there are 13 on here. We don’t care.

What author duos would you like to see write a book together?


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