So I’m super psyched to inform you guys that the lovely folk over at Little, Brown Book Group have asked us to be apart of their book tour to promote Simon P. Clark’s debut novel, EREN.

Basically, how this works is, from the 14th September to the 15th October, EREN will be reviewed by a whole bunch of different book bloggers (Thirtyish. I’m too tired to do the math, but I’m pretty sure it’s about thirty-two). Each blog has been assigned a date on which they can post their review, so it’s like a train of book reviews. Imagine us all passing the book to each other and then giving you our thoughts on it.

I’ve attached the Blog Tour Banner below, so if you’re interested, you can stop by all the other blogs that are apart of the book tour with us here at So We Read This Book and give their reviews a look. Find out how they liked the book and get more than one opinion. Stuff like that.


eren bannerLook forward to my review on the 4th of October.


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